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  1. rolleyes.gif" border="0

    yes, I know what the fields and boxes are FOR. With that in mind, please re-read my post. After typing in text to either field, one must do something to make it appear in the dimension. One can hit Enter, Return, or Tab, or one can click anywhere in the drawing, or somewhere on a toolbar. However, if one clicks on the checkbox, the entered data is NOT recognized. There is no run-through of an idle user input loop -- which updates the display, and which would explain the twitchy tape measure tool -- before the checkbox's functions are called.

  2. In the PIO box, entering text in the Leader or Trailer fields of a dimension object is not actually entered if the next thing one clicks on is the 'Show Dim Value' checkbox. Hitting Enter, Return, Tab, clicking anywhere else (afaik) accepts the entered text, but not on the checkbox. Why?

  3. Here's a snippet:

    this_path_handle:=GetCustomObjectPath(this_object_handle); if( (this_path_handle<>NIL) AND (GetVertNum(this_path_handle)>1) ) then begin

    { ------------------------------------------------------- } { -----------begin the core drawing section-------------- } { ------------------------------------------------------- } NumberOfVertices:=GetVertNum(this_path_handle); GetPolyPt(this_path_handle,1,x_prev,y_prev); GetPolyPt(this_path_handle,2,x2,y2); x1:=x_prev; y1:=y_prev; FillPat(0); { blank } PenSize(15); PenPat(-8); { standard: dash with two dots } PenBack(line_colourval,line_colourval,line_colourval); {penfore} OpenPoly; { sets poly mode to 'open' } BeginPoly; for VertexNow := 1 to NumberOfVertices DO begin {GetPolylineVertex(this_path_handle, VertexNow, x_current, y_current,Vtype,Vradius);} GetPolyPt(this_path_handle,VertexNow,x_current,y_current); AddPoint(x_current,y_current); end; { of vertex loop } EndPoly; { finish the polyline and draw it }


    I can draw a 3-point poly manually while creating the PIO, but cannot delete the extraneous 3rd point using the reshape tool.I could try adding code to add segments to the poly, then delete them, as has been suggested. Better yet, I should make the two automatically-drawn end 'legs' part of the poly; they are currently just separate lines.

  4. As you can tell by the overcooked pie, I tend to be absent-minded. It turns out that I had already found the 'previous view' command, AND had already assigned a shortctut to it. blush.gif" border="0

    Glad to have sparked a friendly discussion about how Matt wastes valuable time here... wink.gif" border="0

  5. 1. Find someone whose revcloud works under OSX.

    2. Both you and that person shut down VW.

    3. 'Connect to Server...' to that person's machine.

    4. Look in YOUR VW plug-ins folder, and delete the Revison Cloud Tool.vst file. Look in the OTHER person's plug-ins folder, and copy it to your plugins folder. Done.

  6. Here's what I did, and it seems to have worked.I exited VW, toasted the .vst, RE-copied from the SAME person from whom I had to get the plugin file in the first place (don't know why I didn't have it), restarted VW, edited the wspace to delete the cloud in my toolbar, recopied the source (left) cloud tool to the toolbar, and presto.Previous to that, I had checked file properties of mine and those of the file that was working on other machines: identical AFAIK.

    I don't know whether or not the other person had VW open, or a drawing open, during either the first time I did it a month ago, or just recently, but maybe shut down VW on both ends.Copy from someone who is working.

    VW952OSX.1.5iMacG3 blue slotload

    I'm interested in knowing if this helps Pedro or suzanne...

  7. ... and discover that 'snoody' should have been 'snooty'? Dang that writing backwards...

    blush.gif" border="0 what is this emoticon supposed to be?

    Is anyone who has the problem -- random or consistent -- NOT working on a network, regardless of whether or not the file being worked upon is on a remote drive?i.e. Does jumping off the network -- including pulling the CAT-5 or whatever -- help?

  8. I'm getting the impression that VW keeps the file's handle open. This explains corruption without saving (also v9 wref corruption if a v8 dwg is opened during the same time). Am I correct?

    If so, why in the world would you do this? If the program crashes, it cannot correctly close the file handle. This is like OS9 giving total control. McUsers know what this does. frown.gif" border="0

  9. It's a window cursor focus thing. I've had the same behavior from time to time, without using worksheets. Clicking on the workspace doesn't work, but I believe clicking on the drawing's window's titlebar shifts the focus back to the workspace. Not a fix; it's just annoying.

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