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  1. Disk permissions have been fixed, Logitech's latest driver has been installed.

    A fellow user has reported the following.

    The right-click functionality of the mouse becomes disabled in VW only, after several usages. It still works in Finder and other applications, and is restored after some manual cmd-C and cmd-V commands, but restored for only 4 or 5 usages before it craps out again.


  2. Thanks a million for the quick reply. [big Grin]

    Two issues I still have though, are:

    1) I don't want VW to go through the hassle of calculating 2D elements if they don't get drawn anyway. I separate the 2D and 3D code so that only the relevant code is executed. How do I determine whether or not I'm in Plan view?

    2) How do I create extrudes that are extruded from different directions?

  3. Okay, I'm stumped. May NNA mods forgive my stealing this opportunity for querying fellow users, but...

    Are there any users who have gotten a HP DJ500PS to work under OSX.2.x?

    Both Gimp and GhostScript are installed.

    I can print from an OSX workstation to an OS9 host, but not directly from an OSX machine to the plotter.

    The 500PS -- connected via USB -- appears in the list as it should. Unfortunately, nothing comes out of the plotter, regardless of application.

    I've tried setting up the plotter from both the Print Centre and the ESP CUPS printer admin centre. The admin centre does not show the 800; the closest are the 450, the 455, the 700, and the 750C (I've tried them with no success). Under Print Centre, I've tried selecting the 800PS3 in Library/Printers/PPDs/Resources/en.lproj but to no avail. What am I missing?


    Any help would be appreciated to:


  4. I'm guessing that I set the view to a 2D view, draw the 2D version, then set the view to a 3D view and proceed with the 3D elements, right?

    When executing the PIO, would VW be smart enough to show only the 3D stuff in a 3D view and only the 2D stuff in plan view?

    For moving around in the 3D symbol, I use SetView, I suppose?

  5. KT:

    He's referring to the menu text and titlebar text, I believe. Odd, though, since I've never been able to do an application specific font setting like that. System-wide, sure (Control Panel -> Display -> Appearance), so what version of Windows are you using? Please say XP.

  6. Nah, I've had three different behaviors with each. I feel your pain, Peter. Like Alberta weather, I just wait a while and it changes after a while. I don't know about OS9, but OSX.1.x has the problem, mainly with VW9.5.2. I just installed X.2.x, so we'll see if it's gotten any better, esp. since I'm now using VW9.5.3.

    Peter: third behavior is this: I can apply ONE formatting item to some text. Bold, italic, underline, but not bolded italic or underlined italic or bold underline, etc.

  7. If you're on a Mac, did you try changing the mem alloc for VW to see if that would get you any further?

    Otherwise, it's like trying to tinker with memory and interrupts while writing in Java (i.e. your hands are tied).

  8. Plot three or more points, use cubic spline smoothing, and you'll get a cubic semi-parabola. Try a NURBS curve using known values on your parabolic curve. The NURBS should do a mathematically accurate job of connect-the-dots, provided that you give it some dots to follow.

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