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  1. This forum is great for discussions of VW problems that arise, but if I have an ever-growing list of items which, after conferring with my co-workers, appear to be genuine bugs, should I be spitting them out -- in some organized fashion, mind you -- in this forum?

    BTW, I'd kill to have a current open-bug list for VW9. Can I get one, or are only the developers worthy of having access to such a list?

  2. Printing a VW8 dwg in VW9 was creating PostScript errors. Today.

    Yesterday wasn't a problem. It seems to be related to a non-standard workspace. Switching back to standard fixed the problem. Swapping workspace filenames doesn't work so I think it's one or more tools/options that I've changed, that creates the error, or at least some of the error's occurrences. A preliminary trial with 9.5.0b5 appears to have fixed this.

  3. There's a thread -- one to which I replied -- in this forum somewhere that asks why the origins of different layers aren't aligned. In 8.5.2, if a layer's origin was off the print area centre, the origins of other layers would be offset a distance that was some multiple of the other layer's offset.

    e.g. 1:1 vs. 1:10. The 1:1's origin would be offset from this point ten times the distance that the 1:10's origin would be.

  4. Nemetschek's bugfix list for 9.0.1 as only a few fixes listed as known from 8.x, but many others from 9.0.xx. I've been using 8.5.2 for the better part of a year, and am currently evaluating 9.0.1. I'm still finding bugs left over from 8.5.2.BTW, does ANYONE, ANYONE AT ALL, test this thing using a black background?

    Where can a find a more comprehensive list of bugfixes, or better yet, a COMPLETE, current bug list as of 9.0.1 final release?

    I've found four times as many bugs in 8.5.2 over 1 year as I found in AutoCAD over 3-4 years (R12-R2000).

  5. Although this may not be fixed as of VW9.0.1, it was a characteristic of VW8.5.2. The different layers, I'm assuming, are at different scales. If you have a 1:1 whose origin is offset from the CENTRE OF THE PAGE OUTLINE by a certain distance, a layer whose scale is, say, 1:10, will be offset from the centre of the page outline 10 times the distance. The only fix is to have the origin at the centre of the page, most accurately set in a 1:1 or greater (e.g. 10:1, not 1:10) scale layer. Better yet, start with a new drawing, which automatically sets the origin -- of all layers -- to the centre, so that they are aligned.

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