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  1. 3D and Still image should have no effect. You want to include Authoring Tools (or something similar).
  2. Control-clicking (Mac) to bring up the context menu works only once per session. Subsequent attempts have it greyed out. Why?
  3. #26143. #23742. Or whatever. These are known bugs.Why does Nemetschek not make publicly available a list of active bugs as of a particular version? This WOULD save a lot of people a lot of time and grief; this would also save NNA time going and searching to see whether or not an anomaly is a bug or not.Granted, type classification would be a given (as is used by NNA developers, right?!) but just some basics to cut the number down to a couple hundred. Or so. Be bold! Be daring! Expose what you know! Please.
  4. Sorry, let me clarify. In layer links, SNAPPING to objects worked the same as with symbols. You could snap to only endpoints and centres, which would read as 'Locus'. So, what do we get now?
  5. With the exception of this new flaw, I do appreciate being able to snap to non-endpoint points on a line or polyline. Fix the bug, and I'll be able to snap to any point on a circle or rectangle, too. Cool. This applies to symbols, but in v8, layer link objects worked the same way. What should I expect in v9 when I start w-ref'ing in it?
  6. Turn on 'Snap to Object' constraint.Draw a circle.Start a line, with the first point either inside or outside the circle. Hold down the Shift (Mac) and take the 'rubber band' to the circle, such that your line would be perpendicular to that circle. You get a 'Object/Tangent' cursor cue. It's not tangent; it's perpendicular.
  7. nonono, Matt. The second user canNOT make changes to the drawing. Carrying forward what I mentioned, the drawing in question is NOT opened by the second user, and therefore cannot be the active drawing. However, it can show up in the Resources palette, as any other non-active drawing, and would point to the last saved state of that drawing. You can 'Import', 'Find...', or 'New...' for local opened drawings (don't know why 'new' is active) while other options are greyed out. Grey out the 'New...' button and voila, you have read-only access to the file. Read-only access of open files ain't a big problem on a PC. On a Mac, I don't know.
  8. Good point; good logic. But why not give restricted access as is the case for ANY OTHER drawing that is not the active one? If I have several drawings open, I can edit a symbol in only the ACTIVE one only but can still pull information from the non-active drawings. Why therefore put a blanket no-access to dwgs open by others?
  9. Nope. Forcing the attributes to the structural shape doesn't work. The only solution I've found thus far is to Symbol-to-Group the object, thereby decomposing it to a polyline. The fill or hatch then works as it should. I remember that these shapes in v8 would not accept a line type other than solid. Fills worked fine, and other line characteristics worked (colour, lineweight), but I was unable to get a dashed line unless I decomposed the object. The same behavior presents itself in v9, with the addition of the fill problem. Is the 'no dash allowed' by design? If so, why? If not, then that information is not getting passed to the object being drawn.
  10. No. The only constraint I have turned on is the 'Object' constraint; occasionally I temporarily turn on the Intersection constraint. I am familiar with the feature to which you're referring, but it's not that one. The behavior is exactly like editing a symbol, with locus objects placed hither and thither. I have it a bit better pinned down now. It happens when the symbol contains a rectangle (possibly a polygon; I don't know yet). If there are nothing but lines, it doesn't happen.
  11. Apparently, the 'Format Text...' menu item won't work on individual words or selections within a text block. The old style (Font, Size, Style, etc.) works okay, but doesn't appear to allow a combination of styles. Is it just my file misbehaving, or is there a way to make one word in a text block be both bold and underlined?
  12. If you're using 8.5.2, then it's just part of the program's typical behavior -- on the Mac, at least. If you're working too quickly for VW to keep up, it often gets confused. I, myself, have slowed down to wait for commands to finish being executed (prior to upgrading to OSX) before continuing. Zooming was especially problematic. Slowing down eliminated half my crashes. Another thing to try, since it solves several unrelated problems, is to scrub the drawing. Copy and paste everything into a fresh drawing. Layer by layer, if needs be. Apparently, VW has some weird realtime undo history, so don't set the undo changes too high. Above 12, it slows down the program.
  13. The more descriptive cursor cues wouldn't be brought BACK; they're partially already in place (accidentally, though). As for just BASIC cursor cues (everything tagged as 'Locus', for example) as opposed to Align V/H, snapping cues weren't listed as being revised from v8, so why would the code for it have changed?
  14. Can I somehow give the v9 structural shapes (rectangular tubing, wide flanges, channels, etc.) a fill, pattern, hatch, or otherwise?
  15. Can I not enter an open drawing through the Resource palette? I need to steal some symbols from a drawing somebody else has open (network situation, the file is on a file server).
  16. 98% of the time, that is what I do, and why I draw Byclass 99% of the time. However, occasionally, I force certain attributes (1 or two). I could just select all the objects, then force, but I'd have to have them all drawn first. Otherwise, it's a matter of forcing that 1 or 2 attribs for every object.
  17. When going from 9.0.0 to 9.0.1, or from 9.0.1 to 9.5.0, or 9.5.0 to 9.5.1, is it really necessary to have the new directory / folder? Installation indicates that it is just a copy from the previous version, with an updated executable added. Can I just copy the revised app to existing folders?
  18. So I'm not overlooking something?
  19. ... separate feature that can be turned off somewhere?
  20. When I use the eyedropper tool to copy attributes from an object whose attribs were all set to 'Byclass', the resulting attribs of the newly-painted object are correct but NOT set to 'Byclass' (i.e. they are 'forced'). Can the behavior be specified by a combination of settings for the Eyedropper tool, 'Use at Creation' (classes dialog), and 'Do you want the selected objects to use the class attributes... ?' (or something like that) ??
  21. I don't suppose there's a way to change the default font sizes listed, in the same way one can change the default line thicknesses, is there? I'm thinking that it's just something pulled from the OS...
  22. With 'snap to Locus' on, I get a 'Align V' / 'Align H' whenever I'm on the 2D symbol's bounding box (like when you're on the locus crosshairs when editing a symbol). If the symbol is a rectangle, it's nearly impossible to grab a corner. With 'snap to Locus' off, I get 'Object' (I have the Object constraint on, BTW, and no other constraint) whenever passing over the symbol bounding box. In either case, the midpoint / centre of an object in that symbol will, when snapped to, say 'Centre' instead of 'Locus', as is the case when snapping to component objects' corners. In VW8, all object snaps to a symbol would say 'Locus'. With 9.5.1, there is an inconsistency in what is displayed when snapping to such a point in a symbol. I'd much prefer descriptive snaps such as 'Centre' instead of saying 'Locus' (as was done in v8).
  23. Katie: Do you mean that hybrid objects' 3D information isn't stored? Is it calculated for all 3D viewing? Why would the last view saved make a difference in file size?


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