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  1. HP has traditionally treated Mac's like second-rate prosti-... um, has provided little support or compatibility by design. The HP500 (w/ or w/o PS) and 800 are popular models, but half the HP plotters used seem to need a separate RIP driver.
  2. Are they overlapping a portion of each character, or are they all being put in the same location? What happens when you reselect the size? How about unrelated attribs such as style or alignment?
  3. Someone is hard-coding numbers into the app?
  4. ...I agree, yet there are still many situations / conditions under which VW won't tell you what the problem is, just when you DO need that feedback.
  5. What do you mean by reselecting text? How exactly is the text jumbled? Are the characters malformed, or just mixed around?
  6. I switched about half a dozen or so McOS9.1/2 machines from vw8.5.2 to 9.5.1, allocated 32k / 100k (VM on, 128MB physical), and I had no complaints. On my OSX.1.4, I usually get unexplained quitting when purging or revert-to-save'ing, and my machine has 512 physical.
  7. "You can't change the rounded rectangle to another shape even if it changes it to a polygon while keeping the same arc angle at the 4 corners. [but why?] That's why it won't work with that tool. [huh?] You will just have to convert the rounded rectangle to a polygon first, then reshape it. Keep in mind you lose the arc settings for the corner points."Qu'as-tu dit? I know that it doesn't work, but I don't understand your explanation for why. If a rectangle can be changed to a polygon, vertex-to-vertex automatically, and a RR can be converted to a polywhatever, then why can't a rounded rectangle be changed to a polything -- automatically -- with arc-type vertices? V8's rounded rectangles allowed snapping to the theoretical corners...I also don't understand why the '-to-poly' conversion doesn't have a check for circular corners so that they convert to arc vertices instead of bezier pairs. A rectangle is converted to a p
  8. The reshape tool doesn't work on rounded rectangles. I noticed that the snap cues of the rounded rectangles are a tad different than in vw8, but I don't see why that would have any effect.
  9. John: Cool idea, but then again so was the amphicar. I wouldn't want my engineers' drawings imported with xrefs set up for how the consultants use the information (and split up correspondingly), so I doubt that the consultants would want the information split up into separate files according to what I'm doing. If I were you, I'd keep the xref ACad feature as a means of translating workgroup referencing. Please. In fact, our consultants are usually too lazy to turn off the necessary items for their drawings; they just make everything grey and a thin lineweight. Working with component files wouldn't fly.
  10. Technically speaking, I understand completely what you're saying. From a programming standpoint -- I'm not just a pencil pusher -- I see no effect of an undo setting on realtime performance. However, people have noticed the slowdown, and Katie acknowledges this. What I want to know is how the developers have designed the undo setting WRT multiple open documents.
  11. My $0.02: a driver issue, by the sounds of it.
  12. I use reshape tool to stretch a number of things, usually several at a time. I hate to imagine having to use the selection tool to stretch or pull all the objects, in a different way for each type of object, just to pull them the same distance. How would you do it?Since there is no 'from' OSNAP in VW, I often have different displacement reference markers. If I want to pull an endpoint a certain distance (i.e. from one point to another) which is unknown but IS defined by two other points, what other way can I use? Technically, a rectangle is a polygon, so I don't care what it's called. If anything, a rectangle is restrictive since I can't rotate it.
  13. As long as it's as controllable as other VW features, whereas MSWord bullies you with text formatting as you go.
  14. I noticed when I first upgraded to VW9.5 that the Page Setup was preceded by a significant pause. That was under OS9.x. I've been using OSX for quite several months, with no apparent delay, but my colleagues -- whose workstations I've all upgraded from 8.5.2 to 9.5.1 last week, all under OS9.x -- all report this same delay. What gives?
  15. Layer linking. You'll need to start doing your document based on link, but the only way to change the content -- if, for example, you have a building with a 45 degree kink -- is to go into the layer referenced by the link. The LL will allow you flexibility in display, but will not give you a UCS-type rotation of the base plan. Essentially, the answer to your question, assuming you're talking about what I think you're talking about, is no.
  16. When specifying a colour 65535, 65535, 65535, or 0, 0, 0; will it automatically be corrected for black / white background state? I noticed in 8.5.2 that sometimes a 65535 fill fore would not be switched to 0 during runtime if I have a black bg. 9.5.1 does a switch, or must I check that getPrefInt(14) or whatever?
  17. Also, VW slows if the undo setting is above a dozen or so. If I have 6 drawings open, then is that threshold basically an average of 2 per drawing, for a _total_ of 12 undo's?
  18. Is there a way to clear the command history, or to clear the clipboard contents, without closing and opening the drawing?
  19. I've a colleague who, under OS9.1, VW 9.5.1, with an object (on a non-active class) has the class list give a checkmark beside both the active class (correct behavior) and the class on which the selected object was drawn. Subsequently, the incorrect checkmark remains, regardless of which class is then made active, or whether or not the object is still selected. The only way to remove the check is to make that class active. I've had a similar problem under OSX, but not related to VW:changing your domain name without first turning off file sharing, will result in multiple ghost (obsolete) names showing up in other people's 'Connect to Server..." menu. The fix is the same as the VW bug, so I thought I'd mention it.
  20. VW 9.5.1 A colleague on OS 9.1 with a one-button had the problem. I had the problem when I checked it out, because I have a two-button trackball (no need for ctrl-click). I got the same result. 15 minutes later, I didn't get that result (i.e. ctrl-click worked fine repeatedly).I'm also on OSX.1.4
  21. Sure. Coming up. BTW, it happens with circles also, but not with polygons or polygons.
  22. Actually, drawing a line FROM a circle, tangent to the curve, reads correctly as Tangent. I don't know how to make a line from elsewhere end up tangent to the circle. Perpendicular TO the circle reads as Tangent.
  23. But why not? Katie had been asking for suggestions for a Knowledge Base; this would be a good place for it. Not only does it help the dev team, but it would save me a ton of time.
  24. Now I understand. Your clarification was appreciated. Bummer.


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