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  1. Yes. I just had to settle for a lower res, or smaller size image.
  2. Could you please speak up Chris? I had a little trouble hearing you.
  3. This is what I'm doing, but it's not exactly how I'd like to do it.
  4. Is there a function to determine if a particular class exists? For a non-existing class, will calls such as those which return the class attributes return a null value?
  5. "There is no difference if you only have one line of text in your text block" That's the answer I was looking for. Thanks.
  6. Is there a difference between Top Baseline and Bottom Baseline?
  7. What version (exactly) is the dwg? Is there any xref'ing?
  8. The applications themselves, and at least some support files, will work on one platform or another only. Therefore, a copy of each is burned onto distribution CD's. Both versions are on a CD so that NNA doesn't need to keep track of what version is on what CD. I may be mistaken on that point... The serial numbers are platform-specific, I believe. I'm surprised that your Windoze copy worked with a Mac SN...
  9. Is there a way to control the tool mode? For example, I want to draw a circle by specifying centre and second point, instead of an oval bounded by a box (defined by two coordinates).
  10. Text objects can be moved in this manner, so can the same logic notbe applied to all other object types?
  11. I'm getting started on making several items into PIO's instead of having a library of symbols, each a variation on a theme (e.g. doors) or a script that creates several symbols (e.g. drawing title). In theory, this could be a very good thing. However, I noticed today after finishing the grid circle PIO that PIO's don't move if enclosed entirely by a window and then Reshape'd (aka 'stretch'ing in Acad). Is there no way to do a check that will simply move the selected object -- no other mods -- instead of the object's vertices, if ALL vertices have been enclosed by the marquee? This would be very powerful and convenient.
  12. The big dialog that tells me my finger just missed the second wall ('Click on one wall and another wall to join') is annoying. If I'm sloppy enough to miss the wall, I'm less likely to hit the 'OK' button. Move this feedback item to the status bar in the same spot that says 'No more undo events'. Discreet.
  13. For a class whose attributes are set to 'Use at Creation', setting the pen and fill attribs etc. in the script is negated by the 'Use at Creation' setting. Is there a way to override it, or must I have it turned off for that class if I want to force the attribs for the PIO?
  14. Can I modify the appearance of the symbol based on this value? BTW, thanks.
  15. There is the automatic 'LineLength', but can I access the PIO's rotation value (as established by the axis poinst) from within the script?
  16. Actually, this is typical of VW. Typical of VW, not thinking forward. First: fixed-point math, now a brick wall at VWZ...
  17. I'm curious to know if this works...
  18. No problems with a black background? How about a white hatch? ( I don't remember if it was with or without fill) The XOR isn't applied to the hatch lines.
  19. Yes, the vw9 icon is different from the OS9 vw8 icon, but in OSX, the v8 icon has been updated to look like the v9 icon, but with 'v8' at the bottom instead of 'v9'.
  20. Who decided to make the v8 document icon virtually identical to the v9 icon?
  21. When creating a dimension, a dialog appears asking to which object it should associate. It's similar to solid subtractions and other situations; it would be nice if the same function was used. Here's the idea: since I the outline of a polything is highlighted instead of its bounding box, why can't the same be done for walls?
  22. Watch for the version of AutoCAD being used. Get the sender to x-bind any xrefs. Paperspace doesn't really convert well at all. Pray that the sender hasn't used viewports extensively.


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