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  1. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    MacOS X 10.2 Causes VectorWorks to Fail

    Doug: I forget where the OSX version of VW keeps its preference file, but find it and toast it. Re-enter your serial numbers.
  2. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Invalid Parameters

    "Object Creation failed due to Invalid Parameters" actually, the thing drew okay, but I then got this message and the PIO reverted. What gives?
  3. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Invalid Parameters

    Does the message refer to one of the user parameters, or to a parameter in a function call within the code?
  4. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Worksheet Issues

    It's a window cursor focus thing. I've had the same behavior from time to time, without using worksheets. Clicking on the workspace doesn't work, but I believe clicking on the drawing's window's titlebar shifts the focus back to the workspace. Not a fix; it's just annoying.
  5. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    VW9.5.1/ VW8.5.1 comparisons

    I hate VW 8.5.2. I hate VW 9.5.2. However, I'm greatly relieved that 9.5.2 came along; it fixed many issues I had with 8.5.2 and introduced only a few new bugs.
  6. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Path PIO vertices ID

    My intent is a polyline, but for any time I execute the PIO, making only 2 vertices, all I get is a 'Polyline' instead of the Plug-in Object. What gives?
  7. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Path PIO vertices ID

    How are the various points along the PIO's path identified? The Vectorscript manual explains rectangular and linear PIO's well, but glances over path type PIO's.
  8. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Invalid Parameters

    It shows up only when I change one of the fields in the OIP, yet DOES draw correctly before popping up the message. I'm thinking it's something to do with synchronizing the record and the fields... somehow...
  9. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Wierd things with Jaguar

    1. 9.3 is a beta. 2. This behavior was pretty standard for me with 8.5.2 under 9.1 when I first started with VW.
  10. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    RenderWorks / LightWorks

    Is there a way to incorporate LW's free, downloadable material libraries (.lwa) into RenderWorks?
  11. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    RenderWorks / LightWorks

    Is VectorWorks LWA-enabled? Isn't RW just LightWorks RayMaker at work?
  12. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Lightworks multi-thread

    Apparently, Lightworks has developed a multi-threaded engine. Can VW take advantage of this if the app (VW), per se, is not multi-processor capable?
  13. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Invalid Parameters

    It's one that I made from scratch. Of the five I've made, it's the first with this problem. All fields have been given defaults.
  14. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    what is the H shortcut for?

    Plus cmd-H in X is 'reserved' for hiding the app, but you can override it.
  15. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Tape measure tool: random numbers

    Why does the tape measure tool still give random distances? It's not updating the field value after the cursor has snapped. To me, it's almost useless if I want to check the drawing's accuracy.
  16. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Revision Cloud Tool

    Yes, that occurred to me, also. I tried 1:1 and 1:100, zoomed in, zoomed out, billow height 0.25 and 0.75. Radii identical and different. If the parameters were no good for that zoom, I'd still be able to define my path.
  17. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Major Crash in Mac os 10.1.5

    Is the file on a network? For a 99% certain de-corruption, copy&paste-in-place layer by layer into a new document.
  18. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Revision Cloud Tool

    The only difference is that I ran the 952 update -- and previous updates -- under X.1.4-5... suzanne: what's your OS?
  19. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Revision Cloud Tool

    I tried the cloud after booting to OS9, but still no go. Both the vw app and the revcloud file are identical to those on the other machines here, yet they work fine. Took cloud out of workspace, put it back in, still won't gimme NEthing.
  20. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Revision Cloud Tool

    Whether or not I hold the click, clicking IMMEDIATELY turns the + to the 2D select arrow.
  21. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Copyright Notice

    You should be able to type the text, change view, then render. The text remains 2D.
  22. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Revision Cloud Tool

    I'm having the same trouble as Suzanne. What am I doing wrong?
  23. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    Dimensions quiz

    That gives only the hard convert though, right?
  24. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai

    remove classes

    It does work, but you have to be certain that you don't have a corrupt drawing. Deleting -- or even purging -- classes can delete symbol definitions, leaving you with 3D loci. But that's only if it's corrupt. Remember to scrub v8 drawings if you're using them in v9!!!
  25. TiTaNiuM sAMuRai


    Um, how about... A BILLION BUGS GONE. (still a billion left, but it's better than nothing)


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