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  1. you need to set up sheets then create Viewports then in the OI palette you go to classes turn off the class you do not want to see then to go back and see it on screen use a Saved view which can be accessed/created via Navigation Palette if you have VW architect or Designer
  2. comments based on 12.0 or 12.5 you should try using the Sheets Layers rather than views to set up for printing and/or exporting to PDF sheets export to dwg as paper space if required.
  3. you can apply a non-associated hatch to an object which allows rotation of a 2D hatch (it actually creates a group) not recommended for wholesale use, but good for a one off object look for "applying hatches" in help
  4. First 1. the installation was beta tested outside the NNA network 2. the instructions did say that if you want 12.1 to remain on your machine you needed to make a copy of 12.1 and update the copy but all is not lost reinstall 12 and update to 12.1 both 12 and 12.5 can coexist on the same computer they use the same preferences so such things as the recent files list are the same
  5. try the following create a group of the spaces then paste in the second file - and ungroup the spaces should then go to or, create classes found in the first file.
  6. create the worksheet in a design layer create a viewport of the worksheet and place it on a sheet layer scale the VP to fit whatever size to fit and you can also crop the VP i.e. if you only want certain columns or rows also duplicate the VP is you want Header VP on a sheet layer can stack on top of each other no more blank rectangles (-:
  7. you have to "save as template" in order for the default to be change the extension for templates is .sta -stored in template folder regular files are .mcd for winxp versions and if you are using cross platform
  8. the file format for v9 and v12 are quite different so when you open a version 9 file it actually converts it to version 12 so if you want it in version 9 you have to use Export which means you will lose any "new" features in 12 that were not found in version 9
  9. 2 things do not expect great colour quality from the 650 and make sure you can get cartridges and look at cost of cartridge and paper and charge colour plots to the clients so service bureau cost should not be an issue
  10. in the libraries folder the is a folder called Object Sampler follow this path vectorworks(folder)\libaries\object sampler\vectorworks basic\Vectorworks Architect Sampler.mcd this is found on VW architect / WinXP installation
  11. select all in the first file Group the objects copy and paste the group your classes should be in the new file delete the group tested with 12.5
  12. if you use Firefox get the colorzilla plug in it will give the RGB values that you will need to create VW colours then go to a Paint Manufacturers web site to get colour chips and run colorzilla over the colour to get RGB if you create a new palette leave part of 1 column blank then this becomes your custom colours so it will not mess up class colour assignments if you use that process.
  13. in 12 and 12.5 there are found under libaries\object sampler\vectorworks basic folder
  14. Just create a symbol of the border you want and place it on the sheet layer. for changing the info you can attach record to text which is then available in the DATA tab of the symbol
  15. have you checked to see if the class of the objects inside the symbol (which may be different then the layer/class the symbols was inserted) are turned on in the VP
  16. if you need to start over again goo to My Computer - Tools - Folder Options - File Types delete mcd and it will ask you next time you try to open a file from the folder if you want to associate and, if you want to open the file with another version of VW select the file hold the Shift key - right click and you will find "open with" option on the list.
  17. the solution upgrade to 12.5 which can import pdf files so just a matter of exporting pdf out of word and putting them in the design layer so you can crop them for larger sheets
  18. this happens when the printer setting is not the same for all the sheets
  19. just duplicate the symbol in the RB and edit the new symbol from the RB then place or replace in the design layer
  20. you do nothing with these files the setup program uses the info inside the files to install VW
  21. you can create a style with dual dimensions and use the secondary dimension only found under Dual View the units for dual dimension show up as primary and secondary which can be changed via Units
  22. copy the whole 12.0 folder and rename to 12.5 then run the updater on the 12.5 folder
  23. you can create custom dimensions styles in 12.5 you can change the dimension style via the OI palette and the dimensions can be on any class (changes are in preferences) if you select a class to active only the style for all dimensions can be change via OI palette when you select all
  24. There are 2 ways to select Bold the first one is how the font is designed so you select the TTF that says bold - with Regular selected in VW the second is to use Century Gothic and change the VW setting to Bold. the latter maybe be "bold" enough.
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