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  1. make sure you are in the Design layer(s)

    Use ctrl-A to select all objects

    then zoom extents to see what is in the file

    then go back and select an object using the Lasoo mode

    what information do you get in the Object Information palette?

    if it is on a sheet layer are they part of a Viewport?

  2. if you are using vw2008 designer

    you can look for x-frog trees

    these work but expect your file to be very large


    -lines should be used sparingly

    use objects to create elevations

    use walls for trim

    polygons with fills for walls use pattern if printing b/w (which both foreground and background same colour)

    windows use polygon with gradient fills etc....

  3. in the navigation palette

    go to viewport section

    double click on the viewports it will show the vp and on the sheet it resides

    then change the class to None

    we put all our VPs in None Class at creation

    because None class is usually always on

    or we can find it, if lost for whatever reason

  4. some thoughts no specific solutions

    check which version of Quicktime you are running

    and then try using OpenGL rendering

    since you have renderworks why would you not use Fast Renderworks?

    and make sure all your VP's are set to None Class

    that way it is not a class visibility problem

    usually a VP only needs updating if there is a change to the design layer

    if all things are set in the design layer you can use

    Cache Viewport in the Document setting

  5. another approach

    in vw2008

    you can assign a prefix to classes when you import an acad file

    which will create a subclass so it it does not clutter the classes pull down menu

    i.e windows-screws



    and in the RB create a folder in the symbols category

    call it windows and move all the windows pieces to the new folder

    which will unclutter our main RB window

  6. the one thing you have to consider

    is that when you use "active class only" to look at a layout

    and you have a symbols with numerous classes the symbols will not show up even thought the symbols is inserted on the class i.e. None

    and all the items inside the symbol are on different classes

    as for the above methods they are both OK

    it depends on what you want to do with the symbol

  7. the sheet layer(s) are always set to 1:1

    the design layers recommendation is to set to a scale that you may be using to print

    the latter let you use the actual point size of fonts of gthe final product

    scale tool should be inserted in the VP that way it will take the scale of the VP automatically

    we have redone our title blocks to 1:1 so we can insert them on the sheet layers

    if you change the scale of the VP you can adjust fonts etc in the advanced setting box

  8. vw purges the selections you want

    if the layers or classes contain information they will not be deleted

    to get rid or move the info

    turn Active Only on and select all to move the info


    delete a class that has info comes up with a dialog that lets you move the info to another layer

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