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  1. Hey Gang, I'm keen to turn off some classes in my Symbol Thumbnails. Anyone know how that might be done?
  2. Mr McAllister, I could kiss you. Thank you very very much.
  3. Hey Team, We are in the process of creating libraries of our truss. I have taken what I could from the Entertainment Libraries but we require some Tri Truss point up and down to measurements not found in the libraries. I have stripped the 2D elements from the existing symbols as rotating hybrid objects doesn't work, so just leaving the generic solid behind. Id like to be able to make the pieces I require using the Straight Truss tool but then converting the 3D Geometry to a generic solid and removing any 2D Portion. However its not that simple as once I've created the Truss the convert to generic solid option doesn't do anything. Has anyone got a workaround for this? Alternatively has any one got ALE 350mm Tri as generic solids already?
  4. While we do have access to the server remotely, using remote desktop or teamviewer to use Vectorworks remotely to access Vectorworks is very painful. Australia has crappy upload speeds so working on anything that isn't local short of being on the network is pointless. I completely understand the Master file referencing and I'm intrigued. Our shows aren't usually big enough where we have multiple departments putting together separate elements although I'm sure we will get there. Discipline is the key word and many of our issues arise from this lack of discipline, if anyone taking a file away to work on remotely could remember to keep version control and replace it back on the server when they return then this would be completely alleviated. Thank you all so much for your insights, I will keep this post up to date with how we progress and anyone with more concepts please post below!
  5. Pluses and Minuses DROPBOX for business: - Keeps enormous local versions - Doesn't stop multiple users accessing the files simultaneously (Overwrite issues) + Keeps unlimited 'Undos' + Recognised by Nomad and has solid apps on all devices, easy collaboration with other companies OneDrive for Business: - Isn't recognised by Nomad, has complicated file structures, Apps on devices are a bit buggy - Difficult to collaborate with people outside of the business not also using OneDrive + Unlimited Storage + Were already paying for it as part of Office 360 VW Cloud Services: - Creates enormous PDF Files that are pretty much useless - Cant send links to folders to people outside of the Vectorworks world - Large files aren't viewable on Nomad anyway + Native to Vectorworks so should be the right answer + Concerns around 3D Credits and costs once this is enabled
  6. Hi Guys, We have just had a long group conversation and found ourselves going in circles regarding using the cloud rather than our office server for our Vectorworks applications. I suspect we have a unique setup with unique issues and googling Vectorworks cloud collaboration only takes me to the VW Cloud services, and while they may still end up being the correct answer, there are things we don't like about that and we keep coming back to dropbox or Onedrive for business. We have 5 VW Licences, 4 belong to our account managers and one for me who creates all blank venue plans and symbol folders. I work from within the office and so do they 99% of the time, but for when they are on the road touring the shows they need version control and access to documents and that where we are coming undone. The current method is that they take away the files on USB sticks, work on them remotely and (They often forget to) upload those files when they are next in the office. This has lead to changes being missed and people overwriting others work, so a solution must be found. We currently hold All venues, shows and symbols on our office server, if we were to upload everything to Dropbox that would create enormous local storage issues on all of the laptops as well as all machines having to constantly be synced as each manager changes their files and they are re-distributed amongst the rest of the group, this also raises the issue of two people working on offline versions of the file and who's overwrites who's when they are both brought back online. I'm interested in how anyone else is dealing with these issues, as well as managing the sheer size of our databases now, please ask me any questions to help you ascertain what were doing wrong and how we might implement cloud computing.
  7. That's Amazing, tell you the truth, I thought it was a silly question deserving of a silly answer. Thanks a million! This will help us heaps! Legend! A quick follow up question on this, if I was to do this on my machine and I wanted each of the 5 seats in the company to have the same options, which file would this information be stored in so I can share it around?
  8. Hi Gang, I have an odd request from our staff. They tend to use Circuit Number to enter A1 for instance rather than writing Circuit name as A and circuit number as 1 as this can get tricky when laying out the label legend if they go in double digits. Is there a way of permanently changing the fields within spotlight to remove one of those fields and renaming the remaining to circuit ID?
  9. This isn't working with any combination of Alt Ctrl and Shift, is there a windows shortcut for this?
  10. Hey Gang! Just a quick one I hope someone has solved. I would like to have the Line Types, Record Formats and Render Textures Collapsed by default within the Resource Browser. My current workflow has me collapsing these areas EVERY time I open a file to work on it. Is there a way I can set these to be minimised by default? Thanks so much!
  11. Hey Gang, Perhaps I am mistaken but I seem to remember there being a 3D Loci at my Origin 0,0. It wasn't a real Loci as in it wasn't selectable but it helped me snap things to 0,0 easily, it also worked in 3D for resting symbols and the like at 0 in the Z axis. It seems to have disappeared for me and I've tried the show internal origin marker option, but that's not the same thing. can anyone help me out? Where do I turn that back on? Thanks a million!
  12. Hi Kevin, I understand that this is the case and perhaps I should have said that just that to be less verbose. My question to the greater community is, does that calculation method seem intuitive? We have a team of very experienced production managers who have unanimously decried this method as at least Australian suppliers either use ID or OD measurements. I'm interested if this is a standard elsewhere internationally and perhaps we are a bit backwards (As is often the case down under) or if the tool could/should be tweaked as I had previously mentioned. Can anyone weigh in on this with their opinion. Thank you all for your time.
  13. Hey Gang, I've hit an issue within the curved truss tool and I wanted to bounce it off the community to see if the error lies in the tool or in my understanding of truss circles. in my case I am working with Global F34 Truss which is 290mm Box. I open the tool and I want to create 4 90° sections and then create a circle. I have set the radius to 2000mm in an effort to create a 4m circle. After I have created my circle I measure to the outside edges of the circle and I get 4290mm In order to get the desired outcome I am forced to use (2000mm - (290/2)) or 1855mm Is circle truss often calculated to the centre of each run? Ideally I would like to see ID (Inside Dimension) and OD (Outside Dimension) both as editable fields. Once the truss dimensions are added ID= x + Width OD= x - Width
  14. Thank you guys so much. The most frustrating part is this morning it has worked correctly. I had tried resetting the machine etc. last night, but today it works. I hate that because its not a science. The only decent texture was 800kb so I don't suspect its that, but again, it has come right. Thanks again team, until next time!
  15. Hi Team, I'm having a very frustrating time here and I hope someone can help me out. I have a drawing and viewports I have rendered plenty of times, but now for whatever reason the textures don't appear on the screens and the floor texture has gone hay wire. Its Final Quality renderworks or any variation on Custom that is having the problem, I have attached the OpenGL and FQRW renders, there isn't anything massively difficult happening and even when I remove layers I get the same results. I have tried it on multiple computers and have tried opening a new drawing and importing all of the layers from the old drawing. This isn't the first time renderworks gets lazy with a complicated drawing and just doesn't produce textures, but those were very complex, this is very simple. Please if anyone can help me save this drawing that would be amazing. Thanks a million!
  16. Hi Tim, You're a legend, thank you so much. I had written to Dosch 3 times and got NOTHING, so this was extremely frustrating. The issue was with the clear glaze over the eyes, for whatever reason the mixture of the image and the transparency didn't work, so changing the properties of the cornea texture I was able to see their eyes. For anyone else embarking on this plan of attack, the characters are great, but my gosh, computer hungry. They will be perfect for what we need, although my original post showing the models I got from sketchup are still great for a relatively low poly count. Its always going to be a tightrope, but thank you all for you assistance.
  17. Hi Team, We are an AV Tech company and we use easyjob by Protonic GMBH as our inventory and quote management software. With the latest version of easyjob we now have an import from Vectorworks option. We have started the conversation but it seems that the immense job of translation seems to be a barrier. I was hoping some of you may have had experience in creating exporters? Computerworks GMBH make the import and export tools and it seems to all work well in German, we have approached them but are awaiting their response. If we can nail the exporter we have confirmation from easyjob that they will translate the importer at their end to line this all up. Really all that needs to be exported is a list of symbols and quantities or each symbol on a per layer basis into an xml file. Any information on this would be fantastic. Thanks team!
  18. Hi Guys, A Progress report. I have purchased the pack from Dosch Design. I have tried the 3DS model import but it wont import the eyes for some reason, I have written to them. I am trying a few of the other formats, DWG doesn't import any mapped textures. I have written to Dosch as they don't specify which format should be used for vectorworks. I will update with any info I get. Thanks everyone! Can anyone tell me the best format to import from the attached image of options?
  19. Hi Guys, Thank you so much for your prompt responses. I understand 3D People can be quite computer hungry, although I have attached a snap of the 3 models I have sourced from 3D warehouse and I'm really happy with how they look and how they work on my machine, I just wish I had a man and a woman in suits to use as presenters. Peter, thank you for sharing those, I have found similar models but the faceted faces and bodies are really tricky when using imag and close up shots. Tim, thank you so much, I am looking for 2D and 3D people, as I understand the limitations Vincent eluded to an there are times an image prop can work, but for those where the camera angles don't line up, a 3D person would be better. Thank you all so much for your time on this!
  20. Hey Gang! I'm in need of a hand if anyone is happy to share. While I'm very excited that 2015 allows the import of textures with Models and I have found a few really good 3D people, but they are all very casually dressed. What I need is essentially one corporate looking man in a suit and one female in business attire. The majority of work we do is corporate conferences and in our renders we like to have a presenter on stage with behind the lectern etc. We do have a few image props but they're not great and I've found it difficult to source quality people as the chroma-key that's used for creating image props often has a white background and I white business shirt so I cant convert them, any changes I have made with the backgrounds leads to a coloured line around my model..... While I'm not looking for a handout (although I would take one) I have seen 3D models on Turbosquid 3D for sale, I wanted to know if anyone has had success with that, or any other 3D model vendor so I can pay to have these models. We use them often enough its really worth our while. Thank you all so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you shortly!
  21. Hey Guys and Gals, Just a vent and something for the wishlist. I don't think we use extremely long file names but when trying to select a recently opened file in the file menu I can see most of the file name except the all important version number at the end. When I have opened multiple versions of the same file recently I cannot see which version they are when I go to recall it. All Id like to see is that when you hover over the file name an expanded box or call out that displays the full name of the file. Just a thought, Thank you for listening.
  22. Hi Guys, I hope this hasn't been beaten t death, and perhaps its a wishlist type issue, but I use the callout tool and often have to draw extra lines off of it for pointing at multiple lines. It would be great if there was a check box or a button in the OIP to add extra callout lines. If anyone knows of how this can happen or can point me to an official response on this that would be great. Thanks team!
  23. I would love to see more training videos on Lighting in Viewports as it pertains to entertainments industry. This would include how to use area lighting and point lighting within renderworks camera views to create more realistic finishes.
  24. Thank you guys for throwing more info at the problem. we really need the balance of a pretty picture along with it being a working technical document and I just feel that ANY workaround speaks to an issue that should be resolved. As soon as you mention lines of code my brain explodes, but alas if that's where the fix is Id love to see a tick box in some format to allow me to work the way I intuitively would. Jim, I know you're listening, could this one go on the wishlist pretty please?
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