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  1. I must admit that I have not been adventurous enough when it comes to renderworks styles, as a company we predominantly use Final Quality renderworks for renders of our shows, we are often taking in a large area with a lot of equipment and stage set, I had a misconception that anything seriously altered beyond FQRW would drastically increase my render times. I believe I will sample the render settings again and create a custom render setting we can share throughout the company. Does anyone here work in live events and have any tips or tricks they could pass on?
  2. My question is really more about the functionality of the updated title block tool. It has already been established that copying and pasting title blocks from previous versions does not work, they are forced to update and in doing so, my title block completely disappears. In building a new one with the current tool, Id like to recreate the functionality I had from previous versions in that the sheet number/title would be auto populated etc. but that just double clicking on the title block would bring up a dialogue box where specific fields could be altered in both a sheet and project tab, letting items in the project tab be replicated through all sheets, and sheet specific fields applied to that particular page. As far as I can see there is only the edit settings dialogue followed by the tedious methods @Andy Broomelleluded to above. Am I missing something? I'm unable to see this as a step forward, its far more tedious to work with. Thank you all.
  3. Hello Team, Does anyone know if this issue has a resolution in VW2018?
  4. Heya Brandon, I have tried this, it creates an interesting new effect when I do that. Increasing the ambient light makes surfaces, corners etc appear washed out and lose all definition. It doesn't take me back to what I would see if I have all layers with LX fixtures turned off. I understand that if I have even one light on it should remove global lighting in order to accommodate my new lighting, but when there is no lights actively on in the drawing this should remain the same as it had before right? Thank you so much for getting back to me!
  5. Gidday Team! Its been a while, Im hoping someone has a quick fix nowadays. If I have lighting fixtures in any viewport, even if the fixtrues are all truned off, I find that the global lighting in the scene disappears. Often I dont want to focus every light, but I do want them to be hanging in the roof. Is there a way I can have the lighting of the scene act the same as when there are no fixtures in the scene? My current workaround sees me duplicating the lighting layers, turning off the originals and converting all symbols to polygons or groups to get around this., There must be an easier answer right? Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Hey Team, We are having a discussion within the office that I'm sure many of you have had. We have had the question raised as to why you would ever have unified view turned off? Under what circumstances would have only the active layer rotate in 3D be something you would desire. thank you so much for your time.
  7. You guys are all such a fantastic treasure trove of knowledge. Ive tried Andrews file and it is the best working method Ive found. I had attempted to make them visible in front views as well and had made extruded text as classes on top and sides of each truss piece. All of our truss symbols are 3D only so we can rotate them, so classes in the 2D part of a hybrid didn't work. Crazy I know right. I will have a red hot go at it and come back with my findings.
  8. Hi Guys, We would like the ability to have a record attached to each piece of truss, so that when we do top plans of truss lines we have the ability to turn on and off labels similar to lighting labels that can show the truss piece length, type or weight in viewports. Has anyone got any experience with creating a label and then applying that info to the symbol in a data info record or something?
  9. Hey Team, We have just had a discussion in the office and the guys whole heartedly agree that more customisation around drape base plate orientation would be incredible. Currently we set it up then turn off the base plates and add our own. I have attached an image of a setup doing it the way we do it, it would be great if we could make the tool do this for us some how.
  10. Hey Gang, We are often dealing with large gala dinners, and often we have to provide table numbers in our top/plan sheet layers. Currently we have to go through and add text boxes atop each table and manually update the numbers. If one table is removed it can be quite the time eater to change them all. has anyone come up with a better solution for this? Thanks a million!
  11. SP2 seemed to fix many of our instrument insertion issues, as a weird anomaly only one of our computers is still acting the way it had before SP2. This is extremely odd as its a fresh install and treated exactly the same way as the others, all of us have had it go back to the way were used to working and this one continues to insert strange things in an odd fashion. Anyone else still seeing lighting insertion problems since SP2?
  12. Hey Team, I'm sure Mr. Dunning can weigh in on this, but I am currently having an issue with Softgoods 2 whereby when I create a series of lines that close back on them selves I have one facet that shoots off into infinity, I don't seem to have the problem when creating open polygons but as soon as I close it I have this anomaly. I have attached a quick screen grab of the problem, but this is a real noodle scratcher. Has anyone else hit this and have a solution?
  13. You seem to have hit the nail on the head Jim. It appears this consistently happens when I use a template file that has 3D renders on Sheet layers pre-set. When creating a new file I don't seem to hit the same issues. I will adjust how we do things here, thank you so much for your help!
  14. I am having major dramas with the new Renderworks Camera. I have issues around it saving changes made. I double click a viewport, go to top/plan and move the camera, when I return to viewport nothing has changed. When I re-enter the viewport to edit the camera, I see a new camera in the position I moved it to, but the viewport is not linked to that one, rather the initial one I had. Secondly Ive had issues with changing the view angle, I exited returned to viewport having set the camera the way I wanted it and the view angle blows out to 130° from 90°, I can re-enter and change this back, but every time I exit it goes back to whatever it wants. Very frustrating.
  15. Were getting an Edges pass on every viewport. I have gone back and tried everyone's suggestions above, no luck. Has anyone come up with a solution for this yet?
  16. Hi Guys, Just something new I've noticed since 2016. I'm rendering with Final Quality Renderworks and after the image is complete it spends a few minutes calculating something called edges. It doesn't appear to improve the image any further but its quite time consuming. Can anyone explain this new thing and why it might be helpful?
  17. I am having all kids of issues with lighting instruments in 2016. I have spoken to OzCAD and we have some workarounds but this has certainly become an enormous headache for us, we should have SP1 this week so I will post an update once this has been applied.
  18. In an update to this issue I have found that it is to do with the screen snapping function in Windows 7. If you have snapped the screen to the left or right it will not save its position or aspect ratio. Dragging the window to the desired size manually without snapping has corrected this issue.
  19. Hey Gang, Perhaps one for the wishlist. While executing the batch convert across our server drives I was disappointed that the dialogue popup which indicates a file will not be converted due to the file length being too long completely stops the batch convert process. There are no options to select from so a tick box with apply this to all future issues would be great, or a list at the end informing of the affected files. We have an enormous number of files to convert so I left this to happen over the weekend, it got to 1% and then paused to tell me about the file name, now I am unable to carry on with work today until its finished. I am required to check in every minute or so to confirm these pop ups but it seems completely unintuitive to stop the process as there isn't anything I can change about these outcomes. Just something to add for the next release. Thank you for your time.
  20. Hey Team, This is the first of many issues I'm having with 2016. I have the annoying issue of setting all of my windows and palettes up but each time but when I close and re-open Vectorworks the palettes remain correct but my main drawing window changes back to an odd size each time. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix? Thanks so much for your time!
  21. Hey Team, Has anyone here had experience exporting venue information from Vectorworks, through Sketchup and out into L'Acoustics Soundvision? Being as we cant export to .SKP it would be nice to know the path most commonly tread. Thanks a million!
  22. Hi Team, I have been tackling animationworks recently and I have hit some issues I'm someone has experience with. It seems to be hit and miss with outputting the video file, I have to leave it overnight to render so I'm a bit disappointed when the file created is corrupt or incomplete and because I'm not here watching it I'm not sure at which stage the error is occurring. My first thought is the same rendering issue I've encountered numerous times where if the scene is too complex or contains too many polygons all I get is a black viewport. in less complex but still high polygon viewports I get textures not appearing, especially prevalent on screen textures etc. If this is a factor in the animationworks engine then it could be simply expressed that Vectorworks is incapable of rendering high polygon scenes. I hope this is not the case and I'm interested in others experience. The file from last night appears to be half of the desired file size and when attempting to open it I get the message "Error -2048: Couldn't open file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands"
  23. We have just hit this issue. Opened the file from a network, couldn't save it to a local disk, USB drive or back o the server. Head scratcher.
  24. Hey Gang, Just a vent, does anyone else get annoyed when your scrolling down the OIP and a drop down box comes past and all of a sudden you are now scrolling through options in that drop down rather than scrolling through the OIP? Could this be solved by needing to click in a drop down box before the scroll wheel starts to affect it? Maybe this should be a wish-list post. ~End Rant
  25. So I vote for a class on visibility for Symbol Icons. (At least as an option) +1 Thanks so much, Totally agree!
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