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  1. Heya Gang, We are trying to compile our library of Truss that we have here tin the warehouse into a separate library file. We have added cosmic-global F34 horizontal and corner cubes. It seems that if we add corners on corners etc. we are ending up with little blue UFOs in the drawing. Interesting to say the least. Can anyone let me know what Im doing wrong in all of this? UFO sighting attached
  2. This is very exciting! we're nearly finished drawing for the year, but Ill confirm as soon as were back in the swing of things, I hope that beast is finally slain!
  3. @JBenghiat Thanks for that. I do usually add work lights as you mentioned, and upping the ambient light creates an odd new effect rather than a straight correction, it tends to wash out the facets of things in open GL. I would really like to toggle off the assumption that I am lighting with intention or at least not remove general lighting until one of the fixtures is turned on. We do so much lighting work within a greater production that does not require focusing and illumination, it really becomes an annoyance to need to have all the light layers turned off while working on the model.
  4. Hi Team, I've posted regarding this before, but I cant find a current thread so please redirect me if there is already a discussion on this. Adding any lighting fixture to a drawing removes the global lighting regardless of whether or not that light is turned on. This is frustrating in renders where we would like to see the lights hanging in the roof without necessarily turning them on and focussing them. There is a few tricks we use to get around this such as duplicating the lighting layer and converting to 3D polygons and then turning off the original lighting layer. or putting a lot of Renderworks lights through the scene. There was mention of this becoming something that could be toggled on or off. Has anyone seen any progress with this in 2019? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you @Rob Books I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this is not right. I did try your recommendation @Marissa Farrell but alas it appears this is a greater issue. Thank you so much for your input everyone, I hope this can be resolved shortly.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me guys. I am not having the same experience. Take for example a piece of F44P Cosmic-Global Truss from the Vectorworks library. I select the symbol and import it. I then set the symbols thumbnail view to right isometric and its render mode as hidden line. I see a solid block rather than the tubes of the truss, what I am looking at is the skin over the truss that lives on the 'simplified' class. I enter the symbols edit 3D and turn off the simplified class and exit the symbol. The symbols thumbnail does not change and if I change the view to get it to redraw it does not change that I am seeing the simplified class. Does this make sense to you guys?
  7. Hi Halfcouple, Thanks so much for taking the time to put this up. This is not quite what Im talking about although it may help to clarify my point. If you've saved that as a symbol with both of those two classes on it and tell the symbols thumbnail to be Right-Isometric and Open GL, which class do you see represented there? and could you change that id you wanted to.
  8. Heya Team, How would you go about toggling which classes to show in your symbols thumbnail view? For example, truss with a simplified class, in hidden line symbol thumbnail render mode it doesn't look like truss. how would I turn that class off for the symbol render? Thanks in advance!
  9. Ah yes, Ive just discovered that. perhaps I was hasty in my post. Maybe this can help someone else who hits the same issue.
  10. Heya Team, Has anyone else battled with the new Truss Symbols in the 2019 library? Im trying to use the Global F34 Truss and the 2D symbol is now just a rectangle rather than something that looks like truss and the 3D model is just a extruded rounder rectangle. The geometry is somewhere inside this mess but this just seems to be sloppy. Am I missing something or does everyone else see this?
  11. Thanks for the update @JimW Heres hoping you dont need to jump all the way to a new render engine.
  12. I spoke with our local distributor OzCAD about this issue and I was informed it had been Officially placed as a 'Major" bug as of the 21st of March this year.
  13. Heya Team, We have just purchased a new modular screen frame system and I have made a simple 2D build template to allow us to piece together individual sections to create custom projection screen sizes. Id like to create a table within the design layer that auto populates to let you know how many of each symbol is currently in the drawing. Something that says Corners =4, T-Pieces = 4 etc. Something that once you've built your masterpiece, tells you how many of each to add to the rental program. Thank you so much for your time!
  14. Heya Team, We have an issue whereby we version a drawing at the end of its filename. When we open the open recent tab, the names are long enough that the version number is lost. We would like to request that when you open the open recent menu either the tab is wide enough and scaled to the longest file name, or that you can hover over a name and it will appear in a callout. Photo attached.
  15. I have a similar issue with symbols when trying to use the Isometric view for the thumbnails. I build the libraries in 2017, but now whenever I edit a symbol and exit, the thumbnail re-draws, but only zooms in on one small section of the actual symbol. See the highlighted symbol is the only one I have edited. If I enter 'edit 3D' on any other symbol and exit, it will re-draw the thumbnail similarly.
  16. We have 5 VW users in a room, we all suffer from the all black or all white screens even post SP3. We all find that quitting and restarting is the only way to get it to come back. Very Very Frustrating!
  17. That's amazing too! Thank you so much for the time in responding!
  18. These are all just fantastic! Thank you so so much for the time and effort in putting this together!!
  19. Heya Team, I'm hoping there is an easier solution than my current long winded workaround. I am currently drawing an exhibition space with 12 meter walls. There is multiple colours of wall is it goes, I was hoping for a way to tell a wall to be one renderworks texture from 0mm-2000mm another texture 2000mm-5000mm and one from 5000mm and up. I currently have to duplicate all of the walls and stack them to get this effect. Is there a non Architect answer to doing this? Thanks so much!
  20. Ah, thank you so much for the tip. I believe this is a slightly different mechanic to previous versions, its always just a slight adjustment. I appreciate your time in getting back to me!
  21. Good Afternoon Team, I am having a hard time with the new Video Screen Tool in 2018. We make a few minor adjustments to the tool as far as adding custom projectors and limiting the screen size options to sizes we own. I have an issue whereby when I double click the tool in the tool sets, it immediately places a screen and projector in the drawing at 0,0 It then gives me the dialogue box to select the parameters I want and I can then place that new one. My issue is why would it immediately insert a video screen at the mere selection of the tool, this is a change from 2017 and I fear its not intentional. Has anyone else come across this and is there a way to toggle this? Thank you so much!
  22. Hello Andy, Thank you so much for that suggestion. Alas, that doesn't seem to be my issue, I can change the orientation of the thumbnail, right Isometric, Left Isometric etc. and they all seem to revolve around the same small portion of the symbol itself. I will continue to investigate this, as the symbol is not nested, nor does it have excessive classes that could effect this. I'm really at a loss, but I shall continue to play and Ill post any successes I may have. Thanks again.
  23. Hey Team! I'm having a new and interesting issue with 2018. I have converted and opened a symbol file from 2017, and each time I edit a symbol in anyway (or just enter 'edit 3D' and exit) it re-renders my symbols thumbnail. Its now not encompassing the whole symbol in its thumbnail. I have attached an example, the screens are very similar, the first symbol I have edited and you can see its zoomed in on the base plate, whereas the others look the way I would expect. Can anyone tell me if I'm just missing something obvious? Thank you so much!
  24. Howdy Team, We have had this issue for a few versions and 2018 doesn't seem to have fixed it. Perhaps it is my own settings causing the issue. Take a blank sheet, apply a sheet border, Changing 'Sheet Fit Mode' to either Internal or External Dimensions doesn't seem to matter, This will draw a black line around the edge of your sheet and another further in or not depending on that setting, export to PDF. My issue is that the black line border closest to the edge shows on the top, left and bottom, or just top and left occasionally of the PDF. I know its an oddity, but its been consistent since 2016, just wondering which setting might be able to fix this. Thanks everyone for your help! Test.pdf
  25. Thank you everyone for your detailed descriptions, this has been a very informative thread.
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