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  1. Hi there I am wanting to create a drapewall with an angled top - so that it follows the roof of a marquee. Double-clicking on the drapewall only seems to let me alter the vertices on an XY plane. How can I do this? Cheers
  2. Hi All Having an issue when VW 2017 behaves very strangely when inserting lighting instruments when a plan is rotated (i.e a saved view). Here are the issues: The default position is zero degrees in the unrotated orientation - so you need to rotate every fixture to insert it at zero degrees in the current view. Can this be overridden? When using the Align/Distribute Objects function to evenly space and align the instruments, i get unexpected results When I select the instrument with the plan rotated, I see the the outline of the the symbol in a zero degree orientation Let me know if im missing something obvious of if there is a work-around Cheers
  3. You saved my life! Many thanks.
  4. Hi there This issue has been driving me nuts. Some of the lighting symbols show their 3D position correctly whilst others do not. In the attached VW2016 file, I have 3 different instruments - Selecon pacific 12/28, Selecon spx 19 and an ETC Source 4 19. Only the 12/28 shows the correct 3D position in a side or iso view. The others just point down. They are all showing the correct lx position, at the correct height and set to focus point A. Is it possible that the spx and source 4 symbols are faulty?? Is there a manual workaround for this?? Cheers 3D LX Test.vwx


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