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  1. Hi there Is there an easy way to make the lens of a light symbol glow when emitting light? My renders are looking a little odd - when the lights are lighting objects and people correctly - but you cant see light coming out of them. Ive tried muliple render modes - but to no avail. Cheers
  2. Hi Herbie I do hidden line renders probably once a week and a full realistic render (with renderworks) once every couple of weeks. I use vectorworks with spotlight everyday, however. Cheers
  3. Hi All Im about to invest in a new VW workstation as my poor Macbook Pro is getting hammered with renders. It regularly hangs when doing section viewport hidden-line renders, for starters. I read this excellent post on benchmarking different setups: Im keen to stay with Mac OS - despite having to pay a bit more for it. The rig that ticked all my boxes was a 27" iMac Pro - but its a bit out of my price range. So, Im looking very seriously at a Mac Mini setup: 3.2Ghz 6-core Intel Core i7 32GB of 2666MHZ DDR4 RAM 512GB SSD Radeon Pro WX 9100 GPU - 16GB Razer Core X Thunderbolt 3 External GPU enclosure I was wanting to go to an 8 core GPU - but the Mac Mini scored very well in the benchmark test. Does anyone for-see any issues going with an eGPU (external graphics card) - with the Mac Mini?? I work in the entertainment & presentation industry - and I do many renders for clients. I would also like to go down the Vision route at some point - so I need a setup that will cope with this. Cheers
  4. Wonderful - cheers. When is SP3 due for release??
  5. Hi Mark Cheers for this. Might need to go back to 2018 for the meantime. Symon
  6. Hi there Having issues when using the Plot & Model function in Spotlight - whereby I use a Definition Layer for each vertical truss (to show LX symbols in 2D viewports and to edit) then use the Model layer to show these vertical trusses in my Renders and Section Viewports. The issue Im having is that the lighting symbols on the vertical trusses arent pointing in the correct direction (Focus Point C in the attached plan). They show correctly in 3D views in the design layers - just not in the sheet layer viewports. In the attached file, go to the Saved View "Camera" to see the plan in a 3D view (with the symbols in the vertical trusses showing correctly) and then have a look at the "Front Section" Sheet Layer (where they point downwards). Cheers in advance. Model_and_plot_render_issue.vwx
  7. Many thanks for both of these replies - fixed it.
  8. Hi all I like to use the "plot & model view" command for showing vertical trusses with light fixtures in both lighting plots 3D renders. Problem is when I generate worksheets from the "create report" command, I get all the lighting instruments used in the "plot & model view" shown twice in the generated worksheets. Is there a work around for this? I like to use worksheets for entering light data info.
  9. Hi There Wanting to know if I can make everything default to the same line weight. Currently - when I import symbols (mostly lighting symbols in Spotlight) - the imported line weights can vary greatly. So without having the manually change the line weights in each symbol (really tedious) - the symbols look a mess on my sheet layer viewports - but cant tell until I print or publish the sheet layer. I like everything to be 0.18mm for printing. I see that I can scale line weights in the advanced viewport settings - but I want all line weights to be the same. Cheers Symon
  10. symo

    Drape 3D reshape

    Well, thank you very much. That worked perfectly!
  11. Hi there I am wanting to create a drapewall with an angled top - so that it follows the roof of a marquee. Double-clicking on the drapewall only seems to let me alter the vertices on an XY plane. How can I do this? Cheers
  12. Hi All Having an issue when VW 2017 behaves very strangely when inserting lighting instruments when a plan is rotated (i.e a saved view). Here are the issues: The default position is zero degrees in the unrotated orientation - so you need to rotate every fixture to insert it at zero degrees in the current view. Can this be overridden? When using the Align/Distribute Objects function to evenly space and align the instruments, i get unexpected results When I select the instrument with the plan rotated, I see the the outline of the the symbol in a zero degree orientation Let me know if im missing something obvious of if there is a work-around Cheers
  13. You saved my life! Many thanks.
  14. Hi there This issue has been driving me nuts. Some of the lighting symbols show their 3D position correctly whilst others do not. In the attached VW2016 file, I have 3 different instruments - Selecon pacific 12/28, Selecon spx 19 and an ETC Source 4 19. Only the 12/28 shows the correct 3D position in a side or iso view. The others just point down. They are all showing the correct lx position, at the correct height and set to focus point A. Is it possible that the spx and source 4 symbols are faulty?? Is there a manual workaround for this?? Cheers 3D LX Test.vwx


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