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  1. I finally had a chance to bring some files home and try things out. I installed a fresh copy of vectorworks 2015 and tried it on OS X 10.10 and I had no texture loading problems. I added SP1 to see if the problem was introduced there and again I had no problems. So I guess my problem is specific to my work computer. Since it happens on both vw2015 and vw2014, I have to conclude it has got to do something with my yosemite install. Its just strange because I have no other issues. Everything else in vectorworks runs fast, and all my other applications work great too. I guess I will have to live with it and hope it corrects itself in the future.
  2. Awesome thanks. If you are having a meeting and it does end up working the way you described it. Can you ask them if there is still some sort of conversion/compression applied if we import our images as PNG's to begin with. In other words, If I spend time tweaking the quality and size of my PNG is it just a waste of time because it will just get recompressed anyway.
  3. Thanks zoomer That is a very good description of where to use the various formats. Besides the conversion of vector to bitmapped graphics, I use PNG for anything that has a very small palette of colours or any black and white images that will be used as image masks. Now we just need to verify if Vectorworks actually use the images in the format we import them in or if they all get converted to PNG. Jim: I hope you are still asking this question to the renderworks gods. That question, with the follow up question of Why? and if the answer is no, Why does it get converted to a PNG when we extract the images? If it does convert it to PNG's, it is a big no no for us to compress an image into JPEG only to have it recompressed as a PNG and I would definitely alter the way I make my textures.
  4. Jim: As my slow loading texture problem may or may not have anything to do with the PNG conversion thing, I am very interested in finding out more about the best image format for creating textures regardless of this issue. I am curious why you always used PNG's as your image type of choice? PNG is basically a glorified GIF replacement and used as a portable internet image format and not intended for professional quality graphics. It has its place like for BMP maps and such, but JPEG will give you better file size/quality and if you are going strictly for quality TIFF is the best proffesional format. This is why I am puzzled by all of this.
  5. Unfortunately, I was not able to try it out on my home computer last night but I did some more testing today. I was no longer confident in the export down to 2014 results because I wasn’t sure if 2015 changed my textures and included these changes in the 2014 file. So I found an old 2014 back-up of this file that was never upgrade to 2015 and launched it in 2014. The problem exists there too and it never existed there before. So I booted up in OS X 10.6.8 which I have on another partition and launched this same file in the same VW2014 and the textures loaded in seconds. I was not able to try VW 2015 in 10.6.8 because it has a big can’t open symbol on the application. So In summary: OSX 10.10.1 + VW2015 = Bad OSX 10.10.1 + VW2014 = Bad OSX 10.6.8 + VW2014 = Good So I guess the last thing to try is to see if I have this same problem on another computer running Yosemite. Jim, I will try that at home and based on those results I will send you the file.
  6. Sorry for getting all posty but I must correct something I said in my last post. Apparently, it is documented that the "Extract Images" command does export the images in the PNG format and this isn't something new to 2015. After all these years, this is a totally unexpected process to me. Why does VW do this? When is the conversion to PNG taking place? Aren't the images being stored and rendered in their original format? If so, why doesn't VW just extract the original image instead of converting it to PNG during the "Extract Image" process?If all the textures are being converted and stored as PNG during texture creation, shouldn't we be creating our texture images as PNG's to begin with so that we can control our own conversion and file sizes? I don't understand the logic behind any of this.
  7. I Just found out something interesting. I thought the easiest way to see if I have a stray large image or something was to select all my textures and use the "Extract Images" command and put them all in one folder and sort that by size. The strange result I got was that every single image was a PNG file. PNG is not what I used to create the textures so I'm not sure what has happened there. When I use to use the the "Extract Images" command, I would get the exact same format that I inputed. Can anybody else confirm this. I am wondering if this has anything to do with my slowdown considering that these PNG files ballooned the file sizes.
  8. What... we can't have 2GB PDF Textures... Just kidding. I am very anal about my textures and try to keep all image maps under 100K. This particular file does have over a hundred textures though. I did not know TIF was faster than JPEG. I just thought the smaller the file size, the faster the load and render speeds would be. I usually set my compression at around 40% for jpegs and make sure my images are no greater than 500 pixels square. This usually gets me below the 100k mark. I'm sure these same sized images would be greater than 1mb if they were uncompressed tif's. Jim, can you confirm that Tif's are the way to go to increase render speeds? Your confirmation would definitely change the way I do things as I don't care about file size, its all about speed to me. The file did work fine in 2014 and OS X 10.9, however, I added a lot to it while using 2015 and OS X 10.9 with no problems. I just tried exporting the file down to 2014 and I get the same "Texture" problem running in 2014 under OS X 10.10. Thanks for getting me to try this out because this now eliminates VW2015 as being the problem. I also tried deleting about 20 textures at a time and each time it proportionately got quicker so I can't isolate it to just one texture. Once all the textures were gone, the texture progress bar was super fast but my renderings look kind a white. LOL This is just weird... I have been using many of these textures for years and have never had a problem. Since nobody else seems to be experiencing this, there has got to be something wrong with my specific set up. I will try bringing a few files home with me tonight and try them on my home computer.
  9. Yes, I always keep my resource browser open and set to thumbnails. I tried your suggestion of closing it and it did not make a difference. Thanks for the idea though. Upon further investigation, its definitely linked to the initial "Textures" stage where I am assuming its loading textures. The rest of the stages; geometry, indirect lighting, and rendering are going at its usual speed. The problem is the loading texture stage takes 10 to 15 minutes no matter what quality or dpi the render is set at and the actual rendering only takes a few minutes. I wish there was more info in the textures progression bar to see if its getting stuck on a specific texture. The progress bar is not jumping and appears to move at a slow but steady progression. I am going to try deleting textures one by one to see if I can pin point a texture, but again everything in this file was working fine prior to me upgrading to yosemite and SP1 and I am have the same problems in other files that were working fine too.
  10. Although I am working on one specific file, I quickly tried it out on some older files and got the same problem. I am going to look into it further and see if I can isolate it in any way. I wanted to start here in case this was a known issue. The other reason is because I've never even seen the first progression bar "Textures" before, I always got "Geometry" first, followed by "Indirect Lighting" and then "Render".
  11. Man I am on here a lot lately. LOL. Has there been any changes to renderworks in the last service pack? Rendering times for me have increased dramatically. The one thing I notice is that it gets stuck on "loading textures" for about 15 minutes where before this step took seconds. I have recently applied sp1, I upgrade my OS to yosemite, and I have added an SSD. so I am not sure at what step this problem got introduced with as things were humming along before all that. The ssd seems to be working well and loads file much faster so I don't think that's it. I just can't figure out what the problem is and the slowness is killing me. Anybody else experiencing this or is it just me?
  12. Thanks michaelk, I kept checking in service select under the downloads/vectorworks viewer. It only goes up to 2014 in there. Maybe Jim could advise them to add the link.
  13. Any word on Vectorworks viewer 2015? Usually they are very prompt at getting this out.
  14. When I tried that before, VW crashed but I just did more thorough testing and got some different results. If I minimize before going into another application it seems to work but if I try minimizing after its already stealing focus, it just unminimizes itself (weird). I'll just have to remember to minimize before going elsewhere until a fix can me made. Hopefully you can recreate the behaviour so you don't think I'm crazy.
  15. Hi Jim, Loving 2015 so far. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to mention bugs or not but I found a small but annoying one. When I am rendering a viewport in a sheet layer, I usually like to check my mail (OSX Mail) or browse the internet (Safari) while I wait. Although when you switch to those applications everything seems fine, things go bad when you enter text into the search field in mail, or Url field in safari. As soon as you hit enter, the vectorworks window pops up in front. If you try to switch back to the other program, it only sticks for a second before the vectorworks window pops back up in front again. It only resolves itself once the rendering is complete. I like to call this bug "boss mode" because it forces you to get back to work.
  16. Not sure why? When you open a 2014 file it tells you that it has to convert it to 2015. Then when saving it prompts you for a new name with the suffix 2015 after it. In order to overwrite the file you have to manually name it exactly the same as your 2014 file.
  17. That makes sense. It just looked so magical on the video. I think the part that I feel missing compared to the video is seeing the full effect of the deform in real time as opposed to seeing a simplified wireframe and only seeing the final result after everything is done. Like I said its not a big deal to me because the main thing is that we can now easily do some amazing shapes that would have required major work to accomplish before. I would however suggest that the video guys tone down their embellishments in the future as many people are not as understanding as me and I believe it could cause the company some grief. Lastly I just want to say. The stability is just amazing. I've been pushing this thing hard to crash. I would have crashed at least 50 times in 2014 and not even once in 2015. Fantastic Job!!!!
  18. I am liking the new deform tools... I am just wondering if there is a way to display the on screen dial interface like what is shown in the video or was that just some video editing fluffery. not a big deal because the tools are great, its just not how I was expecting them to work.
  19. Although I sent in emails many times with my own wish lists, I never entered them into this site. I did not know that was the process, or that the powers that be looked here. I will create some wish list entries shortly.
  20. Nooooooo! Why is this not on the top of the list. This is such a basic necessity. This also dampens my enthusiasm for the texture retention in 3ds imports. I find that most textures are asymmetric when created in other software so although they import okay (So I am assuming there is independent x-y scaling happening somewhere inside vectorworks) when you go and try to edit anything the texture goes back to being symmetric and messes everything up. Please oh please make sure that this goes on a priority list.
  21. So far this is shaping up to be the biggest update ever (Sheeesh, I am starting to sound like Apple). Its really looking good. Is there finally separate x and y texture scaling. In other words can I stretch a texture to fit an object?
  22. All I can say is YES!!! YESSSSS!!! Thank You. Now when you say you can answer some of our technical questions, is there anything else that you can give us some insight to or do we have to ask specifically. I am extremely excited as I am operating VW2014 at its limits and its holding me back from what I want to do. This just feels like its going to open a huge door, so in order for me to start the thinking process of what to do hardware wise, I have a couple of technical questions: I know when 64bit transitions happened in the past for other developers efficiency went down the drain (cough Adobe) . Have you noticed if in VW, the same tasks require more cpu or ram? Also, have you experienced how well VW performs when working on larger files with millions of polygons. If you have enough ram, does it bog down or does it chug along as if you had a model with less than a million? Thanks
  23. Thanks Jim, If you are assuring me that my work will strictly be used for debugging and will be completely destroyed thereafter and in no way will any of my work be distributed without my permission, I will send you a file sometime next week. I just don't have the time today to go through one and document reproducible errors.
  24. Thanks Jim. If what you are saying, that ALL of the things I mentioned are coming, is true, you have made my day, no my decade. Let me tell you, having you on these boards has got to be the best decision they have ever made. I truly appreciate your answers. Although, animating geometry would be awesome, I completely understand that it is not a priority and I am not expecting that soon. Yes, at this point, I am just looking for the creation and editing of animations to get a complete UI and methodology overhaul. I completely understand your position of "how can I get them to fix something without a file". Like I said, I've had this problems for years on ALL my files. I've just found work arounds to get things done. With 2014 its just become unbearable. I believe this is more common than you think, its just most people, such as myself, do not have the time to go on unmonitored forums to help fix software that they paid for (this is my first time). The only reason I am doing so now, is because you are here and I get the feeling that there is a remote chance that someone will actually listen. If I believe my input will actually improve things, I am willing to put in some of my time for the vectorworks community. My problem sending files has to do with legal issues. What happens to my designs? I have spent years creating my own detailed symbols and textures. Who gets access to this stuff? Will I find the symbols I created for sale on the Vectorworks store? I know that is far fetched but I have no legal agreement stopping you or whom ever else from doing just that. I could be wrong though, Do you guys have some sort of agreement that would protect my work?
  25. Jim, I appreciate you wanting to help me out, but I am very apprehensive about sending my files out for various reasons. Like I mentioned, I am a seasoned veteran when it comes to Vectorworks and have constantly had to learn various work arounds to get by, so I kinda already know what my problem is. Every year as computers get more and more powerful, I slightly increase the detail and complexity of my models. Vectorworks is just not keeping up with the times. This software should have been 64bit at least 5 years ago. My work and my expectations have exceeded the capabilities of this software, which just shouldn?t be the case. I am very proficient at creating the least amount of geometry as possible and creating the smallest textures to get my desired result. Telling me to further simplify the complexity or reducing the number of lights, etc? is not an option I am willing to hear. This is the detail I require, This is the detail I want!, and I know other software can handle it. This Out of Memory error is not new. Sure if you are doing basic 2d plans or some basic 3d work you will rarely see it, but if you want to do anything serious and use the advanced features, the limits of the software get reached very quickly. This year, I wanted to start incorporating some basic animation using vectorworks archaic animation tools but I can?t even get into the dialog boxes without getting an out of memory error, that is unless I?m using wireframe. I am not sure who makes the decisions around there and maybe I am just not there target market anymore. It just appears that they want to be everything to everybody but they end up doing nothing well. I mean this in the most extreme way, I feel like I am using software from the 90?s as basic stuff is missing. 64 Bit - Accessing less than 2GB of ram on machines that have 256GB Texture Mapping - Not being able to have independent x/y scale (stretching) Really???? Any of the tools like railings, doors, windows, cabinets - I don?t use any of them. Who in this day and age would use blocks and cylinders to represent their railings in 3D. These tools should be more dynamic to accept user profiles or symbols. For e.g.. for the railing tool, you should be able to enter profiles for both the top rail and bottom shoe and select a user made symbol for the spindles. Animation tools - Do I need to even say anything Baseboard or moulding tools - MIA I can go on and on but I think you see my point and I think I am just getting overly frustrated. If whom ever is in charge over there does not think this a big problem or that they can continue taking their time correcting this, they are sadly mistaken. This software is quickly becoming unusable.


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