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  1. I love posts like this.  "Please do not start the discussion about which operating system is better" and then proceeds to discuss how one operating system is better.   You know,  Apple doesn't break backwards compatibilities for no reason.  This one thing you are stating as a positive for windows, is actually the biggest reason why I try my best not to use windows.


    Windows code is so awful because they retain compatibility way too long, even back to the DOS days (Lettered Drive Names.. Come on).  They just keep patching and adding to a poor a foundation causing cracks everywhere. For the sake of security and efficiency, Apple lops stuff off once in a while.  Does this cause problems for software developers, you bet it does but it also forces them to remove these outdated insecure procedures and helps push the industry forward.   Even windows benefits from this because once the developer is in there, some of the windows code gets transitioned as well.  I would hate to see what would happen to software if there was no more Mac to push these changes.  Any software company that finds making better and more secure apps a nuisance is not one that I am interested in using.


    What users have to understand is that this stuff takes time.  Just because something comes out, does not mean you must upgrade it that same day. If you are patient, the end result is a better experience all around.  If you are happy to perpetuate and accept stagnation because its easier for you, that's your prerogative but don't knock those of us looking at the bigger picture.

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  2. I am also having problems with Panorama's.   I'm starting to use it a lot now for virtual tours as clients seem to love it but it appears that this feature in Vectorworks is half baked.


    -  First off when you go to export (render) the panorama on your local machine it locks up Vectorworks.  The save dialog window remains open until the render is complete.  and when I mean open, I mean open,  It overtakes all other applications you may have running on your machine as the overiding top window.  The only way to use any other software on your computer is to drag the window to a corner until the rendering is done. (Not sure if this is considered a bug)

    - When doing a virtual tour, I have approx 20 to 30 scenes per project.  For viewport renderings you can issue a command to update all your renderings.  So do all your edits by day, set it to render all night, come back in the morning and everything is done.  Export to panorama is a one at a time event, where like I mentioned, you can no longer work in Vectorworks until the rendering is done.   It totally destroys productivity when I have to  get 20 high quality (3hrs each).  I'm basically out of commission and left doing other tasks but I need to be close to feed Vectorworks a new render every 3 hours.   There needs to be a better workflow solution for this to be viable!!!!

    - Yes the initial view is wonky.  I read about the 10:30 clock positioning but I also find that to be sporadic. Sometimes its at 10:30. sometimes it's exactly 180 of the camera view. Luckily I can set the start points in the software I use to create the tours so this isn't a big deal for me but I can see it being frustrating for those not using additional software.

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  3. Thanks Pat.  Unfortunately, I started down that path and ended up in the wrong area.  I also got confused with words auto align-7.  This is not the auto-align I am looking for.  The function TexMapBool that you referenced is to turn on or off all the check box options found in the rendering tab.  That makes sense because it's a Boolean. #7 is to check on or off the "Align Selected Mappings" checkbox near the bottom.  What I am looking to change is the "Auto-Align Plane" found in the popup list titled Map Type: right under the texture icon.  This section is controlled by the function SetTexMapIntN.  I am able to cycle through all the options in that menu except for Auto-Align plane.   I am not sure if there is a technical reason why that one item is not selectable or if there is some undocumented option or bug that's in VectorScript.

  4. I made some progress and I'm almost there but need some help on the last thing.  I will explain what I've learned just in case others run into a similar issues.  Apparently, the "set texture map" node does not work when you have your object textured by class.  Although the texture shows up on your object without the "apply texture" node, you can not manipulate or control the texture unless you use the "Apply Texture Node" first.  So basically I just modified the get class texture node so that it gets the name of the texture from the class settings and re-applies the texture to the objects.  Now it's controllable and the remaining parts of my script work.  So I can change the mapping type to plane, spherical etc... they are all there except for the one I need  "Auto-Align Plane".   All documentation I found skips that option and I tried a lot of random numbers without success.  Does anyone know what the integer number for Auto-Align Plane is?



  5. Thanks MRoth.  Although I do not know Vectorscript, I always go inside and look at the code.  I've been comfortable enough to customize and create my own nodes by logically working through the code but this one has got me stumped.  I looked at the links of the Vectorscript functions you posted and figured that the one that changes the map type is  SetTexMapIntN.  So logic tells me that the OIP setting needs to be set to INT for that function run as per the if statements inside .  The function notes then states its expected int values ( 0=plane, 1=sphere, 2 cylinder...etc) .   So unless the node is not working correctly or I'm not understanding something these are the values I think it needs:


    OIP Type = Integer

    PartID = 3 for overall,

    LayerID = 0 to control the texture and not a decal

    Selector ID = 1 to set the map type to integer

    Value = 3 for algorithmic.


    I have attached the file if anyone has any other ideas and wants to play around with it.




  6. Thank you Dave.  It still doesn't work but it got me going again in a different direction.  I now realize the iselector 7 is not to set the map type to "Auto-Align Plane" but instead to Turn on or off the "Align Selected Mappings" check box.   So I checked every other node I can think of to see where the option of changing the texture map type (ie. Plane, Auto-Align Plane, Sphere...) could be and I keep coming back to this node.  I tried some more things and I got the map type to change by using the iselector set to 1 (which is defined as "Init" in the description, however, I could only get it to change by having the OIP set to Boolean.  So by default the map type is set to perimeter but if I check the Boolean to TRUE then it changes the map type to plane.  That's great if these were the only two options but there are 5.  How do we select those other ones.  I tried using Integers but then it doesn't work.   This is by far the strangest and least explained node I have ever come across.





  7. Hi Everyone.  I'm hoping someone can help me out.  For the most part I can figure most stuff out on my own but the way the description in this node is presented, I just can't figure it out.  All I am trying to do is change the texture map type to auto-align plane and turn on the follow longest edge check box. I tried a billion ways but I get no change no matter what I do.  Below is how I think it should work but it obviously doesn't.  Anybody have any suggestions.  Thanks in advance.image.thumb.png.1b2e0fe0d9cbf82f8bf84819329b30b6.pngimage.thumb.png.85bb3483e4049392ca0eca28984c0a78.png

  8. ahh sorry for the confusion.  The object you are having problems with is called "Landscape area".  This type of object is only available in the Landmark module, which I don't have.  Sorry, I can not help with that other than offering another work around.  I use the texture bed site modifier for grass (which moulds to your site model below). Not sure what "landscape area" does so that might not work for you.

  9. Yes... Thank You.  Unchecking "Mesh Smoothing" from the 3D Display tab in Site model Settings makes the grass grow right side up.  I am not sure how removing Mesh Smoothing will affect my renderings as I just did a quick test to check the grass.  I have areas that do not have grass so hopefully the mesh is still smooth enough with out this checked.  I'll report back here if I am not happy with the result but at least you isolated the problem.  Thanks again.

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  10. I am having the same problems.  I use a texture bed site modifier with grass texture over a site model that has always worked before.  I couldn't figure out why I was no longer able to see the grass blades until I accidentally looked underneath and saw the grass blades were growing into the ground.  Please fix asap.


  11. When you mentioned during the teasers that not many new features would be released and that time was focused on fixing and implementing 2.0 versions of existing features, I had high hopes.   I'm not sure how basic texturing where free software trounces Vectorworks 25 year old+ implementation wouldn't fall into "We wanted to focus more on existing systems that needed improvement this year". 


    Year after year, I just can't understand how this isn't a priority.   If Vectorworks is suppose to provide presentation worthy drawings, how can texture mapping, what ultimately covers every 3d object, not be deemed a priority.  after waiting decades, I have ultimately given up hope of ever seeing this. 

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  12. The biggest thing I want from the Resource Browser is to have a toggle for "preserve folder hierarchy" and have it stick.   It would make life keeping symbols organized a billion times easier.   Jim, Please make my day and say they fixed this.   Since they already have this option built into the import dialog, it should be trivial to make the selection stick.


    I am also glad search is being improved.  I used it a couple of times and stopped.   The lag was just too much for me to bare and I have a 12 core Mac Pro with a fast SSD.    If that Lag gets cut down big time, this is a feature I would love to use.

  13. 42 minutes ago, Sambo said:

    I upgraded to a 12-Core and hooooooly smokes it's fast (the FirePro D700 helps!). I do photorealistic renders of big shows (like Adobe MAX), and I have yet to spend more than 20 minutes on an intricate FinalRW that includes full event lighting, hundreds of textures, and thousands and thousands of polygons. I would recommend this rig. Cheers.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.02.28 PM.png

    I also picked up a 12 core Mac after they reduced the price. I got to say I am more impressed with it than I thought I would be. 


    Its really the the combination of the total package. CPU's are fast at rendering. Graphics buttery smooth even with complex open gl models. Dead quiet if that matters to you. But the ssd in there is killer fast and makes a huge difference.


    with the reduced price, It's not a bad value. 

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  14. Yah. an expandable case like the old cheese grater design is more probable.  I just find the use of the word "Modular" a little more mysterious. When I think modules I think of little boxes that snap together like lego.  You choose the processor module you want and snap it to the separate GPU and Storage modules.  If you need PCI expansion, you buy that module and snap it on, if you need more CPU's just buy another CPU module and snap that on. etc...   Sounds fantasy like, but that's the first thing I though of when I heard "Module"

  15. It took them 4 years to figure this out... This exact scenario should have played out 1 to 2 years ago.   They saved me by a thread.  I was literally days away from switching our entire company to PC.    The big thing in this announcement is the commitment and game plan for us pro users.  I was going to switch because their communication and lack of action made it appear that they were out of the pro market.   Knowing there is a future on the Mac, I think I'll pick up a lower priced 12 core to get me by.


    I'm looking forward to see what this "modular" design will be like.  It would be great if you could just plug in more cores if thats what you need (okay I think I'm dreaming now)

  16. I've seen  the  message (The resource list is empty)  a few times now.   For some reason, my Heliodons don't have a 2d graphic, they just show a Locus.  When I go into settings for the Heliodon, there is a button labeled "2D Graphic" which pops open a mini resource browser with the words "The resource list is Empty"


    I have checked my application folder and the library folder does contain a file called "Heliodon" with 2d graphics.  I've tried importing these images into my file and although they do import, it still doesn't show up in the Heliodon settings.   My Questions is.   How do I get the Heliodon to see 2 graphics?

  17. I've also had some things go invisible on me today with SP2 but I haven't upgraded to Sierra yet.  So this may be more of a SP2 thing rather than a Sierra thing.   I too tried changing compatibility settings under preferences and that had no effect.   


    A little different for me though.  I could see the objects in wireframe but not in Open GL.  When I used select all, the objects would hi-light in orange so I knew they were there and if I did a fast render everything showed up.  Just invisible in Open GL.  It only happened once and fixed itself on restart so I didn't worry about it too much.  From the fix list, it does look like they worked on a few things with the compatibility settings.  I guess they have a little more work to do...

  18. 21 hours ago, zoomer said:

    Oh, 2017 ?

    It was working well in 2016 for me.

    Should I check that ?


    I don't seem to be having problems with the glows I use with just a simple colour (like your example above)  because upping the glow percentage above 100% would not be an issue in that case.  My problem is when I'm using an image (the source of the glow) and the image itself is an integral part of the scene (like a TV).  If the glow is set too low, you can't see any affect,  If the glow is set too high, the image washes out.  


    I've been trying out various things that Jim suggested and although I'm getting close, I'm still not 100% happy.  I'll figure it out.   PS.  I don't think the backlit shader recognizes glows as light sources, well at least I couldn't make it happen.


  19. Thanks Jim


    I tried your suggestion out by just replacing glow with backlight but it resulted in a very washed out image with no glow.    I am going to experiment with it a bit more but I'm a bit confused by your explanation.  When you say it takes its like(light) from a light object.   Does that mean I'm suppose to have a light source behind the screen as per your video example (i.e. place an area light directly behind the screen)? or does backlit sort of work like glow where the texture itself is emitting light?

  20. Ever since 2017, the glows on my TV screen images don't seem to project as much glow as they use to.  I am talking about the subtle lighting you get on the walls, floor and ceiling that gives the appearance that the TV is giving off light.  Pre 2017, I would simply import an image into the color shader, Set my Reflectivity to glow with the emit light check box ticked on and it worked nicely.    Now I can barely see the effect.   I've tried increasing the glow but as soon as you go past 100, the image starts getting washed out.   Has anyone else noticed this?   How are you guys doing your screen textures?



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