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  1. The notes for the GPU's is very interesting. I was drafting up specs for a PC if Apple doesn't release a Mac Pro relatively soon. If I had to buy today, I would be getting a 36 core Dell or HP but I had the Nvidia Quadro 4000 specked in it. According to the notes, a GTX 1080 would be a better choice... Does vectorworks take advantage of dual gpu's or is that just a waste of money? Sure hope Apple does something quick because I am just salivating for an upgrade.
  2. Although I learned the crease all edges option really quick. I agree that the default action when converting to subdivisions should already have all edges creased. Its very jarring to have your object turn into a blob especially if you are trying this out for the first time. I'm not sure why or how anyone would predict or want the blob outcome. The reason you made that object in the first place is because you want it to use it as your base. As mentioned, its not a big deal because there is a solution but it just makes sense from an interface perspective that the object should retain its shape after the initial command.
  3. Altivec

    Color Picker Bug

    Very Interesting zoomer. Mine was already set to "generic RGB" and I still get that problem. I tried playing around with it a bit and found that if I switch it over to "Device RGB" I get the values that I originally entered. But if I exit the color picker and go back in, the setting goes back to "generic RGB" with the wrong values. So each time I have to manually change it back to "Device RGB" to get my values back. Thanks zoomer... this helps me out that I at least don't have to write the numbers down because I have a way of getting the values back but this is still a very important bug that affects everyone and needs to be quashed.
  4. Altivec

    Color Picker Bug

    This is another one of those bugs thats been around for years that nobody ever says anything because its so obvious that you just expect it to get fixed in the next service pack, but it never does. So I'm finally bringing it up! I'm not sure if this happens in Windows but in OSX, if you use the color picker sliders (i.e.: RGB, HSB...) VW accepts the colour correctly and all is good. That is, until you want to edit or tweak it. If you go back into the color picker, the values you chose are all slightly off. I have had to resort to writing all my values down so I am able to edit these colours, which is quite ridiculous if you ask me. I am hoping that this can get fixed really soon.
  5. What is the purpose of all the preview options? Is that just there to fiddle around to look at your texture that one time? Just seemed common sense to me that this was intended to make your preview icons and it was just broken. If its a wish, I don't think there is much work for them to do. They already did it all. I am able to create the preview I want, it just needs to be saved that way.
  6. This is something I've never understood and can't determine if its just a long standing bug or if there is some other logical reason why it works this way. When creating a texture, half of the dialog box is devoted to "Preview Options" I can adjust my scale nicely so I can set the preview to show the subtitles of my texture, I can view it as a cube or sphere..., I can even turn on and off colour, reflectivity, transparency, and bump. All great... Until I press OK and accept the texture. Regardless of how nice I've set up my preview, the icon and preview in the resource browser shows up flat and zoomed out.... Its worked like this forever, hasn't anybody over there noticed this? Is there a reason why it works this way?
  7. The current (2013) MacPro will dramatically improve just about everything you mentioned compared to an iMac. The SSD in the MacPro's are fast. So the loading of large files is way faster. The graphics card are much better and you will get fluid open GL on large files. For rendering speed improvements it depends. If you get a 4 core Mac Pro, it won't be much different that an iMac. There are differences in each CPU but the current MacPro's CPU is over 3 years old and the current iMacs is newer than that. When you jump to an 8 core or 12 core MacPro, there is no comparison. The MacPro will crush any iMac in dramatic fashion. If you have a lot of textures, you also need RAM to feed those cores. So get at least 32GB. I am also looking at upgrading my MacPro and was really upset yesterday that there were no updates, again! I cooled off a little when I read on a rumour site that they received info from a reliable source that it wasn't quite ready but will be released no later than the end of November. If you can hold off a month, I think it will be worth the wait. Since its been 3 years, the improvements will be dramatic. The CPU's are 2 generations behind and Graphics Cards are 3 generations behind. They did not reduce the price to reflect their neglect so I would not recommend buying a current MacPro. Just to give you a comparison. I priced out a DELL machine yesterday and for the same price I can get 12 core E5v2 MacPro, I could buy a 36 core E5v4 Dell. To be fair, the Dell was missing a lot of the goodies found in a MacPro but the important parts of the DELL, CPU and GPU, would totally kill the Current MacPro. As usual, you have to expect to pay the Apple Tax so I don't think they will offer a 36 core for what you will pay for 12 today, but I'm expecting some dramatic improvements. Hope that helps answer some of your questions.
  8. Jim, I would really love everything you mentioned, Altering camera effects, such as depth of field, at each point would give presentations a super professional look. I envision this working like a renderworks camera works with layer sheets, So you make your path and fine tune your camera settings in a design layer. Then you create a viewport and assign it to a sheet layer. The OIP in the sheet layer would have your video codecs and such (like renderworks styles) and if you need to edit your camera or path you double click the viewport and hit edit camera. The only problem I have with your wish such as object animations is that you are adding an additional level of complexity. Don't get me wrong, I would love all those things. I am just concerned that if we get too carried away, the wish won't be considered. Right now, I would be happy with being able to some simples pan shots, zooms and rotations. After we get that, then I will say what the heck, where is all the other stuff.... lol.
  9. rDesign... Have you used AnimationWorks. I have considered buying it but didn't for a few reasons. 1) I hate buying plug-ins for the simple reason of the unknowns (will this work in future versions, if there are bugs will the developer support and fix it) 2) Vectorworks includes basic animation. So its something I already paid for. Why should I have to pay for a plug-in that gives me functionality that I am already suppose to have. Seeing how bad this tool currently is, I would expect it to be high on the list for a refresh, so my wait continues. 3) I was not impressed with any of the demo animations I've seen. Usually demo's are suppose to show you the best of the best and all i've seen is very low polygon count scenes rendered in open GL. How does this handle supper complex scenes with high polygon counts rendered in custom renderworks? If someone has experience doing some complex stuff in animation works, I sure would appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
  10. I know VR is all the rage these days, but to some of us, animation is a very important medium for presentations that we use or would like to use. Having slight rotations and panning on views just like the videos used to showcase VW, makes presentations much more dynamic. (I’m sure that none of the animations in the VW videos are actually made in VW) So I would really like to see an improved interface for animation. I know that VW is not suppose to be an animation power house but there has got to be a better way of doing some basic animation than what we got. I use my views for working. I don’t want to mess up my working environment with hundreds of irrelevant views that I have to somehow assemble in some bizarre interface. Why can’t there be a tool that combines a viewport camera with the polyline tool. You make your path and at each point you can adjust your camera and the duration it takes to get to that point from the last point. Again, nothing too complex but something that is at least usable.
  11. Oh... I can see it being done by accident. I could be wrong but I don't think there is a way to see who it is that either down or up votes us. I was just puzzled because this is one of my more tamer posts with 100% of its content going towards trying to help. I'll go with accident because that makes the most sense but if it was someone else that down voted me for another reason, I would really appreciate to hear why. Thanks.
  12. I'm not sure why I got down voted for trying to help someone out. If you down vote me, I would at least appreciate a reason so that I can improve myself. As it stands, I have no idea what I did wrong.
  13. I agree that although the new Rail tool is much improved, they messed up some very key elements. We already have a discussion about some of these issues under the wish list. I'll paste the link but not sure if that will work to get you there, if not, its currently on the second page of the wishiist section. The wish list works on a voting system so the more votes it gets, the better chance it has to get fixed, so I encourage you to mention your issue there and vote it up by clicking the up arrow next to the titles name. Its currently one of the leading candidates. To answer one of your questions though, to change the pitch or Z axis, you must use the 3D line mode to get a start and end point in the OIP. You can watch a youtube clip here (the z-axis info is near the end if you want to skip ahead.
  14. Maybe... I guess we should report it as a bug. That way it can be reviewed by committee so a solution can be discussed. or maybe its better as a wishlist item so that we can offer our opinions. I would suggest something like, upload change file to server and then make a correct link to it. (PS. Just joking around Jim, or am I...)
  15. its been over 24 hours and the link to the change notes is still not working. Its kind of strange to me that this is not found to be important. It literally should take a couple of seconds to fix.
  16. I also noticed this. It does show up while its rendering viewports as long as you don't touch anything but if you start doing other things it sometimes disappears. The bigger issue though is that as soon as its done rendering the time to render disappears so unless you are watching it, you don't get that info. Hopefully they fix this as this info is really important. I adjust my settings based on this time. I would even prefer if this info was stored in the viewports OIP as "last render time"
  17. Unfortunately, the problem creeped back in while I was working, so the problem isn't quite solved yet. I had to give up on problem solving because I had to get some work out but now that i have some clues, I am determined to find out why it keeps reverting to this behaviour.
  18. I think I figured it out.... I opened the file today and I was shocked that everything was working normally. That was until I changed to a different view in the navigation pallet. As soon as I did that once, it went back to the centering itself to origin behaviour with no way of getting out of it. So to be clear, each time I start the file fresh, it works fine until I do a view change (i have about 10 different saved views and it doesn't matter which one I select). So I took a shot in the dark thinking that migration bug is in the saved views somewhere so I started with a fresh open file and I deleted all of my saved views before the bug gets initiated. I then recreated a couple of views and things seem to be working. I will be working on this file a lot today. If everything continues to work by the end of the day, I will mark this question answered. Thank you everyone for your help.
  19. Yes... This definitely happened in the migration process. Definitely a bug somewhere but I realize its like finding a needle in a hay stack unless more people report experiencing this. With that I understand the reasoning behind not devoting time on one specific file. Unfortunately, I'm really busy right now or I would try several migrations slowly eliminating layers, then objects to see where it goes wrong. The bad part is that I did so much additional work in the 2017 file, that I would really be annoyed to lose all of that.
  20. Thanks Jim... That's good to know and you saved me some time reporting it. I will try your layer import technique when I get a little down time here (maybe the weekend)
  21. Yes... That's how it should work but on this file, VW2017 behaves the same regardless if I have it checked or unchecked. Its as if the wiring of that check box got disconeected and no longer works any more. I think I have to file a bug report for this because its driving me nuts working this way. Either that or I will have to go back to 2016.
  22. Thanks for the suggestion Alan, As mentioned it is a big file in terms of file size and across great distance within the file scale. So when you say objects out in space, yes there are some way out there, but I need them there. I figured out what its centering to each time (the internal origin marker). I know this because I turned it on in preferences and now a cyan marker shows up there. This marker is close to where I am working (near the centre of the page) but needless to say , having to keep adjusting your location no matter how little is very jarring and annoying. Just to provide a little more information. this happens every time I select a different design layer. Regardless if all layers are active or no layers are active. Even if I switch to an empty layer. the screen jumps to and centres itself to that cyan marker. It appears that the zoom level stays where I have it, just the xy coordinates change.
  23. Now that I have had a chance to thoroughly work with the new resource manager, I can offer my 2 cents. I am one, that likes to keep my resources organized and although the new Resource Manager improved in many ways, keeping things organized is not one of them. So the new way got me use to having all my resources being shown all mixed in one spot. Textures, symbols, line types, etc..... I like this. But then the UI breaks away in a different direction which makes no sense at all. If I want to make a folder called "plumbing" and I want to store my Textures, symbols, line types, etc.... in it, I can't. I must make a Plumbing Textures folder, a Plumbing Symbol folder, etc. Why do I have to select what kind of folder it has to be? Why can't it be just called "new folder" where I can organize things as I please. Like I said, the root folder allows shared resource types which trains you the work a certain way, why change this in subfolders? The next issue I have (which is not new to this resource manger) is when you import a resource from another file (our resources libraries). If you right click a resource and select the import menu, you get a dialog that allows you to "preserve folder hierarchy". This is great for those of us who like to keep things organized in subfolders. The problem is, this only works when you do it that one way. Who in the world wants to right click, hunt through a menu to find import, get a dialog box, press okay every time they select a resource. The "Preserve Folder Hierarchy" toggle should be an option that we select in either the preferences or document preferences and be the default action no matter how you import the resource (most common way is double clicking). If you want to override your setting, then you can use the import menu. Edit: One more minor issue. The toggle buttons of which resource source gets reset after every restart. It would be nice if these toggles stick. I only want to see the bare minimum when I'm working and I'm constantly having to shut these things off.
  24. yah. for sure it is, I tried everything. Considering nobody else seems to be experiencing this., I am going to assume its going to be a long year for me working on this file.
  25. Although, I see some of you agree with my thoughts on this tool, there is only 1 vote (my own). Please guys, don't forget to vote if there is a wish you want worked on. To vote, click the up arrow to the left of posts title at the top of this page.


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