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  1. Mike Wright

    Modelling an LED screen

    I've a relatively complex rig where I'm very close to my loading limits for the roof. One of the key elements of the rig is a large circular LED screen suspended from a circular truss. Currently I have the screen modelled as a series of point loads, one for every pick up on the screen header bars. My though is that this in no way reflects how a screen actually behaves as it is an inherently rigid structure attached to one which deforms under load. Could I produce a custom 'truss' which replicates the screen header bar but has a rigid cross section and the same weight/m as the screen itself. This could then be 'attached' to the circular truss using multiple pliable truss cross points to give a more accurate transfer of forces (the screen header will be rigged using round slings from the truss) Any thought would be gratefully received
  2. Mike Wright

    2019 SP3 strange DWG import behaviour

    solved - for some reason it had been set to convert all objects to 2D
  3. Mike Wright

    Viewport from clip cube not functioning

    Thanks I've worked out that clip cube only works with OpenGL and RW rendering and also appears without the clip cube until it's rendered
  4. I am unable to get the viewport from clip cube to work. I have 'display with clip cube' ticked when I create the viewport but it always appears on the sheet layer without. I'm sure I am doing nothing wrong VW2019 SP3.1, Windows 10
  5. I have been struggling to import a DWG model into VWX. this the result of an import into VWX2019: And this is the same model imported into VWX2018: There is a lot of detail missing from the 2019 import but I haven't changed any settings away from my normal import process PC system
  6. Brilliant! That menu has always evaded me. It's not very obvious. Thanks
  7. Thanks Is there a way of adjusting this property once a worksheet is generated?
  8. When I convert my trusses to lighting positions they no longer appear in my truss count worksheets. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Mike Wright

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    I have been in touch with tech support and they have provided me with links direct to the installers for for Vectorworks Updater, once installed this works fine for SP3 although I had to insert the license number myself Mac http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/updaters/24/NNA/eng/app/Vectorworks 2019 Updater-24.0.477321-mac.zip Windows http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/updaters/24/NNA/eng/app/Vectorworks 2019 Updater-24.0.477321-win-installer.exe
  10. Mike Wright

    Another problem with trusses

    You'll have to build your own spacers, the prolyte spacers in the libraries do not work
  11. Mike Wright

    The problem with the simplified display of trusses

    that rotation also happens randomly sometimes when connecting trusses, especially at corner blocks I think I reported it as a bug a while ago
  12. Mike Wright

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    SP3 and updater still does not work
  13. Thanks Marissa that's great
  14. I know it's going to be a simple answer but I can't work out why the attached does not work. I'm expecting an extruded rectangle centred at 0,0 with a BotZ of 0. The extrude and rectangle parts work but once I add in the maths to make the centre 0,0 it all goes wrong, the debug tool doesn't seem to do anything. Help! screen marrionette.vwx
  15. Mike Wright

    Hole in a Stage plug

    I think you will have to un-group the stage plug (it will no longer appear in reports etc) and then you can use a solid subtraction. (you must be in a 3D view when you un-group otherwise it will only give you the 2D components)


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