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  1. Thanks, The Command-` will send me to the Rotate menu as long as there is only one document open. I've been using this for years, so I can't remember if it was something I customized. I'm using VW2016, but I'm sure I was using it with 2011 or '12. I've never needed to toggle through different documents. Anyway, it doesn't sound like it is a huge bug, but is sounds like there are general issues with some of the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe I'll start from scratch; I changed and added a number of them. MH
  2. Before I submit this as a bug, is anyone else seeing this? The default keyboard command for Rotate is supposed to be Command -` (just to the left of the numeral 1 on a Mac keyboard). When I do this in VW2016, however, it sends me to another open document. Anyone else see this? Thanks, Mike
  3. Thanks. By the way, when I place two squares, circles or any filled shapes on top of each other their respective colors blend. For example, if I put a green triangle over a yellow triangle the intersection becomes a mixture of the two. Is this a bug or a feature? It's not the latter because now I can't tell what is clipping what. With the continued absence of a double line curve tool, the quickest way to create curved solids is by clipping two concentric arcs of different radii. This is hard when the colors mix. How do I turn this awful bug/feature off? Thanks in advance for any help...if it's a bug I'll report it, of course. Thanks, MHB
  4. Is there a bug list somewhere for VW2016? The "Bug Submit" at the right goes to an "oops" page. I found a bug where if you try to change a radius on an arc by entering + XX" nothing happens. If you leave the inch symbol off and just put in XX, then it works. This is with units set to "Feet and Inches." MHBrown
  5. I'm I the only person who wants the double line tool to also make curved double line entities? It would be just like the round wall tool, except not a wall tool. I don't understand how this type of tool is not considered fundamental? If I want to draw a curved solid I have to draw two arcs, make one radius smaller than the other and clip it. The I have to stitch them all together. I would be nice to have all the functionality of the arc tool, but to draw double lines. Is it there and I'm I just missing it? I hope so. Thanks, MHBrown
  6. I also noticed, in VW2013, that Custom Visibility no longer works. I select the criteria to "show only" as class: Dimension and Execute Immediately. Where in the past this left only dimensions visible, it now does nothing. Is this normal? Things in all other classes remain visible; the screen remains unchanged.
  7. In VW2013 I decided to change the arrowheads on the witness lines. I went to the Navigation / Classes / Edit and selected the arrowheads I wanted. I clicked OK. Nothing changed in my drawing. I even clicked the mysterious "Activate" on the Navigation palette. Nothing happened. So, I'm curious as to why VW has this tab that does nothing. Is it to practice mouse clicking? Is it an orphaned palette that was left disconnected? Yes, all my dimensions are in the Dimensions class. Thanks for any help on this. MHBrown
  8. This may work, but is totally absurd. Why can you cut a view port section vertically on a design layer, but can't cut one horizontally? You have to go through this extra step of creating a VP that you don't want. This is VERY confusing and I hope this is fixed in future versions. MHBrown
  9. Thanks to everyone's input. I've been using MiniCAD/VW since 1994, so I pretty much do everything everyone is suggesting. I could actually add a few things. It looks like I made the assumption that VW2013 had become more Form-Z like in the jump form 2011 and that it was more of a 3D molder now. Clearly it has not changed after all. There are some things that simply don't work, however. When I'm in "Screen Plane" for example and I'm in a side elevation the positive "X" direction is no longer to my right. It is into or out of the screen, I don't remember. This was never the case in the previous 20 years of MC/VW. That is a small matter, however. I appreciate everyone's input. I thought I needed to change with the changes in VW, but I see that isn't really true. The 3D aspect of VW is still something of a secondary benefit in what is essentially software for drawing in 2D and that is fine with me. I have to remind myself that it is a great value for the money. My brother is a tech for AutoDesk and that software is probably 20 times as expensive as VW. Thanks so much! MHBrown
  10. In VW13, for the first time I've needed dual dimensions, but imagine my surprise when there is no place to select the secondary dimension. I'm in Units. General Display and Dimensions and then in Dual Dimensions. There is no place to select the secondary dimensions. This was easy in previous versions. Why is this not in the Units menu? Really, I'm really trying to assume that I'm missing something easy, but, c'mon. I'm in the UNITS and Dual Dimensions selection area, so where else would I possibly go to choose the primary and secondary dims? I'm trying to add a screen shot of what I see. I hope it makes it. There is no way to tell. Please tell me I'm missing something super easy and it's just that it's late on a Friday. MHBrown
  11. Thanks, Bas, but that is exactly what I tried and is exactly what is not working. Ctl-e does not extrude (at least not in accordance with the working plane) and the Push-Pull tool does nothing to a 3D polygon. It doesn't actually seem to do anything at all to 3D objects.
  12. I'm trying to work more directly in 3D and I'm running into problems. I found the tool set with the 3D tools (Set Working Plane, Push-Pull, etc.), but nothing works in an intuitive manner. I did manage to set the working plane to 45 degrees, but when I drew a 3D rectangle on that plane I could not extrude it. It refused any manipulation at all, but let's just limit this question to extrude. The extrude command doesn't work (though it should), the Push-Pull command doesn't work (again, it also needs a redesign so that it does.) Next I tried drawing a 2D polygon. Nope. Nothing works on that, either. I can extrude this 2D, but the extrude command ignores that I'm in a different working plane and extrudes it as if I were in the default screen plane. What? In the 3D tool set I can draw exotic things like spheres, hemispheres and cones—but no rectangles! What? This is a total mess so far. Clearly the designers at NNM and I have radically different views on what is "intuitive" so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Right now, I'm 100 percent disappointed with the 3D tools and I'm hoping to change that. Thanks for any help. MH Brown
  13. When I go to "Annotations" on my viewport it goes from Hidden Line rendering back to Wireframe. Ummm...how am I supposed to see what I'm doing? The Rendering menu is frustratingly grayed out. Am I doing something wrong? It's hard to believe that such a basic thing would be overlooked before releasing this version to the public, so I'm assuming I've switched something off somewhere. Thanks for any help. VW2013
  14. The different icons, activated or not, made no difference. The double clicking worked. I'm not sure why VW staff felt that walls should behave differently from the dozens of other shapes, but so be it. Perhaps it will be more standardized in the future. Thanks for the tip!
  15. In VW2013 I'd like to resize some of my walls in elevation, but the reshape handles are not there. I have not hit "U" by mistake and everything else has the reshape handles on them, 2D and 3D. Any ideas? What am I missing? Thanks, MHBrown
  16. Thanks, Alan, but that does nothing. I put everything from .7 down to .001 and have the Zoom Line Thickness on. The lines do not become dashed. I think this is a case of VW being corrupted and needing a re-install. That may explain the other odd problems. I appreciate your help on this.
  17. Thank, Alan, that does look easier. Often, however, I need to be in wireframe because I'm constructing the interior frame. On something with lots of framing the lines can get pretty confusing which is why sometimes a 2D view is better than a 3D view. It seems like VW is taking the position that looking at an object in a 3D view is always better. Sometimes it isn't. That said, I'm going to start drawing the way you demonstrated in you very helpful video. I can see where 90 percent of the time it is better to use the 3D view and use tools like the "push-pull" rather than the old Extrude command. It looks much faster, certainly in the beginning of the modeling process. I greatly appreciate the time to explain it! MH
  18. Hi, Alan, I don't really understand what you are saying. There is nothing in the Advanced Properties panel that would over-ride a dashed line to make it solid. I'm attaching a screen shot of what I see (ignore the "command-X" since VW does that to windows when making a screen shot.) What are you suggesting I change? MH [img:left][/img]
  19. ...consequently, when I change the scale to anything else the condition remains the same.
  20. I forgot to mention, the scale of the viewport doesn't matter. It's 1 1/2" =1'0", but that is not the issue. I've done hundreds of viewports at that scale.
  21. No. They are solid lines. I can do whatever I want to the line render options and it does not change anything. The only place is works is in the modeling window when selecting Render/Dashed Hidden Line. Nothing else creates dashed lines.
  22. I have a model in VW2013. It renders as a dashed hidden line just fine in the 3D modeling window, but when I create a view port and select dashed hidden line in the Object Info box it fails. It creates gray lines, but they are not dashed. The same is true with the Convert to Lines command. If I choose to convert as a Dashed Hidden Line it fails. The lines that should be dashed are grey, but solid. I tried it on a brand new document and a simple rectangular solid and the same thing happened. I've been having a ton of problems with VW lately. Any ideas about this one? I have not changed anything in any prefs file anywhere at any time regarding dashed lines. Besides, even if I did the model wouldn't work correctly. MH
  23. Thanks, Alan, but that is way too many steps. First, I generally set my so-called working plane by simply selecting the view I want using the key pad. Secondly, looking at a drawing in wireframe in isometric gives too many points to snap to. (What's so special about the iso views, anyway?) By looking at the object in elevation I can minimize the snap points (helping remove human error) and make sure I'm snapping in the correct place in the 2D space I'm working in. It is then a simple matter to slide that new piece into place after extruding it. Vectorworks doesn't snap very well in any other rendering modes plus all other rendering modes are slow to re-render. Lastly, it is hard to precisely place a rectangle in 3D space when you are really only concerned with using two of the dimensions. The 3rd dimension makes it less precise, more difficult and is not necessary. I do all my VW work in 3D, but it is much easier to keep everything aligned if I only work in two dimensions at a time. Too many VW tools work less well in 3D and ultimately it slows me down. Certainly this is not the same for everyone. This is just how I like to work and it's unfortunate that this tool is no longer useful to me. All the other tools seem to work just fine as before. It's just the rotated rectangle that is balking. Thanks for your tip, however. I'll give it a try sometime when I'm not up against a deadline. Perhaps I can get it to work as you say and find it actually is better! MH
  24. Yes, Alan, that is what I'm trying to do, but I'm doing it in the right elevation view (command-6, I think on my keypad). I'm not doing it in an isometric view. I prefer to draw 2D shapes in a 2D view. It doesn't work for me, however. MH
  25. Here is the symbol that is not letting me draw a rotated rectangle from within its editing window when in side elevation view.


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