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  1. Mark, I'm glad it works for you in those windows, but it does not work for me. Regardless, OpenGL should work when editing from a sheet layer. It should always work everywhere. Anything less is unacceptable. Right not, some combination of VW, my video card, or something is causing OpenGL to fail. It is NOT my individual file. It happens everywhere. It may have to do with files created in VW2016 or VW2017, but it is very, very, very, very, very common to start a job in one version of VW and finish it in another. This minimal compatibility should be top of the list for future versions, but apparently it is not. I think that is the problem and it needs to be fixed if VW is going to continue its absurd release frequency of once a year---twice what it should be, in my opinion, to ensure a stable product.

  2. Why has this OpenGL problem not been solved? Because OpenGL does not work inside groups and other editing windows (like Symbols) you cannot do texture mapping in VW. The Attributes tool does not work because the OpenGL image disappears. You can work with Fast Renderworks, but that is, ironically, slow. I usually use Strata3D for my rendering and it used to be the buggy software. Now it's VW that is a problem. It is NOT a rendering program if you can't see what you are doing. Furthermore, you cannot select objects when they are rendered...assuming you get OpenGL to work in the handful of situations where it does work.

    This must be fixed before I continue the subscription. This has been happening for a couple of years now. When will it be fixed?


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  3. This may be one of those "bugs" that is presented as a feature, but it's a stretch to me. In previous versions of VW, if you realized you wanted to edit a symbol you would double-click on any instance and you'd get the question of 2D or 3D editing. After choosing, 3D you'd be inside the edit window. The symbol would be oriented in the way it was created--exactly what one would need for editing. At some point, VW stopped doing this and an extra step was added where you'd have to select Top/Plan and watch the symbol instance slowly rotate into its created position. OK, an added step, but no big deal except for one small problem: None of the other orthographic projections work. Go to Front view, for example, and you get the front view of the instance you selected at random. What? The same is true for the other views. Symbols can be placed everywhere and at all sorts of different angles. There is almost never a time where you would want to edit it at some skewed, random angle. More importantly, the fact that the orthographic projections do not "line up" flies in the face of drawing standards. This is really a problem. I don't want to have to hunt through the resource manager to find a symbol so I can edit it as it was created. I've already found it and double clicked on it. Anyway, if this is a "feature" that won't be fixed, please let me know. If it is a bug--which it is, in my opinion--I'll add it to the list. If I'm doing something wrong, that would be the best result. Something I can fix right away.



    VW2018 SP3

  4. I'm on an iMac. See the attached screen shot. The problems I am having are not related to the file with the exception of some of the speed issues. I usually create a symbol by taking the 3D object in Top view and doing a convert to polygons so it matches exactly in Top/Plan. VW apparently handles this in a very crude way. Rather than taking the original geometry from extrudes when available and creating circles from a series of concentric points or some other efficient interpretation of the plan curved geometry, it ham-handedly just converts everything to tiny or large polygons. I had over 200,000 polygons in one 2D symbol, so naturally it struggled to draw each instance. As I recall this is exactly what MiniCAD 5 did. I expected a bit more advancement in two decades of fine tuning. Perhaps instead of thinking up new protractor icons for the Rotate Tool, the programmers could investigate  more elegant ways to convert 3D orthographic views into 2D. Anyway, I redrew all the 2D symbols that had curves using arcs, circles, etc. and it has speeded up a lot.

    Anyway, there is no reason to post the file since I discovered this on my own and fixed it. The other problems rest with something else and are not file-specific. Thanks for your help!

    Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 8.29.15 AM.png

  5. Not just lines, but almost everything in VW2018 latest SP, whatever that is. I'm working in Screen Plane Only (though VW stubbornly refuses to stay there). I go into a group/symbol to edit. I look at the object in front view. I draw a line, a circle, an anything. It looks like it works, but it instantly disappears.


    This. Is. Un. Acceptable.


    Along with the dead slow performance, the inscrutable texture mapping, and the infuriatingly unmodifiable bloatware called the Resource Manager, I vote VW2018 a bust. Really. I apologize for the rant, but why can I not draw a 2D line in front view of a 3D object? Why can't I use OpenGL in symbol edits? Why do I have to wait for 10 seconds for the screen to redraw? I cannot work in 3D because in VW it is way, way too imprecise, so please no suggestions along that line. I create 3D models, but prefer to do it two dimensions at a time. What in the world am I doing that is causing VW to hide my work? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the tips, but it does not matter under what conditions I am editing a symbol, it does not behave. When the object is rendered in OpenGL it "jumps" away and cannot be selected. This is because the computer "thinks" it is in the original position. See the attached screen shots with the wireframe and then the OpenGL render to see how far it "jumps." Sometimes it disappears completely.

    Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.02.40 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.03.06 AM.png

  7. Here is a DropBox link (see below). OpenGL works for a while, but eventually when rendered it jumps to another part of the page. It cannot be selected at all while rendered because although the OpenGL image is visible, the computer "thinks" the model geometry is in the original location. If you lasso the ostensibly empty space or do a Select All, all the little blue squares light up in the original spot. If you go back to Wireframe, it is shown in the original position. Eventually nothing works, not attribute mapping, nothing at all if OpenGL is involved. I'd caution jumping to OpenGL as the problem, however. The new Attribute Mapping tool is nothing short of awful even when it works properly. VW should return to the 2015 or 2016 version...and STOP with the yearly "upgrades." Go back to 18 month or even two-year product cycles. You clearly do not have the staff resources to be in constant fast-track mode. Do it right, even if it takes longer or you will lose customers. Pay no attention to what other companies do. Here is the link:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6mogph456niffp/ Sensing Nature Redesign E1.vwx?dl=0

    Thanks for any help!


  8. Upgraded to 10.13.6 and restarted. The condition is unchanged. I created another much more simple file, two extruded rectangles with different texture maps. I made it into a symbol and it worked fine, meaning OpenGL worked in the Edit Symbol window. This is something of a problem that I recall. The file I'm having problems with is fairly complicated (it's a museum with interactives, graphics, and a dozen or so design layers and saved sheets. There are around 50 texture maps, lights, nothing unusual. At some point, however, the files begin to degrade...almost always when doing texture mapping, lighting, etc. I was pretty sure the simple file would behave fine, but the file I need is now slowly becoming slow and buggy. It could be the MacOS, the video card, VW, Maxon CD4 legacy issues or a combination.

  9. Seriously? in VW2018 when I go to edit a 3D symbol OpenGL does not work. How am I supposed to add textures to my symbols? Is this just my version or is VW2018 crippled in this manner? I'm trying to do everything in VW instead of exporting to Strata 3D, but that is looking to be impractical due to all the problems with mapping textures in VW...at least in my particular version.


  10. I have a feeling everyone knows this, but just in case here it is: texture mapping in VW2018 is badly broken. The Attribute mapping tool barely works and it just now stopped working. Here is how it goes: I click a 3D object and the screen would go blank. I do command-6 to bring it back. Click with the Attribute Mapping tool. Blank screen as the object disappeared into the ether. Command-6 and begin stretching the texture. It only works for so long, however, and eventually the Attribute tool does nothing. Nothing. Did I mention Nothing? In OpenGL mode (so I can actually see the texture) many objects are not able to be selected--even if I lock everything else. Really, this is horrible. It is so horrible, in fact, that this is now a deal breaker. Unless this is fixed VW2018 will be my last version. Add no more"features" until this is fixed. You have gone down the road as a 3D application, so now you have to finish the drill. If I'm doing something wrong, fine. Please tell me. But I did not have this problem in VW 2016 or 2017. Thank you for your time.


  11. It has been over a year and in VW2018 groups cannot be resized. I have two extruded panels lying on top of each other as a group and I've always been able to grab the handles in front elevation and make them taller or shorter. No more. The scale does not work either and the OIP has ZERO information in it. Texture mapping has gone haywire, too. Are these bugs fixed for 2019. VW should not add any "features" until these bugs are fixed. Very disappointed (MC/VW user since 1995).

  12. I created a Renderworks Background and I can now see it in the Resource Manager. I'd like to edit it, however there does not seem to be an "edit" option anywhere in this expansive window. Am I just missing it? VW 2018 SP2. I'm including a screen shot. It includes everything except "edit." I've gone through all the pull down menus I can find. I know it must be there somewhere, but where?



    Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 5.14.33 PM.png

  13. To, Gadzooks,

    Thank you, but that doesn't work either. I think something was changed in VW, the MacOS, or with the Xerox driver software that has broken the ability to tile VW drawings. This is an unfortunate event for me, limiting the size of my drawings to 11x17. I appreciate your advice, however.



  14. Up to VW2016 I was able to print oversized drawings by tiling the output. I could print at 200 percent over four sheets of 11x17 paper. In VW2018 I cannot seem to do this. Even when I set it up the same way in the Page Set up it only prints to one 11x17 page (though it prints the four quadrants of that sheet in the manner of a tiled sheet: four separate mini-versions of what I'd like filling four separate 11x17 sheets.) Can someone explain what is up with this? I seem to remember a "tile drawing" option or something like that. Has that been removed?

    MH Brown

  15. Thanks, Art. I'll try to create a style and see if I can get that to work. It would be nice as a Viewport preference, too, just as scale is.


    To Kevin, I flip a coin and then set my units to either "feet and inches" or "inches." It doesn't matter because ultimately I'll have to change it in my Document Preferences and print one page at a time. Perhaps I wasn't clear in my OP, but I'm not only talking about dimensions under one foot. I'm talking about creating drawings that the builder will be most comfortable using. Most woodworkers prefer inches, for example, so my dimensions would read 43" and not 3'-7". All the other dimensions would follow suit. Someone running a milling machine would prefer 43.00" because that would inform him of the tolerances involved. A house framer may prefer the 3'-7", but drawings should always consider the person using the tape measure on-site. At present, Vectorworks is missing this very fundamental feature. It's probably not sexy enough to promote as a "new feature," so it is not addressed at all. In my mind, however, proper dimensioning should have been near the top of the original MiniCAD features list and have stayed there. 


    Thanks to all for the replies!


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  16. Am I the only person who needs to use different units in a single drawing set? With all the changes and additions to VW over the last few decades, why is something that seems so basic still apparently missing? Please, someone tell me I'm totally wrong and it has been added.


    Here is my problem. When I'm dimensioning a site plan, feet and inches works great. But if I'm dimensioning a drawer in the same drawing set, am I expected to use something absurd like 0'-6 1/4"? I'd like to simply have my dimension read 6 1/4". So do I have to have a completely different file based on the units I'm using? Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Please don't tell me to use dual dimensions and just "turn one off." That is not an answer. The correct answer is to be able to select units in the Object Info Palette. When will this be implemented? Is it there now and I'm just missing it? It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.





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