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  1. Thanks for the advice, but none of that worked. It's sad to hear it is a chronic, across platforms problem. It better get fixed. Do other CAD programs have this type of problem? I am very much dissatisfied with the present state of VW. I won't be upgrading to VW2019 until all of these problems are fixed...and I'm not talking about work-arounds. OpenGL not working, the model missing from the screen. What could be more basic than being able to see one's work? And VW, do NOT give me that nonsense that my problems are solved if I start and start a project in one version of VW. It was YOU who decided to accelerate the upgrades to yearly without committing the resources to pull it off and YOU need to fix it. It may be a video card problem, an OS problem, or a VW app problem, but YOU need to identify it.
  2. When using OpenGL or Wireframe my model will disappear or parts will disappear. Doing a re-render does not help. Having the model disappear makes is very difficult to work on it. Is this a new "feature" that allows me to go play golf instead of working ("sorry, boss, the model does not exist. See for yourself")? I'm thinking that the random missing parts is some sort of criticism by the application. Since my MiniCAD days in the mid-1990s I've never seen such a mess as VW2018. We used to call a dead boat engine an "anchor." VW is not the equivalent of that for me. The only thing that works are the Renderworks settings. Even fast renderworks, however, means minimum ten seconds between mouse clicks. S.....L.....O...........W. I'm using VW2018 SP4. Any ideas as to what is happening? I'm on a iMac. See image below. Any help is welcome; this is very frustrating. MHBrown
  3. Thanks. I'm mostly getting tired of having Vectorworks crash once or twice per day. I want to transfer to a new document, but VW has dropped the ball on that. There is no way to do this very fundamental action. Probably because it is "too hard" although "too hard" is not the same as "impossible." I want to do something analogous to an ID "package" where I could copy and paste an entire model and all the saved sheets, saved views, viewports, and elevation views would come with it. Alas, VW does not care about fundamentals, but would rather design little protractors for its rotate tool. At the height of its build, around VW12, I might go a year or more without a crash. Now it is at least once a day. I'd love to be able to downgrade back to that old version. I could not care less about the features added since then compared to the speed and reliability of the older version. VW has become as unstable as the old Strata3D of the mid 1990s--and that is saying a lot.
  4. No, I'm getting the problem in VW2018 with a file that was started in VW2017. I'm also getting what seem to be video card problems, which may be related to the OpenGL issues where the rendered image jumps around. Often, in wireframe, parts of the image will disappear to where a screen refresh does not bring it back. See attachment of system specs. Perhaps I don't have enough RAM or too small a video card? But my real question is this: is there a way to migrate an old file into a new document so that all the fixes work? This should be a major requirement that would have been discussed as part of the program of changing major updates from 18 months to 12. So, is there a way? I tried copy and paste but I could not use my elevations nor my viewports. Thanks, MHBrown
  5. The thread where I asked the original question was closed, but the problem has not been solved as far as I know. I'm sure that if one opens a pure VW2019 file that the black viewport rendering will not occur. But what about a file created in VW2018 or even VW2017? If VW insists on yearly major updates, the unintended consequence of letting the calendar (and not readiness) dictate major releases is the requirement that the update work with at least two older versions. This isn't because users are not updating---it's easy with a subscription--- but because sometimes projects will stretch across two years. There is no way that I know of to copy and paste the model, viewports, section views, elevation views, camera views, and more into a pristine file. Or is there? Thanks, MHBrown
  6. Good to hear. But does this also fix the problem with OpenGL renderings "jumping" out of view when trying to adjust texture maps or simply looking at a model? This makes it impossible to use texture maps. MHBrown
  7. Jim, asking us "did the frequency change..." leaves the impression that you have not isolated the problem and are sort of grabbing at straws. I do not understand why this cannot be tracked down and fixed. You need to STOP changing VW while you fix the horrible bugs that are rendering the application unusable. The digital world does not contain "frequencies." It will do the same thing every time when the same conditions are met. Outside of tunneling electron microscopes, quantum forces do not greatly affect us in the macro world where classical physics rules. Determine the exact conditions where this does not work first and go from there. Very frustrating...and time consuming...that this problem has existed since 2016 and it is almost 2019.
  8. When I render a camera viewport in "fast interior renderworks" style it renders solid black. The camera is not inside a wall because it renders fine in OpenGL. This was a problem over three years ago. Has it still not been fixed? I'm using VW2018, the latest SP whatever. I tried closing and re-opening VW. Nothing. A different file will render "fast interior" just fine. Any idea as to what I can do? I will not upgrade to 2019 until this works the way it is supposed to. Thanks for any help. MHBrown
  9. I'm still having this problem with 2018 SP4. Has it been fixed? I'm on a deadline and this is not funny. Don't tell me it's been fixed for 2019.
  10. I don't know what you mean by "add textures in viewport annotations." Textures are mapped in 3D views, but it is presently impossible to do this because OpenGL does not work in edit windows. If you go to Edit 3D for a symbol to put a texture on it, you can only view it in wireframe. If you go to Map Attribute tool, it only works about 20 percent of the time. When it does work, it can't be used because as soon as you render in OpenGL the model disappears. That's right. It disappears. It goes off to some other place. This is not only true with Interior Elevations, but with all views. OpenGL is unstable in any project that was NOT originally a VW2018 file. I am confident--especially with the purposeless yearly "upgrades"--that everyone has most of his files bridging across different year versions of VW. It is a stupefying miscalculation by VW to have a bug of this type. It greatly increases the time it takes to do color textures to the point where it is unusable. This must be fixed now.
  11. That's a great tip! Thanks. That did the trick. Mike
  12. No, I have that unchecked so I can edit groups in isolation. I would not consider the plan view from which I am creating an interior elevation to fall into the category of "other." It is material to the process: namely placing an elevation line. Is this incorrect? thanks for the help! MHBrorwn
  13. 2018SP4 Interior Elevations evaluation: You cannot place the view plane You cannot adjust the view plane The elevation is not accurate to where you place the arrows in the floor plan...the only thing that resembles an adjustment tool for what will be seen in the elevation. It is unusable. I'm having to do section viewports or create symbols from all the materials that would have been in the interior elevation, put them on a separate design layer, and then fight with all the problems with texture maps, OpenGL not working, etc. This version of VW is, I'm sad to say, is completely useless for any color rendering uses. I'm going to have to recreate the entire model in Strata3D for rendering. Is this fixed for 2019? I've been asked if I want to upgrade, but not sure if I should.
  14. Does no one have an idea about this? How am I supposed to change where the section line goes for an interior elevation if I can't see the drawing??? 2018SP4 iMac
  15. No, I'm still on High Sierra. Thanks, I should have mentioned that.
  16. And I mean really blank (see attached screen shot.) It is usually chock full of stuff. What is up with this once stable program I used to brag about? This has happened twice this morning using VW2018SP4. I'm not building a skyscraper; it's a small museum exhibition. Why is this happening? I have to quit VW and then reopen, but I'm afraid that this will become more frequent as problems don't usually fix themselves (except for the "universal fix" of winning the lottery). Any ideas? As I said, only a quit and re-open works. Please don't ask me to close and reopen the RM or any other usual fixes. Thanks for any help. MHBrown
  17. The problem seems to be with working in 2018 with files created in a previous version. This is an unforgivable oversight. I would wager that--especially with the accelerated, yearly upgrades--that nearly 100 percent of VectorWorks users start in one version and complete in another. My work around is to have an Untitled 2018 file open next to my real file. I copy and past anything I need to work on into that file and then copy and paste back. OpenGL works great in the Untitled file. This, however, is not an acceptable workflow step. Is this fixed in version 2019?
  18. In VW2018 SP3, I create an interior elevation viewport. I want to edit the section line, so I click the "Edit Section Line" in the Object Info palette after high-lighting the elevation arrow symbol in the drawing. I get a window showing the section line, but the drawing is missing. What? I see a solid line, which is the section line, I assume, and a dotted line box, which I assume is the depth of view. But there is nothing else. How am I supposed to adjust the section line if I can't see the floor plan? Is this a joke? Really. What is going on here? I watched the YouTube video and it was not this way in THAT drawing. MHBrown
  19. Mark, I'm glad it works for you in those windows, but it does not work for me. Regardless, OpenGL should work when editing from a sheet layer. It should always work everywhere. Anything less is unacceptable. Right not, some combination of VW, my video card, or something is causing OpenGL to fail. It is NOT my individual file. It happens everywhere. It may have to do with files created in VW2016 or VW2017, but it is very, very, very, very, very common to start a job in one version of VW and finish it in another. This minimal compatibility should be top of the list for future versions, but apparently it is not. I think that is the problem and it needs to be fixed if VW is going to continue its absurd release frequency of once a year---twice what it should be, in my opinion, to ensure a stable product.
  20. Why has this OpenGL problem not been solved? Because OpenGL does not work inside groups and other editing windows (like Symbols) you cannot do texture mapping in VW. The Attributes tool does not work because the OpenGL image disappears. You can work with Fast Renderworks, but that is, ironically, slow. I usually use Strata3D for my rendering and it used to be the buggy software. Now it's VW that is a problem. It is NOT a rendering program if you can't see what you are doing. Furthermore, you cannot select objects when they are rendered...assuming you get OpenGL to work in the handful of situations where it does work. This must be fixed before I continue the subscription. This has been happening for a couple of years now. When will it be fixed? MHBrown
  21. Thanks, I think I understand. Seems like a simple step. Mike
  22. This may be one of those "bugs" that is presented as a feature, but it's a stretch to me. In previous versions of VW, if you realized you wanted to edit a symbol you would double-click on any instance and you'd get the question of 2D or 3D editing. After choosing, 3D you'd be inside the edit window. The symbol would be oriented in the way it was created--exactly what one would need for editing. At some point, VW stopped doing this and an extra step was added where you'd have to select Top/Plan and watch the symbol instance slowly rotate into its created position. OK, an added step, but no big deal except for one small problem: None of the other orthographic projections work. Go to Front view, for example, and you get the front view of the instance you selected at random. What? The same is true for the other views. Symbols can be placed everywhere and at all sorts of different angles. There is almost never a time where you would want to edit it at some skewed, random angle. More importantly, the fact that the orthographic projections do not "line up" flies in the face of drawing standards. This is really a problem. I don't want to have to hunt through the resource manager to find a symbol so I can edit it as it was created. I've already found it and double clicked on it. Anyway, if this is a "feature" that won't be fixed, please let me know. If it is a bug--which it is, in my opinion--I'll add it to the list. If I'm doing something wrong, that would be the best result. Something I can fix right away. Thanks, MHBrown VW2018 SP3
  23. I'm on an iMac. See the attached screen shot. The problems I am having are not related to the file with the exception of some of the speed issues. I usually create a symbol by taking the 3D object in Top view and doing a convert to polygons so it matches exactly in Top/Plan. VW apparently handles this in a very crude way. Rather than taking the original geometry from extrudes when available and creating circles from a series of concentric points or some other efficient interpretation of the plan curved geometry, it ham-handedly just converts everything to tiny or large polygons. I had over 200,000 polygons in one 2D symbol, so naturally it struggled to draw each instance. As I recall this is exactly what MiniCAD 5 did. I expected a bit more advancement in two decades of fine tuning. Perhaps instead of thinking up new protractor icons for the Rotate Tool, the programmers could investigate more elegant ways to convert 3D orthographic views into 2D. Anyway, I redrew all the 2D symbols that had curves using arcs, circles, etc. and it has speeded up a lot. Anyway, there is no reason to post the file since I discovered this on my own and fixed it. The other problems rest with something else and are not file-specific. Thanks for your help!
  24. Not just lines, but almost everything in VW2018 latest SP, whatever that is. I'm working in Screen Plane Only (though VW stubbornly refuses to stay there). I go into a group/symbol to edit. I look at the object in front view. I draw a line, a circle, an anything. It looks like it works, but it instantly disappears. This. Is. Un. Acceptable. Along with the dead slow performance, the inscrutable texture mapping, and the infuriatingly unmodifiable bloatware called the Resource Manager, I vote VW2018 a bust. Really. I apologize for the rant, but why can I not draw a 2D line in front view of a 3D object? Why can't I use OpenGL in symbol edits? Why do I have to wait for 10 seconds for the screen to redraw? I cannot work in 3D because in VW it is way, way too imprecise, so please no suggestions along that line. I create 3D models, but prefer to do it two dimensions at a time. What in the world am I doing that is causing VW to hide my work? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  25. So, can I assume this is a bug that needs to be added to the bug list?


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