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  1. Can Vectorworks 2020 export into SketchUP? I can't seem to find an answer.
  2. Thanks, Kevin, but I'm not sure I completely understand what you are trying to tell me. What is an "msg"? Is that a gradient? If so, then are you saying to save it as an alpha channel in Photoshop? I thought an alpha channel was basically a transparent background. That's how I've always used it, but I suppose I should try it. Then, once I have this TIFF file, where do I place it when I pull it into VectorWorks? Does it go in the "image mask" field of the Texture Map edit window (under transparency)? When I do that I end up with a texture that seems like it should work, but none of the mapping controls work in the Object Info window. I'm not sure it should be this difficult, so I must be doing something wrong that is very simple. I'll keep trying! Thanks, Mike
  3. When I create a museum exhibition component, I sometimes place it on a floor that "disappears" into the background. I've been doing this in Strata Studio for years, but I'm trying to get away from having to export for rendering. I'd like to keep everything in Vectorworks. In Strata, I simply add a transparency mask gradient in the texture map that goes from black to white. Where it is black, the entire mapped image shows through. White is 100 percent transparent. An object with this texture applied smoothly goes from solid to transparent and is a nice effect for renderings. I do it with ceilings as well. I can't, however, see how to do this in VectorWorks 2020. When I google it, I get the same question, but it is from years ago: 2009, 2013, etc. Nothing modern. Any ideas are very helpful. Thanks! Mike
  4. I'm using VW2020 on a MacPro running Catalina. When I place a Renderworks camera into my design layer (while in Top/Plan view) I get the correct object information window, but there is no trace of the camera. As soon as I click to place it, it disappears. I have been adding Renderworks cameras for as long as there has been a Renderworks, so I know how to do it. I know there are visibility preferences, but the settings do not seem to affect the camera visibility. Does anyone have an idea as to why this file is not showing cameras? When I open a new, untitled file any placed cameras appear, so it seems to be some setting in the misbehaving file. Thanks, Mike
  5. Thanks for the tips. Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare the VW file before exporting? Should I convert it to something like NURBS solids or generic solids? I worry that some of the geometry won't be interpreted accurately when exported (such as Extrude Along Path or Solid Subtractions/Additions). Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, All, I'm creating 3D models of furniture to be placed on my website to be downloaded by designers for use in their modeling. Needless to say, there are lots of different CAD packages being used out there. I'm trying to keep the geometry simple. My question is how should I convert the VW models so that they will export cleanly? Making them 3D NURBS seemed to work well when I exported them as DWG/DFX and 3D Studio Max formats. Or should I leave the models in their VW formats and just export them? I have some exotic shapes created using subdivisions, sweeps, extrude-along-paths, etc. I'm not sure if I leave them all as they are that they will export into something useful for someone using AutoCAD or one of the other dozen or so modeling applications out there. I hope this makes sense and someone can give me some tips on 1.) how to prepare a VW model for export and 2.) the best format in which to export it when the end-user software is unknown. Thanks for any help! Mike Brown VW 2020, MacBook Pro, OS10.15.1 (Catalina)
  7. Objects I click on do not show the little blue handles. Nor do they stay enclosed in an orange outline (which I'd LOVE to disable somehow). Please see the attached screen shot that shows, I think, that I am not in the oft-triggered "disabled" mode by clicking "u" my mistake. I am in a mode that should allow selections. Also, note that my cursor arrow is white. It should be black. Why is it white? I'm finding VW 2020 to be pretty buggy and I'm not happy. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I need to know when I have selected something. MacBook Pro 16", Catalina, VW 2020 SP latest version (today's). Thanks, Mike
  8. Thanks, that worked. However, I don't ever remember having to have that extra step in earlier versions of Vectorworks (or MiniCAD, for that matter, going back to 1995).
  9. I am drawing at 1:8 (1 1/2" =1'0") and it used to show up just fine at that scale (or any scale) in VW2018. It doesn't show at all now. Also, I'm bummed that holding down the space bar no longer gives you the Pan tool. That was very handy. It appears to try to work, but it does not. One thing at a time, however, and the camera tool is not working. Why on Earth would the camera tool be linked to the font size, anyway? That is absurd. A camera has nothing to do with a font. I can't think of two more unrelated elements. Does anyone else see the tiny, near invisible, camera in their drawings? I'm just trying to separate the bugs from the "new features." Usually, I'm just doing something wrong in a new version, so I'm hoping it is human error this time as well. Mike
  10. This is not looking good. Three problems right out of the gate. I placed a RW camera into my scene. It is not visible. It is tiny, tiny, tiny. It is so small cannot be adjusted. I have it to show name in 2D and 3D in wireframe in the hope of having it give me something to adjust. Nope. It is awful. What is up with this release? Is it just me or if everyone finding bugs everywhere? MacBook Pro 16", 32GB RAM, 3GB video card, Catalina OS. Mike
  11. Although I have unchecked "Show other objects" while editing (including "gray others") the other objects continue to show while I am editing. For example, I am trying to edit an Extrude Along Path object. When I double click on it, I select "path." It takes me to the familiar editing window, but all the other stuff is still there. I have de-selected Show Other Objects in the VW preferences, but it apparently does not work anymore or I am not doing something obvious--probably the latter if history is a guide. As an aside is there a way to turn all guidelines off? This includes the annoying red lines that cross in the center of my workspace. I want nothing...and I mean nothing...in my drawing that I did not put there. I want it all off, as in a blank void of nothingness. In the meantime, is anyone else having a problem with isolating objects they are editing? I can't see what I'm doing with all my other drawing stuff in the way. VW 2020, MacBook Pro, OS Catalina. Thanks for any help! Mike
  12. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I just started using VW 2020 and five minutes into my new file I get a glitch. I draw a rectangle and extrude it. I go to change the color of the line from black to Aqua. When I do this, the rectangle remains selected and then nothing works. Nothing. I can move the mouse around, but nothing works. This is on a MacPro 16" running Catalina, with 32GB RAM and the 8GB video card. Anyone else seeing this? The only thing in this new file is the extruded rectangle...which still has a black line, by the way. The color never changed, either. Bummer. Mike
  13. Of course, all the lights are back, but now I'm getting the viewports rendering as solid white as has been reported here before. I think I have to restart for that. I hope these problems are resolved in VW2020 which I will be installing soon. Mike
  14. I got my wish for something simple. Somehow, someway, the VW Preferences had "Never" for show lights. I must have created a hot key for that and somehow accidentally clicked that combination. I totally forgot about that. Thanks for suggesting that I look at that. All the lights have come back, but it's odd that even a new document had that setting. I suppose that's because it was a VW Pref and not a Document pref. Thanks for solving the mystery: human error as it often is. Mike
  15. I have VW Architect, so I'm not sure what the Spotlight Workspace is. Is there a "show lights" or "hide lights" hot key I may have pressed my mistake? Mike
  16. Thank you for responding, but I don't think it is something simple like that. I wish it were! I opened a blank VW file, which has only two classes as you know: dimension and None. I cannot place a light in that file, either. Mike
  17. I'm using VW2018 with SP6 on a MacBook Pro running OS Sierra. All of a sudden, I cannot place any lights in my files. I click the light tool as I've done thousands of times before, click in my drawing and nothing places. I opened a file that I knew had dozens of lights and none of the lights were there. The renderings created from that model were all over the place as far as lighting: some dark, some super bright. Mostly dark. Has anyone had this experience? If so, what did you do to get it back? I sorta need lights in my renderings. Thanks, Mike
  18. Thanks to all. I was able to create a flat plywood form--just as the carpenter would do. I then used the deform tool to bend the two ends into the "boat" shape. I must say, however, that the deform tool was very hard to use. It looks so easy on the VW video, but my shape took over an hour of monkey clicking to make behave. I had this rugby ball shaped flat that I looked at in front view to do the bend. In front view it's just a skinny rectangle, but I had to do it in that view to see when my bend was the proper angle. It just never seemed to "take." Suddenly, it did. Any tips on using this somewhat ornery tool (at least to me)? Again, thank you for all the helpful tips on importing the existing on-line model. Thanks, Mike
  19. Thanks to all. The 3D Warehouse chair may work, but it only has downloads for SketchUp and Collada. How do I get that into VW? Mike
  20. Hello, All, I hope this is the correct place to post this. I'm using VW 2018 (about to upgrade to 2020) and I've been asked to model a barstool for inclusion in a rendering. It doesn't have to be exact, which is good because I only have the attached image to work from. I know how to create everything except the seat: two bent plywood shapes. The cushion has soft edges, which I think I can do with one of the VW modeling tools. I've mostly done architectural models, so not a lot of curved, rounded pieces. Any advice as to how to approach modeling the seat in either VW 2018 or VW2020? I think it would be done in two pieces. If this isn't the correct place to post please let me know. Thanks, Mike
  21. Thank you, Adam. That's good advice. Mike
  22. @Dave Donley I couldn't agree more with your hammer analogy, Dave, but many of my opportunities are with trade show companies where I am supplementing their in-house design departments. Each one has a chosen software that they use and will only hire designers from the sub-set of those users. I wish it were creativity or strength of portfolio, but it is my experience that if you don't use Studio Max, a SM-based shop will not give you a second look. I have not seen any shop that has offered training when discussing a full-time position. It is assumed you will do that on your own. Right now, I have a demo of FormZ on my computer because a potential client uses that for trade show design. When will I have the time to get up to speed on that? The fact that Keyshot exports in something like 30 formats seems to suggest just how fragmented the 3D design world is. Is this anyone else's experience? Perhaps I should be looking at different clients. I wish it were more like graphic design where everyone uses Adobe CC. Now I'm looking at the demo for Keyshot and will give that a go. Thanks for all the great advice! Mike
  23. Thanks for the quick reply, but I'm an exhibit designer. I do mostly museums (which are interiors, of course) but also do trade show exhibits, retail environments, store displays, etc. It's mostly interior design focused although sometimes I do exteriors. When I do exteriors, however, I just render the display/exhibit/interactive component and insert it into a site photograph via Photoshop. Sorry for the long description, but these are the projects for which I'm seeing Keyshot being required. Are these companies talking apples and oranges, too? It seems to me that I don't need this if I have Renderworks which is much improved since migrating to the C4D rendering engine. It works for me just fine. I don't need a redundant application. Is this something I should explain to my potential clients or would I just sound "behind the curve"? Thanks again for the reply. As a one-man-shop I can get pretty isolated in pondering what technology is worthwhile and which is simply the latest shiny thing getting attention. Mike B
  24. I'm starting to see a lot of "Keyshot experience required" on job sites. It's bad enough that designers are limited to the subset of jobs that happen to use the software one knows, but now it seems there is an extra layer with Keyshot. As far as I can tell it is just a stand-alone rendering engine...somewhat redundant to me since VW finally has a pretty good rendering feature built in. What makes Keyshot worth laying out $2,000 and why is it suddenly such a hot commodity? Does Vectorworks have an export option to it? Does anyone else find this puzzling? Thanks, Mike
  25. OK, thanks for the quick reply. That seems like a big bottleneck for running Vectorworks. Mike


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