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  1. Hmmm...the pulldown menu is set at Screen Plane, but when go to edit 3D (it's a symbol) and double-click to get down to the group I want to edit, then hit "6" to have a right side elevation view, it changes to "Screen Aligned." The rotated rectangle does not have different click modes (like an arc or circle) in VW2013. It only works one way. Anyway, it still does not work. I cannot draw a rotated rectangle in this view, in a symbol, with multiple groups, but thanks for trying. I think it is just a bug that resulted from complicating the view plane selection in the last couple of VW versions.
  2. In VW2013 on a Mac I have a 3D symbol that is a table top at an angle, like a drafting board. I go into "symbol edit 3D." I look at it from the right side (hit numeral "6"). I need to draw a rectangle that is tilted, so I select the rotated rectangle tool. In previous VW versions, I would be able to snap to the corners of the extruded table top and pull down the angled rectangle to match the side of the table. Done. In VW2013 this is not possible. I can see the side of the table top, but the tool fails to work. I've tried all the various "Plane" modes (none of which are useful to me. I only ever want to draw as if the screen were a drafting board.) What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug? Is it no longer possible to draw a 2D shape in a 3D view? Any help is greatly appreciated...especially if you can tell me how to disarm all this Plane business back to VW12 or 11 functionality. That would be great! MHB
  3. Thanks, to everyone's help. Jim W., it's very possible that I'm thinking of VW11 and not 2012. Regardless, it used to work the way I explained. Although in my 20 years of using MiniCAD/VectorWorks I've never once needed to edit a symbol in anything other than the orientation in which it was created, I'm certainly open to the idea that others need this flexibility. I'm curious if anyone has a quick case where this is helpful. I might find I could actually use it, too. Never too old to learn new tricks!
  4. This is not so much a wish as a demand. I like VW very much, but the way the edit symbol command has been altered is inexcusable. In versions before VW13, if you selected a symbol in a drawing and selected "Edit Symbol" you got a projection of the symbol as originally drawn. This is always in some orthographic view that allows you to easily switch between front, side and plan views. The way the symbol is created is always the way it is most easily edited. In VW13 this has changed. Now when you hit "Edit Symbol" it gives you the view as placed in the drawing. Often this is at some odd angle. VW recognizes this blunder by giving the embarrassingly ham-handed ability to straighten it up by hitting Top Plan. Fine, but when you go to any other projection it gives you projections as if you were still in the drawing. The worst thing about this unconscionable bug is that VW knows it is wrong (proven by the afore mentioned invoking of the Plan View) but decided it wasn't worth the trouble to finish the drill. Sure, I can go to the Resource Palette, scroll down, find the symbol, go to the pull down menu, select edit, and then edit as before. That is absurd. The real crime here is that it was better before. This is a case of where the newer version is less than the older one. Is that what Nemtschek wants? Fix it.
  5. To add...every time I try to add a "sketch" to either the foreground or background it creates the sketch look, but it changes the rendering to wireframe. This is true even if I have selected Hidden Line in either foreground or background, as soon as I select "sketch" it changes the rendering to a "sketched" wireframe. Very frustrating and WAY more complicated than it needs to be. I need two buttons: Rendering and Sketch mode. This new system makes no sense (because there is no "foreground" or "background" in my drawing) and makes me long for the old Doodle days.
  6. I'm been using VW2013 for almost two years and I just can't figure out what the "background" and "foreground" render is for in the Object Palette. I don't have anything in my model that fits that description as far as VW is concerned. I also would like to add a "sketch" look to the hidden line renderings, but that in buried in the menus of each Xground rather than a separate button as it should be. Can anyone help me out? Thanks. MHBrown
  7. Why on Earth do they insist on changing the names of tools for absolutely no reason. This is inexcusable! I had to hunt for it myself and never found it. Now let's see if it actually works. Thanks for the helpful tip...and translation.
  8. I stand corrected. It is checked already and it is still not rendering.
  9. Great! Thanks. I figured I must have been missing something somewhere. That language is a little obtuse, however.
  10. Well, it sort of works and certainly I may be missing something. In VW13 when I create a section/elevation viewport I can't use the Annotation edit because I can't render inside the Annotation window. All the render selections are grayed out. I have my elevation set to Hidden Line render, but when I select Viewport Annotation it reverts to Wireframe. This presents me with a useless tangle of lines, the overlapping objects of the entire building. What Einstein at Nemetschek missed this one? I mean really, viewports have been around for over seven years now and I can't believe I'm the only person who had had this problem. On the other hand, that also points to me doing something wrong or missing a setting somewhere. In any case, "conserve viewport rendering" should be the default, anyway. Can anyone help? Don't suggest shallowing up my "look" distance. There is too much in the walls for that. I want the darn thing to stay rendered. Thanks for any help. Mike OS10.8.x VW2013
  11. Hmmm...regarding dimension styles, maybe I've made the wrong assumption about what they are. I thought they were formatting styles that simply wrote the units in different ways. I'll take a look and see if that can be made to work, but I'd still rather be able to set the units on each saved sheet (or each drawing) independently as units: feet, inches, centimeters, etc. I suppose I want all the same options I had back in the hand drawing days. I could use any units I wanted at any time. I consider this very fundamental, but that's just my opinion of course. Thanks, MHBrow
  12. This is so basic a CAD need that I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious, but I can't find it. As with every drawing package, you generally need different units on different Saved Sheets: feet and inches for large areas, inches for small details and decimal for metal work, for example. I've never seen a set of construction documents with a single unit style, so I know it must be a part of VectorWorks. I've been trying to figure this out since MiniCAD 5 so now I'm finally asking the question. Please don't tell me to use the dual-dimension and turn one off. That is a workaround and besides I need more than two options. Also, VW2013 has a bug that often places the remaining dimension below the dimension line. That is not a good thing. Also, please don't tell me to use the dimension styles. That is also a workaround that isn't really what I'm looking for. Anyway, I'm sure there is a way to do it and I just can't find it. Thanks in advance for any help. MHBrown
  13. I found the bug; I'll try to describe it: If you have a viewport placed on a sheet you can dimension it just fine in the original view. If you copy and paste it in the same sheet and change the orientation, say from Front to Right, it cannot be dimensioned. You have to go back to the Design Layer and create another viewport with the orientation you want and paste that one in your Sheet. This is a crippling bug for me. In VW12 I created one viewport and duplicated it three or four times, changing the orientation each time. I even did perspective views. I can still do this, but since the dimensions do not work I won't. Yes I'm running SP3 and yes I rendered the viewport. Thanks for the tips, sometimes it is something simple like that. I wish that were true this time. The fact that VW2013 doesn't snap well makes drawing very difficult. I only turn on the snaps I need at the moment, but that doesn't work. right now I'm fixing a box frame structure that should be 10'0" tall, but is actually 9' 11 61/64" tall--all because the dimensions were snapping to arbitrary points. It was indicating it was snapping to a corner, but was 3/64" off. Very frustrating. By the way, is there any way to turn of those annoying little arrows that I assume are showing the direction a plane was constructed. The serve no purpose whatsoever and I'd love to deep-six them, but I haven't seen a way. Thanks again! MHBrown
  14. After working with VW2013 for around a month I have come to the conclusion that is a bug-plagued piece of junk. I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed at how far this once great CAD program has fallen. It is simply a mess. Every day something new pops up. Today's bug-du-jour: when I go into annotation mode in a viewport to add dimensions the cursor will not snap to anything--except the invisible crop box. I can turn every snap on, but nothing happens. I've quit and reopened the application that was working fine on Friday, but has now become almost useless. I'm seriously considering moving back to VW12, even with its age-related bugs. Has anyone seen this particular one, not being able to snap in annotation view? Is there something simple I need to turn or or off? Very, very frustrated. Thanks for any help and sorry about the rant. I hope it is something simple that will make me look stupid so I can get back to work! MHBrown
  15. ...add to my post above that you cannot snap to anything in the viewport when in Annotation mode. For example, I want to overlay a solid polygon on to my elevation to hide some joints and make it look smooth. I can't draw a polygon and snap it to the corners of the elevation. This is awful! I hope it's just my version and that I can simply restart or something. It doesn't seem to matter which "snap tos" I have active. MHBrown
  16. Geez Louise, is this yet another bug in VW2013? When I create a viewport I am unable to select it unless I locate the crop line. Then I can select it. As a rule, my crop lines are hidden, so this takes a little doing. In VW12 you could click anywhere inside the crop line and drag your viewports around. Is there a way to turn this back on? Is this just something with my installation? Doesn't anyone test this stuff before release? I'm sure glad Nemetschek doesn't build airplanes. Thanks for any advice. MHBrown VW2013 (beta?) OS10.8.3
  17. Thanks for the help. I'm sure these changes aim toward giving it a more 3D feel than in previous versions. I remember one of the very few things I liked about FormZ was that you could draw in a 3D view. VW tried to implement this with the 3D tool that allowed you to change the working plane by clicking on three points on a 3D polygon. Of course it never worked and VW users got used to spinning things around temporarily to draw in one of the orthographic views (at least I did.) That may have been cumbersome, but it worked. I've gotten used to working in 2D views and I'll probably keep working that way for the time being. At some point I'll try to figure it out, but right now I have a deadline.
  18. Thanks, Monadnoc, I've been using MiniCAD/VW for almost 18 years, so I should know what you are talking about, but I don't. I'll definitely look into it since being able to edit objects is so important. The fact that I have to add this previously unnecessary step is more than a little annoying. There was no need to complicate the editing of extrudes. There is no need to complicate the editing of anything, but that belongs in a letter to VW, not this board, of course. Thanks for the help!
  19. It was very simple in VW12, as I assume you all remember. I really wish VW would fix things that don't work and not break things that do work before adding "features" like the blue protractor that appears with the Rotate tool. Who needs that? How long did it take a programmer to create this obnoxious little do-nothing icon? I like VectorWorks a lot, but I'm very disappointed in its present state. I expected so much more in the six years since I had last upgraded. Anyway, thanks for letting me know that I'm not crazy! MHBrown
  20. I have an extruded polyline that I'd like to chop down. In previous versions of VW I'd just double click on the extruded piece and I'd get the original shape that was extruded. This is no longer the case in VW2013. For some odd reason when I double-click an extrude I get what appears to be a NURBS surface. Although it is described as a "polygon," "polyline," or some other 2D object, it is not since I have to maneuver to see it (it often appears on edge at first.) This is not a big deal, except that I like to draw guide lines on the object so I know how far to cut it. For example, if I want to cut 2" off the bottom I'll draw a line, align it to the bottom of the shape, move the line 2" upward and select "clip object." In VW2013, however, when I try to draw a line I can't. It lets me do all the steps required to draw a line, but when I let go of the mouse the line vanishes. This is pretty unsettling. Making it into a NURBS shape is one step backwards and making it un-editable is two. The fact that the 3D editing tool does not work makes it even more maddening. Has anyone else seen this behavior or is it a bug with my system alone? Am I the only person who tries to draw lines inside an "edit extrusion" window? Thanks again for any help. MHBrown VW2013 OS10.8.3
  21. I tried changing workspaces and the Command-6 worked. It seems like there is something about being in that particular edit group window that disables it. I think it is actually zooming out to the entire model for some reason. For example, let's say I am editing a lamp on a table in a farmhouse on a 60 acre farm. If I go "edit group" to isolate the lamp by itself, hitting Command-6 would zoom out to the entire farm site, not just the lamp. That's how it's acting, anyway. Thanks for the help. For now I'll just ignore it.
  22. In fact, it doesn't zoom to anything. Even if I deselect everything and hit Command-6 (in which case it should zoom out to show all editable objects) it shows nothing. I should add that I'm in group-edit mode where everything else is hidden. There is also this annoying pick box that flashes when I cross some invisible border that might indicate the boundary of the entire model, but it is hard to say. It is easy to say, however, that it is totally useless, obnoxious and I would deep-six it in a second if I could figure out a way to turn the darn thing off (as I have done with similar superfluous visual noise makers as I find them, but I digress.) Has anyone else experienced this behavior, namely a broken Command-6 zoom? Is it actually zooming to the hidden objects since I'm in group-edit mode? That would be an absurd, but not unprecedented, error in software logic (see Adobe Illustrator). Any help is greatly appreciated! I use this command often. MHBrown VW 2013 OS 10.8.3
  23. If one render is on "top" of the other then call it the "top render" as you wisely suggest. Why borrow words like "foreground" and "background" that are less precise? Simple language that everyone understands is the best.
  24. I created a section viewpoint and the resulting drawing has a drawing title and the scale included. When I go to the OIP to change the name from the default there is a field for this. I put in the new name...and nothing happens. The words "Drawing Title" do not budge. My new name is in the OIP, but not on the drawing. No amount of updating makes it "take." Can anyone help me out here? Is there a way to simply delete this note? Thanks to anyone who can help. MHBrown VW2013
  25. Thanks, Kevin, but that's how has worked as far back as VW 8. This new 2013 tool says that the actual 3D model can be manipulated (like in FormZ), but it does not work as it should. I'm hoping someone knows how it does work, if at all. If it is a dead tool then I'll remove it from my workspace and continue to edit extrusions as you mentioned.


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