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  1. Hi everyone Thanks though we don't use VW for 3D renders, it is only 2D work. bcd - Great comment about deleting viewport & recreating it with the same Class & Layer visibilities and render settings alleviated it somewhat. Whilst this isn't a solution, good idea! Though again we don't do rendering. Catherine
  2. Hi everyone Thanks again for your replies. I have shared your comments with the architects team here - I wasn't sure if anyone was even going to read my post let alone reply so really appreciate it. If you have further q's or anything pls ask! DWorks - Regarding multiple files: - From time to time we do open 2 different data files + copy + paste. Though as in e.g. standard software Word/photoshop we can copy + paste so we thought we should be able to do so in VW also - We use core data files + multiple other files that reference the data file, to create presentation sheets. - Sometimes we will be annotating within a viewport a drawing that is referenced from the data file that we also have open. If in the process of annotating the drawing we might realise something is wrong in the data file, we switch to the data file --> make revision to the model --> save --> switch back to presentation sheet + update reference --> then continue to annotate - Most iMacs crash daily any time. Though one iMac crashes between 4pm-6pm almost daily without fail! monkey - Agree surely we can have multiple files open + copy + paste if necessary! Hippothamus - Glad you've found the source of your problem Steve S - Sorry that you've had problems too. - We don't get involved with textures or doing rendering. - We do have autosave switched on --> sometimes it switches on when in middle of something --> lock up Hope that helps better explain how we work. Any more ideas very welcome. Catherine
  3. Hi everyone Thanks, appreciate your replies. - Tamsin - Great, thanks for your email. - Kizza - No not yet resolved. - DWorks + VectorGeek - Grateful for your comments, here is more info: Really, if you have to restart VW so many times a day and not open multiple files, then how are we supposed to work?? Isn't that the point of the software? Here are some more details: - iMacs 10.7.2 runs 16GB RAM + processor 3.06GHz Intel Core i3 (+ some newer iMacs with similar memory) - File size varies max 1GB though mostly less (presentation sheets about 4.6MB) - Drawings Type - We mainly do 2D drawings using standard VW hatches that comes with software - Limited number of layers and classes - Data File - A typical drawing set up with data file as one VW drawing - Presentation Sheets - We use individual VW files that reference the data file Any more ideas? Thanks so much! Catherine
  4. Hello Multiple iMacs VW 2012 crashes repeatedly daily >1 year - Would anyone be able to help me resolve this? I am an office manager looking after 14 Architects using VW 2012 Fundamentals on mostly brand new iMacs (Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 and more recent versions). Daily for >1 year almost all iMacs VW 2012 crashes multiple times a day - v frustrating, upsetting as so much work is lost that has to be re-done. I don't mean once a day - I really do mean multiple times. Everyone autosaves every 10 minutes onto their local folder. Vectorworks licence software providers (x3), iMac Consultants (inc those specialised in architectural software) etc have checked the iMacs, we have installed a new server & new IT provider, we have started templates from scratch - yet nothing stops the crashing. I am given excuse after excuse what the problem is and even suggestions of us not saving work properly (that we do). No one can tell us the cause so we cannot stop the problem. Pls see attached: - some examples of VW 2012 crash error messages (4 from one iMac, one from another) - I have found VW crash log (as your bug centre mentions) though how do I send it to you, file format doesn't seem to be compatible? Quite simply, we're at the end of the line... We cannot work like this any more with VW 2012 - and as a last resort I'm contacting you in case someone can help, otherwise we have no option other than switch software. I am not technical myself though have read your forum, downloaded crash logs etc and have numerous examples of crash text + screen shots of crashing. Is there anyone there who can help solve this problem? I mean properly - no more excuses about us not saving work properly or doing errors ourselves. I am v prepared to pay someone properly if they can solve this problem once and for all. Many thanks Catherine Owens A very frustrated office manager who is complained to daily of VW 2012 crashing & would just love a solution.
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