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  1. just worked this through and its very clumsy for what used to be so simple not a good development
  2. is there anyway to search the drawing to find negatively scaled symbol instances?
  3. Hello Just created a new custom title block in spotlight 2017 on osx it works fine at normal size but as soon as i reduce the size using the object info i can see legacy text on the screen the extra text doesn't print but its very strange any ideas how to stop it happening cheers tony
  4. Have installed service pack one and experimented more simple drawings are fine what it doesn't like is exporting from a view sheet from the design sheet it is ok cheers tony
  5. Having problems that 2015 is crashing when i try to export to a dwg or dxf, have tried different settings and exporting to different versions but no success any advice from anyone
  6. I have custom truss symbols, is there anyway to add the weight of the truss as a record so i can calculate the weight of the rigging as a report cheers tony
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