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  1. Eyedropper - great idea, only problem is it also changes unit number - wish there was a way to choose what parameters to copy/paste - the prefs are limited in terms of lighting units, looks like all or none for what's most useful - channel, dimmer, circuit, color, gobo, etc. Seems there should be a way. I can do it lightwright, but not as clean as VW solution.
  2. How do you copy and paste lighting device info from one unit to another - i.e. all channel, dimmer, purpose, etc.
  3. I just upgraded to Yosemite, am on VW 2014, most recent update. Having an issue with Mirror tool. Using in duplicate mode, it makes a copy of the symbol, but does not flip it - it makes a copy on the other side of the centering line, but leaves it in the same orientation, so it's making a duplicate on the other side of the "mirror" but not mirroring it to point the opposite direction. same with standard mode - Also having a weird issue in Spotlight, when I choose a single instrument, select "replace instrument" it keeps telling me I have 2 different types of instrument selected, even though it's definitely only one, and the Obj info window also shows only one unit selected. Is there another preference somewhere for mirror tool, or is this a bug associated with Yosemite?
  4. Okay, I had to turn on show/snap/modify classes and now instruments attach.
  5. Subject says it - I put a unit on a position, it doesn't show up as being on the position. Tried refresh instruments, nothing. Same for all positions.
  6. Yes, I found it, thanks.
  7. So I did finally get the circuit number to sit on the line with a white fill. I can't say how- kept messing with the label legend, for a while I got the number to sit on the line, but the fill was taking up about 3 times the length of the number, so some ganging lines were nearly wiped out by the extra fill, kept messing with the size of the circuit number in the label legend, and somehow got it working, but absolutely no idea of how. Would love to find some explanation of all this- i.e. if I did want to use a triangle symbol for circuit, how to get the number to actually read inside of the symbol - Also have another annoying bit - lightwright has added parentheses to the channel number (I use a hexagon for channel). Any idea how to get rid of that, is it a lightwright pref?
  8. Thanks for looking at this. Unfortunately, I have to two-fer by circuit, it's not a dimmer per circuit system. One thing I have figured out is using a container, a triangle - and setting rotation to 0 degrees or 180 degrees will put the container and circuit number either above or below the line. Can't find a way to have it sit right on the line. Also, the triangle is not big enough to contain 3 digit numbers. I've tried the reset plug-ins several times, but it won't take text format - can't set a white background on the text so a number without a container will read clearly on the line. I know there has to be an answer to this, can't believe no one is two-fering by circuit. Again, thanks for the advice.
  9. I can't get the file size below 5.5mb, won't upload. Won't let me upload a zip file either. any other way to post it?
  10. Here's a sample. one with the text on top of the line, the others have container selected, they wind up somewhere above or below the line, and it's placement is not able to be edited, sometimes they wind up very high above the line and aren't usable in tight spots.
  11. Still not finding a solution to this - How do I change the default? I set text and line attribututes, then reset plug ins, no change. ganging is set to be it's own class - so are those settings overridding it anyway? Class settings have green line, and white fill, which I would assume put the green text on white background, but text sits right on top of the line, no fill, and is hard to read. selecting "container" puts the number very high above the line, and not able to move it, so is unusable. What's the answer????? Thanks
  12. Ganging tool - I have it assigned to a class on it's own. line weight and color set to green - all good. Problem is the text sits right on the line and makes it difficult to read. I can move the number along the line, but not above or below the line. checking the container button, it creates 2 containers, one on the line that has no label, and one above containing the label. The empty rectangle on the line will still move back and forth along the line, taking the other label with it, but the label that actually contains the circuit number won't move independently. Also, The prefs for the ganging tool does not have prefs for the label font or size Neither does class. How would text size and style and color be changed for these? I've looked thru archives and not finding any answers, nor online.
  13. It is some class preference or corruption - I changed the class to NONE and normal behavior is restored, I can select the symbol anywhere on it's surface or label, as is normal. I don't see any kind of class preference that would deal with what area of a symbol is selectable.
  14. I'm working with lighting device symbols, and suddenly the symbols can only be selected at the very center of the symbol. They used to be selectable on the edge, or by selecting an element of the label. Where is the preference for where a symbol can be selected?
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