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  1. Hello, could anyone help me with the plant reports please in vwx. 2019. I never had any problems with these in my 2017 software. Now however the plant report data does not accurately show the data from my plant records. For example the pricing could be incorrect, or the SKU code or indeed the quantities. Some of my plants are new plants I have created and they are not in the plant catalog - does this matter for creating the reports? Thank you very much
  2. Hello I'm having exactly the same problem as Entire Leaves above, except that when I click on sum values it does fix the values, however not all the values are showing what is in the individual plant schedule. For example the supplier code I have entered in the SKU column does not read accurately to show the correct supplier, but is sometimes another supplier. The quantities column is also the same - the quantities are not always correct compared to those shown on the drawing. Can anyone help me with this please? I am working in vwx. 2019. I never had any problems with plant reports using the 2017 version and it is really frustrating to have paid for the update and be running in to problems. Thank you!


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