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  1. Nice one! I “discovered” worksheets a few years ago and they are now a central part of how I both present and edit a lot of my drawing work. @michaelk has done a few videos which I found very helpful and I’m sure still would be for anyone wanting to take it further. Now with BIM becoming more integral new VW tools like data tags, worksheets have become even more useful. There is always more to learn and I’ve found some very helpful people on this forum. Cheers
  2. It looks like ifc records might be set up differently. Hopefully someone who knows IFC will jump in here. There are also some clever worksheet functions that can pull the numbers out of text formatted cells. @Pat Stanfordor @michaelk do you guys have any suggestions? (I’m now asking the real experts,,,)
  3. As someone who is “in charge” of compiling a library of std details for a small architect practice I personally prefer to have one file with all the details sorted into RM folders rather than lots of smaller files of detail types. I just find it easier to manage it that way. As I tweak or introduce new object styles or classes or whatever other resources to use in or on the details they are more easily applied across all details in the library. The downside might be that eventually the file will get quite big and may be slower to access compared to a library made up of multiple smaller files. From the point of view of someone using the library I’m not sure it makes much difference. I do use the RM search function a lot and having one library file means you can use the “selected file only” option to search through all your library which I think is nice.
  4. What happens when you set the class of the grade limits object to invisible in the VP?
  5. Hey @Tom W. I'm pleased it made sense to you! Finding an IFC record that is formatted for numbers (rather than text) seems to be the way to go. IFC is a bit of a mystery to me. There doesn't seem to be any good help resources on it. This might be the nudge for me to try and get to grips with it. Cheers
  6. Hey @Tom W. I'm impressed with your first tentative steps! So this isn't my area of expertise and someone more knowledgeable will no doubt have a better idea however you might be able to "bake" the data you need into a wall style via the data tab of the edit wall style dialogue. This data becomes IFC data which you can bring into a worksheet. I struggle with IFC stuff but did find an architectural report for wall styles that you could use to copy the worksheet formulas from. There is a file called "Architectural Reports.vwx" and mine for 2019 is in "C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2019\Libraries\Defaults\Reports_Schedules"
  7. Yeah this is the one. I mistakenly called it the custom visibility tool in my last post. It produces a basic script. An actual scripter (I.e. not me ) could no doubt produce something more like what you want. Maybe another workaround option is to make a callout a green symbol set to be assigned to the ANNO class on insertion? A blue symbol is set to convert to a plugin object or group on insertion rather than stay as a symbol. Might be worth a try. Edit: Yes I just tried this and it does work as a simple workaround. (Should have said a green symbol not a blue symbol tho...) 2020-12-17 08-50-19.mp4
  8. For me more classes = more control not clutter. It does require more consideration in how it is set up however. We use hundreds of classes but with a hierarchical setup they collapse down to a list of just 14 lines. To my knowledge you can’t have callouts go straight to a particular class on creation unless that class is the active class. You might be able to create a script using the custom visibility tool that would select the callout tool and place the callout on a particular class. Downside is that after creating a callout it would revert back to your previous tool selection. So to make multiple callouts you would have to select the script multiple times.
  9. With the new smart labels in vw2021 I thought there might be a way around this and have multiple drawing labels in viewports? Maybe not. With the old style labels at least this is prob best practice: With 2d top/plan drawings, if you want, you can put multiple drawing label(s) on design layers and have one viewport to capture them all - no prob. With 3d work it is better to put the label in the vp annotations and have one label per viewport. I personally prefer to put all labels in vp annotations and have one label per vp.
  10. If you want to put annotations on the design layer I think best Practice is to do this only for your main plans which are all at a common scale of say 1:50. To have your page based markers, text, line types etc all look the same in both the DL and the viewport you need to set the DL scale the same as the VP scale. So if your main vps are 1:50 set your DL scale to 1:50. I tend to only put annotations on DLs that I want to be seen in more than one VP. Room names are a good example. Annotations that only need to be seen in one VP I put in that VP’s annotations.
  11. Hey @Joe-SA. It didn't know about this setting. Good to know! Thanks. Do you also know if there is a way to have wall textures use the world z origin on insertion? When I create a new wall with the wall tool the "Use world Z for origin" option is unchecked. Cheers Edit: Hmm just noticed that the hatches are aligned in the design layer but not in a section viewport. See what happens when I jump from the viewport to edit section in place in attached short vid. I posted about this in a separate thread but hoped aligning to world z would sort this. 2020-12-14 08-49-06.mp4
  12. It looks like this might now be fixed? Hmm not quite:
  13. Hey vectorworks, sometimes I want to do a save on all the files I have open. I often want to do this prior to doing an action that has called vectorworks to crash in the past. So I thought I'd add this as a wishlist item. Thanks in advance for listening. 🙂
  14. This applies to quite a few vw features. The worst in my opinion is controlling textures and lighting...
  15. Also check out advanced viewport settings in the OIP. There are various ways that attributes can be controlled.
  16. In my case the walls abut each other horizontally. They are different walls styles but with the same horizontal weatherboard cladding (siding) texture.
  17. I just noticed this on one of my projects yesterday. I can make cladding textures align in a design layer but they will be out of whack in a VP. These were horizontal textures on walls in the same design layer.
  18. It sounds like @alex.fitch & I have similar requirements in that we also find that whilst details can be standardised they inevitably need customising to suit each project. I don't know if it's "the best" method but we use the first method you mentioned of creating individual symbols for each detail. So far it works for our smallish practice as a way to use, reuse & share standard construction details. What we do is have a library of standard detail symbols which can be imported from a shared library file. The symbols are set up as "blue" symbols, i.e. in the symbol settings they are set to convert to a group when they are placed on a drawing. (These sorts of symbols appear blue in the RM). From there the details can be customised to suit the project requirements. In this way the original symbol is left untouched. This method allows symbols to simply be selected via the RM. The other method of copying & pasting details from a "Details File" would require opening the file each time and then finding the detail to copy. This isn't ideal especially when several staff may want to access the details at the same time. The symbol method does require the symbols are rigorously named and sorted into RM folders so that the symbols located and/or searched for easily.
  19. Boh


    Here you go. 🙂 DG Plot 5 0500 Rev F 071220 v2019.dwgDG Plot 4 0400 Rev (H) 071220 v2019.dwg
  20. I’m not sure what you mean by “opening type” but as I understand it RM folders can only contain 1 type of resource and they all have to have unique names. Does that help?
  21. Thanks @Wes Gardner for spending time on this. Ill definitely check out the solibri viewer. Cheers Edit: So after downloading the Solibri viewer the steel portal columns and beam are still wrong. Must be a VW export issue. Even tried with VW2020. Maybe 2021! (or is that too hopeful?). I like the Solibri viewer though and the freebie optimizer is a bonus too! Cheers
  22. I don't have solibri. It's not important for this project but I guess something to be aware of. We are moving to 2021 next year so hopefully not an issue then. Thanks.
  23. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do about it? The PFC legs of the portal have turned 90° and the cross member profile has changed to some other type of channel wgich is not the PFC profile from my VW file. Thanks! My VW file: IFC Export file:
  24. The downside with that method is that regrouping objects puts them on top. I often group objects so that I can send them all to the back or to the front so the sit in front or behind everything else. e.g. I sometimes use 2d polys with fills to show floor finishes. I will group all the polys and send them to the back.
  25. Haha, You mean he or she hates it dont you?


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