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  1. Hi Travis. Can you post the file or a screenshot or 2? What version of vw are you running?
  2. It is a personal preference thing. I really like the extra level of customisation now possible with styles.
  3. Boh


    The inner component of your walls must have a bottom offset. Hopefully you have used wall styles? If so right click on a wall and select edit wall style. Dble click on the inner component and set the btm offset to zero. If the walls are unstyled then you’ll have to either edit them in the same way but one by one or better replace them with styles walls.
  4. Thanks Pat. So far no one else using the workgroup has had that error message, though I'll try moving the workspace off the workgroup and see if that stops the problem.
  5. Quick tip on new v extg on elevations you might find useful is for hidden line views if you include a nested hatch in the textures used on NEW walls and roofs and no nested hatch on EXTG walls and roofs. In hidden line views the extg walls and roofs will display white with no hatch and the new ones will stand out with a hatch. I have developed new and extg textures for this purpose. cheers
  6. @MaltbyDesign If you are anything like me then as you get better at modelling then you'll model more. I find though that for me the more detailed modelling is generally not to produce construction detail, rather more to get quick elevations and/or presentation drawings. The 3d details can really help when you have a tricky building junction to resolve.
  7. There has been a bit of discussion around this on other threads. Perhaps check out these and come back if you have more questions:
  8. Clever! Each letter is an individual piece of text.
  9. So I'm occasionally still getting this: It doesn't seem to be related to a crash. Happened this morning after shutting down vw last night. I am using a custom workspace on located in a workgroup folder on the server, though not sure if this should effect workstation prefs which are stored locally. Any other ideas?
  10. Wow! That is fantastic! And yes another script to toggle the guides class in all vps wld be perfect. To your questions: All viewports (incl design layer vps if that is easy) Toggle them all off. When run again the script can just toggle them all on. Thanks @Pat Stanford!!
  11. I haven’t come across this issue yet. My grid bubbles are page based so are the same size on every vp. The bubbles auto adjust to the the vp crop.
  12. You can use the U, I, O & P keys to quickly toggle between modes instead.
  13. Thankyou Pat. I was hoping one already existed as I didn't expect anyone to write one. If you have the time and don't mind it would be much appreciated!
  14. I like this script! Does anyone know of a script out that will toggle off the visibility of the guides class in all viewports? I know this can be done by editing the guides class but a toggle command would be really handy... 🙂
  15. I agree that I've also been somewhat confused by this mode. So only unrotated objects can be scaled together? It almost makes this mode a bit useless. Grouping objects treats them like one object in which case the single object interactive scaling mode works.
  16. Boh


    If you want to post the file I'm happy to have a look. Otherwise go into your design layers and check if there is any 3d stuff there.
  17. Boh

    VW 2021 Materials

    @Ben Beaumont What techniques / workflow are you using to call up the finishes in your documentation? Are you using data tags and/or worksheets? How do you accomodate finishes that can’t be / aren’t yet covered by materials?
  18. Boh

    VW 2021 Materials

    Is anyone using materials to create finishes schedules? I am hoping this is possible. It would be a biggie in terms of bim. As I understand it Materials can have data added which could then be called up in a schedule. This is something that is not currently possible using classes I don’t think. I envision a library of material resources complete with finishes notes embedded into them. Ideally the data can be centrally controlled from the material definition rather than each instance of a material having its own unique editable data. I can also see that using materials could reduce the need for so many classes, especially classes that only exist for showing attributes ( not for visibility control purposes). However how do you manage which objects get which materials? Manually is ok on smaller projects, not easy on bigger projects so I can see that linking materials to classes would seem to be an efficient way to manage them.
  19. Does the xs version do this or just the full version?
  20. Alternative vector workaround: Edit the vp crop so a narrow “leg” of the crop object extends to the edge of the page at each grid line. In vp annotations place masking polygons in these legs so only the grid lines can be seen.
  21. You can set the start and end set back for grid lines. So in the vp annotations select a grid sequence and in the oip make this adjustment to push the grid bubbles back to the edge of the sheet. I haven’t tried this myself. Hopefully this works and doesn’t effect the source grid lines in the design layer and corresponding grids in other vps.
  22. That's a good approach Jonathan. Doesn't quite work though where you have several label styles in the same drawing and you want one style to be just like another one. You could edit it as you suggest however then you have two styles that are the same- which is fine I guess but not ideal. It would be better to be able to delete one and replace it. Or did I miss something? I'll try to watch the whole video soon... 🙂
  23. Totally agree with this! It's annoying that when you delete a style you don't get the option to replace instances with that style with another style (as you do when delete standard symbols). All you get is a bunch of unstyled instances. i've tried using a worksheet to change styles but that doesn't work (it does help you locate all the instances of the style however). For adding notes/subtitles to drawing labels I often just use the "Custom Scale" option. You can however add an extra piece of text to the style definition and then link it to one of your own custom records and edit it via the data pane of the OIP. I just tried it and it works...
  24. Also a big improvement is the ability to show back references on the labels - something that had been requested for some years finally came through!


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