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  1. I know this is as old as the hills but I could share the Scaff symbols I have with you if you still need them.
  2. nathansmith50

    Relative newbie question creating symbols

    Ok I got it. When I create the report i have to go to the options tab and click the search in symbols box...i clicked the plug in items box for good measure. problem solved.
  3. nathansmith50

    Relative newbie question creating symbols

    I know how to create a report. I'm assuming that creating a symbol containing other symbols is pull all of the symbols from the resource browser put them in place and create another symbol from that. assuming that's correct then yes I know how to do that stuff.
  4. So I need to create a symbol...that is made up of other symbols...and have it count each of the "sub symbols" when I run a report. Example: I put in a deck. Then I put in 2 Leg frames 1 at a time. Then I put in 4 Snap Braces 1 at a time. I want to create a symbol of that so I don't have to insert each part individually but I still need the piece count for each individual piece. I'm sure there's a very simple way to do this but like I said I'm relatively new.


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