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  1. Hi, I love your handle, STARGATE! By the way, my early model 350Mhz G4 with 500+ ram works just fine, ofcourse I dont do much rendering...I'm stuck in a 2D job, and happy to have it! Peace
  2. I'm trying to figure a way out to add expanded info onto objects. The objects are room occupancy names, I'd like to have notes attached to them for things like E-mail and phone #, etc.. Its for facillitys management, can anyone help me with this? thx
  3. Hi, I use V9 on a Apple G4 with Epson Stylus 1520. It works very well, cept a few times it did 'crash ' and didnt print certain layers. I reinstalled the entire program and all is well since. I do see an ocassional file curruption where the file will not resize in the print set-up. So I make frequent back-ups! Also, sometimes the program will have a 'text crash' where all text dissapears? a simple relaunch/reboot takes care of that, thank goodness. Peace
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