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  1. Thank you both! Right now I need only 2D symbols. I'll do the dwg import (again). I had hoped VW has something in the library. brigx01
  2. Hi - Anyone knows where I could find (free) interior design symbols like cloth hangers, jackets, hats etc.? Also a wheelchair user symbol would be incredibly helpful. I searched the web up and down but couldn't find anything. Thank you! brigx01
  3. Wes - Thank you so much! I did a couple of trials and this is such a time saver to know! Also good for walls etc.
  4. Is there a way to determine settings for the entire project for let's say windows. I want all windows shown with trim, no plan detail etc. but have to change attributes for each window in the object info palette with every insert. Likewise for receptacles and similar, I don't want to change the font for the configuration label or text size every time I place one in the drawing. I truly believe it's possible to do, just where? I work with Designer VW 2017. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for your responses!! Just getting around to try out all the valuable tips. Unified view was on, I checked that. I had no idea that I have to assign new texture/fill to an older model.Benson was absolutely right, the mesh model was an import from a 2012 project, thought it was originally on VW12, but anyway, applying new texture was all what it needed to work. The "eliminating" process, and reducing the file to the model only, which I did before, helped at least with fewer crashes. There were no objects far from the origin, so that it would show huge numbers on the ruler. I am working my way through with walls and all other objects, very hopeful now to get it done. bigx01
  6. Hi - I have been reading through all the posts of rendering problems, but still can't figure what is going wrong in my case. My model, built out of solids, mesh and extrudes is not rendering correctly. (and I used rendered models before, but not in VW16) The artistic rendering is working somewhat, the shaded polygon is rendering one extrude, the other extrudes, solid and mesh remain as wire. The fast renderworks mode renders very few objects, the rest of the model stays blank and only with hoovering over it the wire model becomes temporarily visible. For a test I stripped the file down to the model only, purged, and also deleted all objects far from the origin. Anything else I could try? I am getting desperate to meet a dead line. Thank you!
  7. Hi RickR - Thanks for your help. And yes, I have done the white lines...too often. I will try your hybrid approach. In the meantime I figured the convert to lines option under modify. This converts the viewport to lines, very simple and easy. Of course this is the end of using 3D symbols etc, and I will use it only when there will be no design changes anymore (ha, ha, this never happens) and for very specific applications. Thanks again, Brigitte
  8. Hi - I have created elevations and sections from a model, and in general it works fine. But I want to fine tune and tweak and add and edit here and there in the viewport/2D view since I often do not like the looks of the elevation created from the model. Can I convert the plane screen I see on the view port to a line drawing which can be simply edited ( I believe Revit does this) It takes up so much time to model every tiny little detail when I just want to add/remove some sketchy lines to an elevation view. Any hint appreciated. i was searching the forum and the web up and down for a solution, but can't find any. Thank you, Brigitte Renderworks 2015 SP2
  9. Hi - What can it be that my doors and windows do not appear in the created schedule (via tools/reports/VA reports and schedules)? I went over the settings (yes, ID tag on schedule is checked) but can't find anything suspicious. Some windows will appear in the schedule, some don't. All created in 3D. Thank you! Brigitte VW 2014 SP2 Windows 8
  10. It says only Fundamentals and Architect. I'll call VW. Thank you! Brigitte
  11. I just installed VW 2013 Designer (Full Version), SP4. When I go to the Landmark workspace I can't open the hardscape tool and a couple of others. The error window "That tool is not available in this application" appears. I tried Spotlight and spotlight specific tools, and the same there. What's wrong? Thanks, Brigitte


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