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  1. Thank you - that helped. Turns out my problem was that the plug-in name was changed some time back from "Curtain Object" to "Soft Goods," but my custom workspace kept the old name, blocking the updated version. All is good now.
  2. I am unfamiliar with this forum and how it works, but I have a persistent issue for which I am seeking help. For the past 3 versions of VW (2012, 2015 and now 2017, running on Mac OSX, now ver. 10.11.6), my Spotlight toolbox shows a red "X" where the Curtain Object tool ought to be, which gives me an error message. Any idea what I need to do to recover that tool? Here is the message I get: An error occurred while opening the plug-in. Make sure that the plugin is located in the "Plug-ins" folder located in the User Data and Preferences Folder. See Vectorworks Preferences - User Folders tab. I don't know what I am supposed to do in the Preferences - User Folders tab, and I cannot locate the plugin in any of the "Plug-ins" folders. Other plug-ins seem to be fine. Any help is appreciated!
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