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  1. Hello, My current import DWG file is on scale 1:25, how can I change it to scale 1:100? I know this might be a silly question but I am not the sharpest pencil with this problem. Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much!! Did not know about this tool!!
  3. Well, I would like to have all the extruded corners round not that if I extrude my top end is still flat 90 degrees. All the corners of the extruded rectangle to be round, no 90 degree angles. I have to create something like in this shop: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/03/fashion/with-south-soho-is-soho-cool-again.html?pagewanted=all
  4. Hello! I am quite a beginner in Vectorworks and don't quite know how to do this. I really need to do a curved edged rectangle which is approcimately 10 mm thick - empty inside. All the corners are rounded.. mind that right hand corner. Basically it would be rounded in all corners and then a wire mesh texture added. It is a shell for a shelving unit. What would you guys suggest? Thank you!! Here is the image of side view! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-nxr39S-BRN0/VFe0OFkfUCI/AAAAAAAAAPA/mJGPogpsmLw/s1600/Screen%2BShot%2B2014-11-03%2Bat%2B5.56.46%2BPM.png
  5. Hi! I study Interior Design and for my latest project I have problems with rendering. Everything in the picture is there what it needs to be put the pictures which I have put before walls do not appear. So, on this picture, when I look the back wall the picture of trees is there but they should also be shown on the side walls. If I look where the picture is positioned on the top plan it is definitely before the solid wall. Because the picture has to be certain size I haven't made it into a texture because as being an image fill it allows me to play with the size. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-zQKj3trrPss/Urdk5PBSWwI/AAAAAAAAAHY/cSxqZ371Q4U/s1600/LibraryView2.jpg
  6. Brain malfunction. Sorry, I got this now.. Thanks for your time.
  7. Hi! I would like to create floor which is an organic shape. I have created a curvy polyline and even used the loft tool to make it into a shape but I don't know how to fill the thing, so.. Here is my shape, which is 2D at the moment and would like it to be 3D floor to have texture on it.. such as wooden floor. This is the line which would me made into a floor surface: (So there is one line missing to combine it into a surface.. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-2F9o61AuSwA/UTd6xRb8AjI/AAAAAAAAAFw/97e9aRefQeg/s1600/Screen+shot+2013-03-06+at+17.14.11.png So this is the initial idea to make it coloured and to go from lighter to darker .. but with organic shape.. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-O8frTgW7VzU/UTd6wHdc7oI/AAAAAAAAAFo/9QaSjxcIaFs/s1600/Screen+shot+2013-03-06+at+17.18.12.png
  8. Hi! So I did it and the end result is here! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-cMZH5zvgjJc/UR2kBiO4xeI/AAAAAAAAAFY/cQUp8m16oH0/s1600/yesyes.jpg Which actually brings me to another question. You see I have spotlights but You cannot see the light being actually in the ceiling as they would be in real life, so, what would be the most convenient way to make spotlight imitating light "squares" which would be seen when rendering..
  9. Got it! Perfect! Will be finishing my project with this! Thank you so much! The problem was that it was not on the plane on the render OIP.
  10. This is the image/pattern... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ctUM-68LqaU/UQKzYz_I77I/AAAAAAAAACk/fTQFe2OUGa8/s1600/RosesPattern2.jpg
  11. So I tried to put this pattern on my window and the computer goes mad with this. The picture shown on the Create Transparent Colour Mask is gone wild, some stripes and a white background. Is this because of the size of the image, 1.8 MB when made smaller with photoshop. Thank you!
  12. Thank you guys! This is wonderful! Will try and let you know!
  13. This is wonderful! Thank You so much! Will try and let you know how it went!!
  14. Hi! I have this issue that I would like to import and apply a pattern picture that I have created on Adobe Illustrator to Vectowroks and apply it on my windows. So, I tried to make the background of the pattern transparent and then importing it as a image and as a texture to Vectorworks but it seems not to work. I saved my file in Illustrator as for Web and chose the background to be transparent and then when trying to import it it did not work. Also tried to import the image and make the background transparent on Vectorworks. Do You have any suggestions or ways I could do it so I would have it on the windows as a sticker and have it when I render.. Here is the pattern, the window is usual window, measurements 2meters x 1,6 meters. Could use this pattern as a example .. So the white background to be transparent i.e see-through.. and the pattern on the wall.


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