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  1. how can the keyboard command be changed in VW?
  2. Is there any to change the assignment in Vectorworks? Or in OS X? I tried their assignments there and for OS built-ins it is impossible. Why would Vectorworks pick such a keycode? Why doesn't the app allow assignment of key code choices by the user??
  3. Has the Duplicate Array issue conflicting with Dock's pop up been noted anywhere? This has been a problem since OS X 10.1.... So the larger question is, has any one gone through and 'cleaned up' all the keyboard shortcuts to preclude interference to MAC OS X? Can't you guys offer a customization technique so users can assign key commands at will? Many other apps have this feature. PROBLEM Selecting the Duplicate Array command from the Edit Menu works, but not the shortcut ( + + 'D'). Why? Because that command is a system command used by the OS. In 10.3.x system commands take precendence over applications and the applications' call simply don't work. In previous version of OS X the conflicts resulted in flaky operation. Work-around: Don't use shortcut/key command (a real pain). Re-assign the offending shortcut using thrid-party software. [ 04-18-2004, 09:12 AM: Message edited by: Henry Seiden ]
  4. Should I follow the straight yellow brick road to VW10 or the curvy 8.5.2 ->9.5->10? Is VW10 good enough and how much trouble is the learning curve going to be? MAC G3 (B&W)/400/700MB RAM, OS X 10.2.1, lots of VW 8 drawings to convert. And what about the Dongle thing? [ 11-05-2002, 08:27 AM: Message edited by: Henry Seiden ]
  5. quote: Originally posted by propstuff: Sorry, we have neither ethernet or Appletalk cards installed, so can't help you there. Re the above; The first test print came out as raw Adobe postscript data, and one of the hiccups mentioned in my original post was having to specify for GIMP Print to use the Postscript definitions included in the (seperate) Ghost Script download. I gather that most people would need to install both GIMP Print and Ghostscript. "Available and free!" Yes!, again, a big thankyou to all the Open-source geeks out there for donating your work to the computing world! We're saying the same thing, propstuff. However, can you tell me the name of the parallel print spooler you ended up getting? Was it Orange Micro or some other device? Maybe, re-reading their web site as I did last evening, the Appletalk adapter won't work. I know the ethernet won't but parallel will. Serial, Centronics or Appletalk are my choices with this printer. I really am getting confused. And then I read about CUPS the Apple print interface that GIMP works with. It's all on their site, but for us poor MAC folks- now cousins of UNIX it's still a learning experience. Henry
  6. Does anyone have suggestions or interest in sharing a symbols set for video integration drawings? I have been drawing and accumulating symbols of specific video products, and equipment racks in 2D and would like to work with similar developers on a symbol library for this industry. Right now I've just got a bunch of symbols as a start, but could use expansion to 3D, updating, and organization. Any interest? Nemetschek folks, do you have interest in sponsorship of this project?? How about a contest with a version upgrade for the winner? [ 11-04-2002, 08:16 AM: Message edited by: hmseiden ]
  7. quote: Originally posted by propstuff: One IMPORTANT PROVISO; I was using a "Keyspan" parallel to USB converter, but for some reason the Keyspan does not agree with GIMP-Print. This is a known bug. Changing to another (cheaper) brand worked. N[/QB] I discovered that as well and I do have a question which I will post on the forum at SourceForge (Gimp Developers) as well. Does the Epson SC1520 internal AppleTalk interface (option) card work with GIMP/Ghostprint? FWIW, I found out on their FAQ site that Epson's Ethernet Option Card does not work with GIMP at this time. I'm hoping the Appletalk card does. Please post any experience you've had. Ghostprint by the way is another open-source developed software (and of course OS X, *IX compatible) designed to handle PostScript documents to these listed printers (similar to the old Epson RIP software) in OS 9. It's probably not as much of interest to you folks but more to Adobe product users, but good to know it's available and free! [ 11-04-2002, 07:57 AM: Message edited by: hmseiden ]
  8. The lack of pressure sensitivity is disconcerting in VW8.5.x (I assume by the comments that this hasn't been and may never be remedied). I do use the Wacom Graphire 4x5 which has both pen and mouse. It is my primary pointing device since the ADB trackball died. I like the pen in Photoshop and use either one in VW. The control is nice in VW. I have an issue with the Graphire2 though, when used through a USB Hub. According to the fine folks at Wacom, a Keyspan hub is the only one that keeps the pointer from jiggling when the mouse or pen touches the pad. I can definitely confirm this problem, and that it doesn't happen when the pad is not plugged in to a hub. Are there any others who're finding with this problem? My system: G3 (B&W) 400MHz / 700MB RAM, with a USB Hub (Enterex), Graphire2 pad 4.7.3a software, Airport hub.
  9. I realize that this is not a VW problem, but if anyone knows of drivers under OS X for the above printer which I use for color line drawings of 11x17" and 13x19" sizes, it would be appreciated.
  10. The Epson 1520 on my system only works in MAC OS 9, not OS X flavors. Is that what you are using? VW 8.5.x is what I use under OS 9 and it has always been fine- no line squishing. Perhaps you or someone else can comment about using this printer in OS X. No drivers appear to be available for it or for the RIP that Epson sold. [ 09-12-2002: Message edited by: hmseiden ]
  11. Does anybody have an interest in or know of a Vectorworks subset (like SpotLight) customized for Video Production Equipment? I have been using VW since the MiniCad days and have built up some pieces. If there is an interest in organizing a program, or if one already exists it would be great to hear about it. Surely Nemetschek would like to know also
  12. Emphasis on the "will..." Is there a release date? How about extending an upgrade price to all VW Users? Or how about 8.x users? I just made the mistake of believing the MS statements that only users of MAC Office2001 or any of its components (Excel, Word2001) get a break on the upgrade path to OS X version of Office X or its components. Now the latest annoucement giving Office98 users the same upgrade price also, is rather bittersweet. So I'm not upgrading to version 9.5X until: a) VW/Nemetschek announces formally the upgrade price path for 8.5.x users and, b) gives a target release date for the OS X version or, c) lets list members or industry groups have a look at a pre-release version or last Beta before Golden Master of VW. How does everyone else feel about this? ------------------ TECHWORKS- a leading industry supplier of: Professional Video Consultation, Installation and System Integration, Repair Services Assisting the growth and development of the finest facilities throughout Florida and the around the World. We adhere to the following global professional organization's Professional Standards and are members of: SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (http://www.smpte.com ) SBE Society of Broadcast Engineers ( http://www.sbe.com ) [This message has been edited by hmseiden (edited 10-21-2001).]
  13. I appreciate your info. Don't know about the rest of the users out there... I will wait for release of the upgrade before ordering 9.x. As I said I've been made gun-shy by the likes of M$. ;-) Henry
  14. Any progress on providing OS X support with the latest release of Vectorworks9.5?
  15. Can't DL the update as my browser says the files were not found. Both MAC files were affected.


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