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  1. I'm using vectorworks 2012 - education version and i took f.e. the PAR64 MFL from the standard lightning-Altman libraries. Does it matter which rendermode? If useful i included the vwx file.
  2. Even if i've turned on the lights i won't see anything. which 'rendermode' do i have to select?
  3. I'm working in Vectorworks Spotlight to create our coming show. I've created our theater in 3D, I've put trusses on the ceiling and i attached some par64, fresnel light etc from the 'altman' library. After that i've added some focus points to aim the light, but now my problem: I would like to see the light shine, vectorworks draws the 'beam' with lines, but thats not what i want. I would like to see the reel beams (even add some smoke if possible) so i can render the project to some nice pics. Any idea what i am doing wrong. Thanks!!
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