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  1. my windows and doors are simple 2d. I enter my data that populates the schedule from the data window of the object info palette. if i have several windows of the same type can i easily sample the data and "apply" it to another tag? i guess i could duplicate the completed tag and change the window number. I am just wondering if there is a faster way. -laziness is the mother of invention!
  2. there have been a couple of tools i have tried, in this case, the select similar tool and i get an error that says, " that tool is not authorized for use in this application" whats up? I'm using, VW 2013 fundamentals. is that the problem?
  3. OK, got the clip tool working right. it seems to be pretty versatile. now, extend with out having to clk clk clk clk clk would be OUTSTANDING!
  4. if you know of anything that I will speed up my drawing please let me know. outside of trimming a few lines this software seems to be very cumbersome at trimming or extending lots of lines at once. both Autocad and archicad have spoiled me! on these type functions. thanks for ANY direction!
  5. I am really looking for a compiled list that says something like AutoCad: Extend = VW: whatever AutoCad: X = VW: X ive seen a similar list for other software but haven't seen it in quite some time.
  6. for those of us coming from different software platforms, does anyone have a handy table or something that shows what the command equivalents for VW are? thanks!
  7. i have never had this problem with VW in the past. I recently installed VW2013 for the first time on this machine and in my first 3 days i have experienced multiple crashes. they always happen while i am in and using the trim command. usually when i am doing several trims in a row. it is obvious it has something to do with trim because i have had like 3 crashes in a row while trimming. I save often and slow down my trims and it seems to cut down on the number of crashes. any ideas? thanks
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