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  1. Thank you. It is now working with both back and foreground set at hidden line.
  2. This post is to clarify my last post - viewport hidden line issues. I have 3D objects that are solid and sitting over line work that are planer objects. When in top view with render set on hidden line, the line work under the 3d objects is not seen but I can not for the life of get this result in a viewport. Please help!!
  3. Hi Grant, Thank you for responding. How do you set background render to no render? There does not seem to be this option.
  4. In top/plan view my drawing render setting is in hidden line, so I do not see objects underneath. How do I get this result in a viewport? What background and foreground settings do I require? I only want to achieve a simple line drawing with hidden lines to be active. I have tried many settings, one being foreground & background, but the hidden lines still appear. Please help?
  5. Hi, I'm a limited user of VW and am trying to do an array of a line along another line. A basic task but can not seem to do it? How do you achieve this? I select the line but the duplicate along path option is greyed out? Help would be appreciated.
  6. Ran

    sketchy 3D plants

    Thanks Ray. Yes, the Autocad 3Ds worked best. Somewhat let down with VW over this issue as I have recently made the move from Autocad/Sketch Up to VW .
  7. Does VW have any poly 3D plants or are there any available that you can apply the sketch render?
  8. Thanks Kevin. The tapered extrude and rotating into place sorted the issue. Ran
  9. Suggestions would be appreciated. I am a VW novice and I am attempting my first 3D. I have a cube like object which sides do not line up with x & y axis. I want to make another couple of extrudes to make the object taper down to one of the faces. I can not get the extrude to run along the objects own axis. I have made the same shape successfully with a NURB but the NURB will not subtract from another extrude solid which is my end intention. Hope someone can make sense of this. Struggling. Ran
  10. Hi, Is there a way of having a landscape area that has an outside line of 100% opacity but the fill set at a lower opacity? Is there any reason why when you change the attributes (e.g colour) of a landscape fill the area changes shape?
  11. Thanks Tamsin, the tutorial was great and as you mentioned, exactly what I was attempting to do. Greatly appreciated.
  12. This idea of using a plant schedule in Vectorworks as a time saver is proving to be the opposite. I'm really getting frustrated with this, as the following occurs: 1. Changing paste criteria to exclude some symbols in one plant schedule does not work. After hitting recalculate all symbols still appear. 2. Plant ticks do not appear in symbols on schedule. 3. Colour transparency does not appear in symbols on schedule. If anyone could help it would much, much appreciated. My only option at this point is to do the plant schedule in another program, which defeats the purpose of why I am learning vector works.
  13. Thanks Bryan, but I have an educational version. Would you be able to open it?
  14. Thanks Bryan, but I have an educational version and you may not be able to open it.
  15. Any suggestions would be appreciated as to why plant symbol ticks do not appear in plant schedule.
  16. I have several plant symbols in my drawing. I am trying to create to 2 plant schedules containing different selections of symbols. When I set paste criteria to only include objects on certain layer or classes (objects that meet criteria reflects this) which my selected symbols are on and then update schedule, no changes are made and the schedule still includes all plant symbols. Please help! Much appreciated.
  17. Thankyou both for your replies in helping me attempt to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, I have checked all settings you suggested but my greyed out tree symbols still prints B/W. Please refer to my snapshots in the following dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xzoehqvo8ud4t8f/4Ll_iTqDyd Ran
  18. I'm back into learning vector works and having an issue with colour output. All my colours selected in classes are black in viewports and PDF outputs.
  19. I have imported an Autocad file with plant blocks into VW. I select a plant symbol and create new plant. When I increase the spread of the plant's graphics the selection outline of the plant increases but not the graphic itself. Any suggestions as to what the problem maybe?
  20. Thanks for offering to look at the file Jonathan but it is a student version. It was suggested that I put my landscape areas onto a different class from my plants and changed the schedule's paste criteria to list objects whose class is not that of the new class. Issue resolved.
  21. Select item is greyed out.
  22. Hi Ozzie, Thanks for the tip. I'm using VW 2012 on Mac Lion.
  23. I recently recalculated my plant schedule report. The new plants were added to the list but so too was the following unwanted row in between my other plant rows: ID 0 Latin Name Common Name Notes How do you you remove this? I have spent hours trying to work out why it appears and how to remove it to no avail. Please help. Ran
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