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  1. Thank you, I did try the edit command of the context menu. It shows the settings in the attributes panel (only for the first character) and there is no way of controlling the caret of a text block programmaticaly (?). Another way of thinking was to have a group of text blocks each with their own settings, but that would become to laborious, if even possible. Maybe setting a part of the string to bold or in another fonttype could might enable to derive some substring handles. Well I'll leave it to that...
  2. Is there a workaround VW2010 to retrieve color settings (penfore, fillback) of a CHAR within a text block? How to use multiple colors in a text block programmatically?
  3. Thank you for replying, Nice image too. I had a look at the python script, and it might take me in between a day or maybe a year to understand. I will try, but I don't know when I can react on that. I assume there are matrix-steps add by each loop until a border is hit somewhere. Is that how a program like Vectorworks renders the fills of polys on screen? As a routine for a task like this could serve many cases, I tried not to be that clear. In my case I was thinking of a way to find the ideal location of a generated text informing about different rooms or spaces. If you want the text to be as large as possible, in a circle or square you might locate it at its center. If you think of a L-shaped room or curved space, the ideal location, could be found by the eye, but to calculate it might be harder. So for instance for the L-shaped room, using the eye, you would opt between 2 rectangles, and pick the largest and maybe rotate the text 90 degrees. In case of your image you might opt for the red one. Looking at the image, I would say as next step could be to compare some initial ratio of the text, by knowing its content, and try to fit such a rectangle best. So: Say a rectangle like the green one might have the best ratio, then have the actual text object centered at that green rectangles midpoint. After that size of the green rectangle and the text block might reduce the font size, to have it fit, or if the font would get to small to read, you have to, still, move it outside the area by using a pointing device of choise. Maybe someone might want to place a symbol within the room. Maybe there might be a hole in the room, or worse.
  4. I would like to know the largest orthogonal rectangle to fit within any handled polygon or polyline. Within that one might fit a textblock or other. Could I script this using VectorScript?
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