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  1. Thanks - It was the smoothing angle setting I was looking for. It would be nice if you could adjust that on an object by object basis in the OIP.
  2. I seem to remember something about being able to determine the number of visible lines on an extruded arc in V10. Anybody know anything about this?
  3. Scale in C4D doesn't to seem to be based on reality at all. I don't pay any attention to the numbers it gives me. If I need to add something to a scene it C4D I will make an object the correct size in VW then scale the C4D object to match. A bit clumsy, but it works for me.
  4. You can convert your opjects to a mesh before exporting. That usually helps.
  5. A Radeon 7500 should do the trick. web page
  6. Is one of the cards connested to an AGP slot and the other to a PCI? You can get a dual output AGP card for $75 that will work just fine for VectorWorks.
  7. The C4D plugin will allow you to export (and later update) geometry, object color, light data and a few other things - but not textures. As far as I know textures will not leave VectorWorks.
  8. I think you are out of luck. Image based textures created in VW will not export to other apps.
  9. I just upgraded to 10.5 from 9.5. Someone told me that with 10 you could access the image files that renderworks textures are based on. Is this true? Where are they?
  10. BK, This will happen every time if you try and export curtain objects.
  11. I am still using 9.5 quite happilly and have decided to skip V10 altogether. Would anyone care to speculate on the release of V11? I have heard they are on an 18-24 month cycle but I can't remember exactly when 10 came out.
  12. I had to switch back to Acrobat 5.0 because of this. Can anyone from NNA comment???
  13. I just upgraded to Acro 6 pro. Now it takes FOREVER to create a pdf from VectorWorks using the stadard settings. Has anyone else run into this?
  14. All VectorWorks Products ship on the same CD. During installation you will be promted to enter your renderworks serial then it will install RenderWorks and you will be able to use it.
  15. Is there any way at all to define the area that will export to an image file? I have a layer link zoomed way in on a model and a LOT of masking to cover up everything off the page. I only need the information on the page, but when I export an image file I get everything in the file. Even if I turn the resolution way up (5500x4500 pxls) the part I need is really small and low resolution. I can't just crop it out. ???????
  16. A much simpler solution is to open the drawing in acrobat, zoom way in, select the graphics select tool and draw a dox around everything you want to copy. Copy then paste in vectorworks. I do this all the time.
  17. quote: Greetings AndyM Maybe you can answer some of my questions? 1.Do you do large architectural Models? Have you compared rhe two rendering times? No, I don't do architecture. But there are plenty of people who do use C4D for architectural renderings. Look Here: http://www.cgarchitect.com/gallery/galleryList.asp?searchSoftware=CInema&Sub mit=Go&searchChecked=5 And here: http://www.maxoncomputer.com/gallery_thumbs.asp?cat=ARC-ENG&type=ARC 2.Do you have problems exporting to C4D and visa versa?I believe there are a few bugs? There are a few bugs, but the added power more than makes up for it. Some objects won't export without being converted to 3d polys, lofts for example. The scale is also wacky. Everything is much larger after exporting. So far I have been able to work aroung everything. If you want to go from C4D back to VW you have to go the dxf/dwg route. There is no plugin for that. 3.I noticed the 3D model tools are far superior in C4D.Can you model Say complex Geometric stairs and export to VWA Models ? The modeling tools are very powerful, but they are not geared toward architecture. I find them frustrating and confusing, so I model everything in VW. 4.Can one do Xsections thru Models? Don't know 5.What sort of animations are you doing.How many Polys?File size and how Long to generate? I will do anything short of character animations. Camera flythroughs, lighting changes and moving objects. I recently rendered a 10 second 320x240 quicktime clip with shadows and 130k polys in less than an hour. That yielded a 3.2MB file. The resolution is really low but it is e-mailable, much larger and not everyone could receive it. I rendered 3500x2600 stills from the same file in 3-5 mins each. Hope that Helps! Regards [ 06-28-2003, 10:56 AM: Message edited by: AndyM ]
  18. I have switched to C4D and no longer use RenderWorks for any *real* renderings. However, radiosity had nothing to do with my jumping ship. I think speed improvements are always important but even more important would be to add some of the basic features all of the major 3d apps have. For example: cameras that you can move around, lights with real cones that don't act goofy when you zoom, an include/exclude feature, visible light (doesn't have to be volumetric), real open GL previewing, and multiple display views. VectorWorks s a great CAD package and I think the shaders are REALLY good for a CAD program. NNA should forget the advanced stuff (animation and radiosity) until they catch up to what the pure 3d programs had several years ago.
  19. I could use more interior textures. More types of carpet wood/tile floors and walls. There have also been a lot of times when I would have LOVED to access the image file the texture is based on to change something. Please make these image files available.
  20. I use adobe acrobat for this. Just print to pdf then acrobat will scale the whole page up or down all day. If it's just for proofing you could also export an image file and print that.
  21. WOOOHOOOO! Thanks, I have always hated the default colors but didn't know I could do anything about it.
  22. I ran across a VW file that had a custom color chart. How did they do that? Is it possible to import a color chart from another file? Thanks
  23. Hey BK (Is that Barry?) If you have color set to 'plain color' you will not see the image file. You need to set it to 'image color' then select the image file.
  24. HI, I am also interested in getting the C4d plug-in. 1. How easy is it to use? If you are experienced with other 3d apps it is very easy to pick up. If you are not, it has a bit of a learning curve. For rendering and simple animation I think it is far easier to learn than 3ds max. 2. How many hours dose it take to get an understanding of doing an animation? If you just want to do a flythrough and you have experience with other 3d apps, you should pick it up fairly quickly. If you are trying to do character animation or have no animation experience it will take some time to grasp the concepts. 3. What is the cost of the C4d & the plug-in? The basic C4D package is $600 the VW Plug in is $50. 4. Is it true that is takes 10 - 30 mins to process an animation in C4d, while VWA takes 5 hours? No, The C4D rendering engine is faster than renderworks', but it is not magic.
  25. Everytime I generate a pdf with one or more logos at a reasonable resolution the file size of the .mcd and the .pdf jump way up. Does vectorworks convert all image files to bitmaps? Would it help with pdf file size if VectorWorks could somehow compress imbedded images? I email a lot of pdf files and must include logos. Is there anything I can do to help the size of the pdf? Thanks
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