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  1. I’m having an issue using project sharing with Dropbox and VW2018. It started out great but after a few days everyone started getting crashes or VW gives an error that the master file is in use whenever anyone tries to commit. We have 4 users working on the project all on OS X and working remotely. Currently all 4 working files have become islands unable to commit. Any ideas how I can get this working or what I’m doing wrong? 

  2. Other than open gl, the graphics card doesn't have anything to do with rendering.  Thats all done by the CPU.  I believe that all of the 15" models had discrete graphics and the 13" did not, but I'm not 100% sure about that.  But all of the retina MacBook pros between 2013 and 2016 (save 13" vs 15") are basically the same.  Get one with 16gb RAM and the largest hard drive that you can afford and you'll be fine.  Those cant be upgraded so you're stuck with what you buy.

  3. I just got a new macbook pro, which of course comes with Sierra pre-installed.  I restored everything from a Time Machine backup and VW 2017 is fine, but 2016 (the one I REALLY, REALLY need) crashes immediately after the "2017 Is Available" message.  FWIW 2015 does the same thing.


    I did a reinstall which did not help.


    Any ideas?

  4. Hmm... Thanks for the reply but I don't think this does what I need it to. Its mostly referenced layers that I need to turn on and off in different views.

    I have a file that is referencing several layers from another person's drawing, once I do what I need to do, I create viewports on sheet layers showing both my work and the referenced work. The problem is when I need to change the layer visibility of the reference on different sheets - the only place I can change that is the oip on the DL viewport.

    If I could just put these viewports on sheetlayers I'd be golden but you can't do that. I think I may need to just reference these layers the old way.

    I'm also astonished at the deliberately confusing names for these things. We have 2 different kinds of layers that do completely different things and 2 different kinds of viewports that do completely different things could they not come up with different names? Every time I try and explain this to someone I get a blank stare because they all have variations of the same confusing name. Sheet layers should just be called sheets or pages (since thats what they are). Design layer viewports should just be called external views or referenced views.

  5. I'm running into a problem with design layer viewports that I hope has a better solution.

    I have a file that is referencing several layers from another person's drawing, once I do what I need to do, I create viewports on sheet layers showing both my work and the referenced work. The problem is when I need to change the class and layer visibility of the design layer viewport. There doesn't seem to be a way to do that in sheet view and I need to show that reference a dozen different ways.

    Is there a way to do this without just making tons of duplicates?

  6. I figured out a convoluted way to do it:

    You'll have to create a label legend in Spotlight that has the unit number where you want in on the symbol and formatted how you want. Spotlight>Label Legends Manager and it's pretty obvious how to do it.

    1. Create a dummy symbol

    2. Select all of the symbols you want to number and put them in a new layer by themselves.

    3. Replace them all with the dummy symbol

    4. Select all, then Spotlight>convert to instrument

    5. Spotlight>number instruments. Select left to right, or top to bottom or whatever.

    6. Spotlight>Assign Label Legend and pick the one you made.

    7. Numbers show up.

    You can then ungroup them a couple of times until you end up with just text blocks, delete your dummy symbols and away you go.

    I hope there is an easier way, but this was way better than 460 clicks.

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  7. Sorry to dig up this old thread. I need to number about 400 symbols. I've been doing it using the old number stamp tool but I don't get paid by the hour.

    Is there a way to select a bunch of symbols and have them auto number? I've tried converting them to lighting instruments as that ability exists for lighting, but it didn't work.

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  8. There is no UVW information exported with the C4D plug-in. I don't know if renderworks has the ability to map textures that way or not and none of the existing export features include any material information at all.

    Maybe someone could write a plug-in that adds it. Anyone know if this is possible? Anyone able to get geometry to esp vision with uvw without using 3DMax?

  9. Some of you early adopters may remember that this plug-in was originally intended to be sold and supported by NNA! I originally purchased it from them. This only lasted a few months then they abandoned it.

    Maxon has been extremely helpful with assisting their competitors develop 3rd party render engines. Final Render and now V-Ray are available and the developers have all commented that Maxon's SDK support has been great.

  10. I've emailed Maxon tech support both here and in Germany. I'll let you all know what they say. I wouldn't worry about the future of this plug in. As long as there are enough users to justify the development cost, I think Maxon will continue to update it - they'll just take their time. The plugin made by the same people that make the one for Artlantis.

  11. It was more like 4 months the last time it was broken. The DWG route does not allow for dynamically updating the models like the VW route does, so I disagree that they have been leapfrogged in any way. After all NNA and Maxon are both part of the same parent company.

  12. I will definitely inquire with the company which sold me the plug in. Let's be a little bit more professional and complain to the right people. Not whine and complain on this board. It's up to the complany who sells the plug in to get it working confused.gif

    I purchased the plug-in from NNA, but they stopped supporting it right after it was released (I could go on about this, but won't). The plug-in was also written by the same people that write the Artlantis plug in.

  13. IMO There is a MUCH better way to do this. If you have Illustrator, just open the pdf, export to DWG, import and scale the entire drawing to a known dim and you have a workable drawing. Lines are lines text is text. No tracing required.

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