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  1. Has there been any traction on this issue? Is this improvement something we could expect to see in v2019?
  2. Experiencing an odd bug today, while using the application switcher in OS-X (CMD-Tab, or Alt-Tab for windows users). When I tab back into my drawing, it enters the LEFT 3d view... Any one have experience with a similar problem?
  3. I believe I have stumbled upon a bug here in the multiple view pane configuration. While navigating the lower right viewport with the 'walkthrough' tool, i encountered the bug when attempting to initiate fly-around. My typical workflow is using the navigation keys (W, A, S, D) and elevation keys (Z, C) to orient my camera. Then I will click with my mouse to engage flyover, to reorientate my view, and repeat the process of using the navigation keys and elevation keys until i've achieved the position i want. In the current software, when I initiate the flyover tool the following occurs. [Mouse Right] - (Right) viewport rotates clockwise [Mouse Left] - (Top/Plan) Rotates Clockwise No Flyover occurs in the lower right viewport, where it is the selected, and intended viewport for rotating. Thoughts?
  4. I find the title block manager to be an efficient way to manage data. Will there ever be an alternative to navigating between sheet layers? Currently 'nexting' through the sheet layers is time consuming. Is there an option in the future for a dropdown menu to allow faster navigation between sheets?
  5. cwinterLD

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    Just updated to SP3, the refresh bug has been cleared! Thanks!
  6. cwinterLD

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    Thanks Nikolay! I look forward to service pack 3, and posting an update here.
  7. cwinterLD

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    @Nikolay ZhelyazkovI've attached (2) videos as an example. The first, is a fresh file, with a default 'unstyled' 2018 title block. The video shows me editing the sheet title with no delay. [Original 2018 Title Block.mov] The second video shows me editing the sheet title of my converted 2018 title block in an average sized lighting plot file we draft. [Slow Title Block.mov] Its my opinion that the refresh is tied to the geometry contained in the viewports. Thoughts? Original_2018_Title_Block.mov Slow_Title_Block.mov
  8. cwinterLD

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    @Nikolay ZhelyazkovOk. I am currently running VW2018 on SP2 on OS X 10.13.3 What is the anticipated release for SP3?
  9. When updating the value of the 'Sheet Title' on my Title Block Border, via the Title Block Border Settings I am experiencing a continuous live refresh of the title block with each character entered. This prompts me to enter my title slower to ensure I'm typing the correct description. If I modify the sheet title via the Sheet Layers tab in the Organization window this of course is a non issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  10. In an effort to continuously improve our redraw speed when working on large 300-600 fixture lighting plots, I am exploring different methods of building our hybrid lighting symbols. - I am curious if there as a hardware advantage drawing 2D elements with polylines versus polygon objects. I often find myself waiting for the drawing to redraw when going between design layers and sheet layers. The time lost there adds up. Thanks.
  11. cwinterLD

    DLVP cutoff in 3D Flyover

    @Boh, that's exactly what it was. Frustrating the crop does not translate in 3D view. @zoomer My DLVP is referencing an external VW file, which will be frequently updated with the event ground plan. It would be very time consuming to reimport the geometry everytime I receive an update.
  12. commenting for the reply to this. I'm interested to know this as well. Just began my transition to 2018.
  13. cwinterLD

    DLVP cutoff in 3D Flyover

    Morning all! I'm having some issue with a design layer viewport being cut off when I engage the 3D flyover tool. I've attached (2) screen grabs showing two different 3d views, and the point where my views are cut off. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Over the past year I have added several custom fields attached to my lighting instrument symbols, including device modes, wattage calc for worksheets, etc.. As the workflow in our office continues to grow and evolve I find myself going back to batch add/update fields in frequently used symbols. The 'Lighting Symbol Maintenance' window is very useful for the simple tweaks such as Instrument Type name, wattage, etc.. and i'm looking for a method of updating along these lines, that could include my custom fields. Thoughts?
  15. I am a user with a professional license, encountered a strange bug while installing 2018 on my laptop. Entered the license key the first time, user agreement said VW Education License Agreement.. quit the installer, and opened again, reentered the key, user agreement says VW Professional License Agreement… Has anyone else encountered this?