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  1. Dworks, thank you. You would think that simple explanation would be all over the place, but it is not. So, if I understand correctly, if I have a .dwg file that has all the hatches I want tiled within the file, I simply import it, and add each hatch to my resource browser? Does that add it to my library for use every time or is there something else I need to do? Thanks again! Jeremiah
  2. OK, so coming from Autocad I have hundreds of hatch patterns that are...well, awesome. I want to use those hatch patterns in VW. How do I do that? I've come across the same tutorial to create a brick hatch pattern 10,000 times but no where can I find how to either a) import existing patterns for stone, concrete, etc or b) create my own. Help is always appreciated! Thank you. Jeremiah
  3. Thanks, Peter. I'm not entirely sure why my boss did not get Renderworks with the package. Most likely to save a little money...but I think we're going to need it. Thanks again! Cheers. Jeremiah
  4. Peter, thank you! Though, it seems that without Renderworks I'm incredibly limited in what I can do. When I go into Organization and try to assign a texture to a class (i.e. exterior wall finish) I have no option to do so. I can assign a fill and a pen style, but that's it. Any thoughts? Thanks! Jeremiah
  5. Ugh. Totally not what I wanted to hear. :-\ If I have renderworks (which I don't) how would I go about it? Thanks for the quick replies! Cheers. Jeremiah
  6. Ok, I've been fooling around with this too long. I have 4 elevation viewports set up and on sheets. They are rendered hidden line to give the appropriate 2D appearance of an elevation. So, how do I get VW to display the exterior finish on the elevation? I.e. if I have a stud wall with horizontal siding, how do I get the siding to show up? If I have brick veneer, how do I get the brick to show up? If I have a roof with shingles, how do I get the shingles to show up? I'd like to have elevations that are properly detailed. Do I need to annotate hatches on the sheets? Or is there some other trick? Help! :-\ Jeremiah
  7. I just use the slab tool. Set the thickness and height above finish floor. The Floor Object tool is basically the same, yes? Jeremiah
  8. Thanks, guys. After I typed out the question and thought about it, I actually do need an attic plan for mechanical equipment anyway, so I went back and chopped all the first floor walls down to their layer wall height, added in a design layer for the attic, traced the walls, fit to roof and voila! The roof for this house is a small to medium sized nightmare already, so this actually solved a couple of problems I was having. Thanks again for all the quick and helpful responses!! Cheers. Jeremiah
  9. So I have a fairly traditional residential design for a 4k sf house. At the front facade there are two gable ends that frame the entry. The bearing height is at 15' with a 12:12 pitch and I'd like to put a window in the gable end, which would be the attic. How do I do this? I tried putting it in on the roof design layer, but it tries to add a dormer, which I don't want. Do I need to create a "attic" floor layer and insert the window there? If so do I need to create new walls at the attic level and then fit to roof? Thanks in advance everyone! Hopefully soon I'll be answering questions instead of always asking them. :-\ Cheers. Jeremiah
  10. Peter, thank you!! that seems to be the key I was missing - pads not touching. Previously they touched in plan and I kept getting a warning each time i updated the site model. Now all is well in the world. I appreciate the help! Next is to figure out the retaining walls, foundations, footings and sections. This learning curve is killing me. Cheers. Jeremiah
  11. So, this seems to be something that either has not been in the forums or I just haven't entered the right search query. I have a residential building on a sloped site. The house is split level with one main level and two wings at lower levels, plus a third lower level that is actually under the garage (a equipment room). Add to this a terraced pool/patio area that is at three different elevations. Question: How do I use pads and grade limits to accurately grade the site? Thank you!
  12. Thanks everyone. Unfortunately importing the old model was a bust. It crashed VW twice upon attempting import. Which is another problem I was having - multiple crashes. Hopefully Tech Support will be able to recover the file. Till then I'll just have to rebuild the model. :-\
  13. Hippo, thanks. Yeah, it seems the office practice will just have to be that we keep local copies on the desktop to work from and upload to network at end of day. Sucks, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
  14. Benson, Looks like I may end up having to rebuild the model this weekend. It wasn't just the sheets that went away. Half the building model including design layers are just gone. I appreciate the quick responses though!
  15. I attempted a batch plot of 5 sheets, VW froze on me so I had to initiate a force quit on my session. Upon relaunching the software and opening my project file I get this message: Unexpected end of file encountered during file read operation (failure on attempt to read file) This same message I also get when I try to open the backup file as well. Once the file does open about half the model, including all my sheet files are GONE. I have a client meeting in 2 hours. PLEASE HELP!!
  16. THANK YOU! I've been hunting for just that simple answer all morning. MUCH appreciated! Jeremiah
  17. I want to create a simple double or triple window using the window tool. What's the best way to do this? Thanks. VW2013 Architect SP2 iMac 27" 3.4ghx 4gb
  18. Vincent - thank you! That is most likely the way I'll need to go with wall grips, etc. I appreciate everyone's insight! Cheers.
  19. Wes, image of wall issue attached. computer specs are typical iMac - 8gb RAM, 1.2ghz, etc etc. Running Vectorworks Architect 2013. Thanks!
  20. BC, I did think at first that my layers and stories were screwy. So I opened a clean document, set up my layers and stories again (same settings) and modeled the basic shell all over again. In the new file, the walls extended properly. The roof face is set to it's own elevation at the top of the wall and slopes up. I've attached a view of the wall extension issue. Currently running on Vectorworks 2013 (mac). I have no idea what the specs of my machine are. 8gb, 1.2ghz, etc etc. Typical iMac.
  21. I've run into an interesting issue and I'm wondering if of you have run in to this before. I've got a site model and building model, both in the same file and organized on design layers/stories. For some reason when I create a rectangle on the roof layer and then use the roof face tool it creates a roof face instead of a generic solid. Where the problem comes in is when I attempt to fit walls to object (for a gable roof) it extends the wall straight up above the roof face instead of creating the gable end....... I open a new file, create some design layers and stories, model the same building, create the rectangle and convert to a roof face and it creates a generic solid which works perfectly with the "fit walls to object" tool.... Any ideas? I'm starting to wonder if I should create the building model in a separate file as the site and then once done bring it in as a reference. But that kind of gets away from the whole "BIM" side of things in my mind. Ugh. Any help would be so appreciated! :-)
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