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  1. Robert,

    The original survey data was imported from an autocad plot plan. Autocad had generated the topo lines. When I imported the .dwg file, the topo lines came as 3D symbols. I converted to groups and decomposed and recomposed and converted to 3D polys. I also had elevation points from the triangulated information. What would have been a better way to deal with the data and make a vectorworks model. The end result that I needed was a model of the area with the road and garage. The intent is to be able to manipulate the contours over the garage (the garage is inset into the hill with an IRMA roofing assembly) to find the best location with respect to the view and the house.

    Fortunately I do have the training CD's for the Industry Series, and I did use the Landmark one prior to and during my attempt at the DTM. Prior to contacting the techboard for help the first few times I tried filtering the 3D polys, then check 3D polys and corrected any crossovers. I was unable to set the view options and settings (error code 20,2 and/or 20,1) Using the filtered 3D polys I created 3D loci with the same resulting error codes. I also used a much smaller area of the plot plan with limited success. I could get a model, but was unable to use the settings and view options (error codes 20,2 and 20,1). I also did several small tests: 5 3D polygons 200' long in 5'elevation increments, 6 vertices each. I again received the error code 20,2)

    I did not find addressed how to use the site modifiers to inset the garage (a rectangular hole in the hill with contoured dirt on top). I will go through it again after I successfully create my DTM.

    I successfully created a DTM using 3D loci at the triangulated points imported from autocad, 166 points. It doesn't have as much detail as I would like. What is an appropriate target range for the number of points in a data set? I want to be able to provide enough detail without chocking the DTM processor. I do have another data set from the plat of the area. I would like to use some additional points from that survey to fill in holes and details of the terrain. How many points is too many?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Here is some background information, maybe that will help solve my problem: My computer system: I have a Dell Pentium 4, 3.2 Ghz with 2G ram with Nvidia Quadro FX1000 w/128MB, dual monitors.

    Project: 170 3D polygons, file size can range from 15MB to 60MB when and if a model is developed, Model approx. 10 acres, 120' change in elevation, 1/4 to 1/2 mile road w/several switchbacks, inset 40' x 60'garage into contour of the site. Am I asking the program or the computer to do more than its capabilities?

  3. What is the best way to get help? I have tried several post here and received some replies with suggestions. I have not been able to resolve my problem. I repeatedly get error code 20,2 and 20,1 and runtime errors when trying to use view options and settings. I have used the check polygon and filter polygon tools. When I try to use station on polyline for a road, I get the message that there is no intersection. I did resently upgrade to most current VW10.5. Would reverting back to VW 10.1 solve my problem.

  4. Katie,

    I don't think that is the problem. I have run larger models before with similar terrain. Also, as I stated in my post under DTM and then again in this post that I ran a small test. I again ran a small test: 4 3D polygons, 142' long, 5 vertices each, 5'increments in elevation. AEC,DTM Processor, Settings, Create New Symbol: A miscellaneous error has occured. Error codes 20,2. What am I doing wrong?

  5. What do error code 20,2 and 20,1 mean? I have checked for duplicate 3D polygons. I did a test on a new documents with 5 3D polygons. I still got these error codes and I can not make a DTM until I can resolve this.

  6. I just ran a test. I made 5 3D polys elev starting at 0' to 20'. The polys are 5'apart horizontally as well. I selected the 3D polygons, DTM Processor, View Options, create new. The result was Miscellaneous error code 20,2. What is wrong?

  7. Katie,

    I have run the check polys and have fixed all of the crossing points. I still get the error 20,2 and another error 20,1. What do the error codes mean?

    When I originally made the model I did use mesh and I still get a rough looking model.

    Will 3D loci give me a more realistic result? I have tried to use it, but when I try to use the DTM processor I get the error code 20,1. When I converted the 3D polys there where no crossing points. How would I find duplicate points for 3D loci?

  8. What does the error code 20,2 mean? How do I get a nice looking model than reflects the terrain rather than the triangles of the mesh? Do 3D loci produce better results than 3D polys?

  9. I have Windows 98, PIII, 20gig harddrive with 510mb of ram,windows manages the virtual memory VW Architect 9.5. I can't plot a decent rendering of the model, DTM or even an elevation (100 dpi) is the best I can do. Any higher resolution the error message says (insufficient memory ... increase partition size ...)

  10. What software, hardware, etc do I need to be able to effectively work across platforms between designer (Mac) and drafter (windows) and offices in different towns. Email drawings? ZIP drives? CD writer? What works and what doesn't?

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