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  1. I want to ignore class default definition when I use the starred eyedropper tool but I dont get asked the question. How can I switch this back so that I pick up the preferences of the object I am selecting including line weight even though the line weight differs from the class default?
  2. Is it possible to import a vectorworks file into vectorworks rather than just opening the file? We are setting up 2 templates for pre and post planning in our system and want to be able to import a pre planning drawing into a post planning technical design file so we keep all the design layers and drawing sheets from the pre planning file but then also gain the extra built in setup of the technical design template file. We also receive drawings from some of our consultants in vectorworks files so we could then do the same things as above. Currently we have to copy and paste in drawn information from the design layers of consultants drawings and paste in place to our own template so we can move the project forward using our base template. We have a key of general drawn information in the template so new staff joining the practice can easily select the predefined objects to start drawing to our companies own style. I could export the VW file to dwg then import back in to VW but this seems a daft way of bringing a file into our template, while retaining all existing design layers and drawing sheets from the original file as the conversion to dwg and back again does change some objects.
  3. Thanks Neil, Yes I used the migration manager during the install. I've done this for all 14 machines in our practice and mine seems to be the only machine playing up with the shortcuts. It does seem to have settled down a bit now after a couple of days of use and machine restarts. It still occasionally screw up, but this is now down to maybe once every couple of days - frustrating but I can work with it this infrequently. We have upgraded from VW2016 to VW2019 Thanks for the list of shortcuts, I'll have a look through and look for any possible conflicts. We have a customised set that we've all been using in the practice for the past 10 years, initially setup by our Vectorworks supplier, hence it would be useful to be able to export / print a full set of the shortcuts setup in the customised workspace.
  4. I have recently upgraded to VW2019 Architect and I am finding an occasional glitch on shortcuts. Today I hit control Z to undo a polygon item in an annotation layer and all my annotation disappeared. I switched all classes on, tried undo and redo several times but no sign of my notes, but it did paste in place numerous copies of some other objects!! Ive looked through my workspace and cannot see any duplicate functions set to control Z that could be causing a conflict. Paste in place is set to control alt V so Ive not accidentally used the wrong key combination. Anyone know what might be happening? Is there a way of printing a list of all shortcuts set up in VW - I have done this before on an older version but I cannot remember how I did it as it was around 5 years ago? Might have been screenshots of the workspace manager. We also have new members of staff in our practice so a printed list of shortcuts would be useful to give them. Thanks Its now gone wrong again using control Z, but this time it has resized my sheet layer page size to massively large, with my drawing as a speck in the middle of the screen and wont undo.
  5. Hi All, Hope this is okay to put in this topic. I'm running VW2013 on PC. Ive got a working custom title block, but I would like to have 2 lines of text for the drawing title. I've inserted # at the end of the record format for the drawing title which does give me 2 lines of text from one text box. However, when I export to pdf the drawing title only gives me the first line of text and not the second line even though it's one text box. Does anyone know how to get both lines of text to show as the pdf file name without adding it manually to the pdf? Thanks
  6. Hi, Ive tried numerous variations of this but I cant get the drawing label to accept the return. What does PIO mean? I may have to go back to the old method of using a text box for the viewport title instead of using the drawing label tool. Any other suggestions I can try? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a number of drawing labels on my annotation layer of my viewports. Can the title be entered on more than one continuous line? The title is: HORIZONTAL SECTION C-C THROUGH DOOR AT SKIRTING LEVEL but I want it to read: HORIZONTAL SECTION C-C THROUGH DOOR AT SKIRTING LEVEL Is this possible? I have numerous small details on one sheet but the titles are overlapping as they are wider than the individual details. I'm working in VW2013 Thanks
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