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  1. @jeff prince Things came through slightly scrambled, as is to be expected. But not too much work to do to clean things up. Certainly much easier than starting again from scratch!
  2. @jeff prince Fantastic, thanks very much for taking the time to do that. Just assumed they were lost for good! Thanks again Andrew
  3. Hello, I used to work in a firm which used Vectorworks and have now moved jobs to a firm whivh unfortunately used AutoCAD. I have some vwx files I would like to convert to DWG but cannot seem to find a way to do it without Vectorworks. Any suggestions on how to do this? Files attached for reference. Thanks Andrew Historic Diagrams.vwx Scaled Godfrey.vwx
  4. I have an extremely large file of a plan of a considerable urban area. I want to combine all the lines of the buildings to create a figure ground map (it appears to be a mix of lines and polylines). I have tried doing it the long way using the paint bucket in the 2d polygon tool but this doesn't work, the fill just doesn't appear. Is there anyway to combine all these lines automatically?
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