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  1. Hi. I have a dongle-licensed VWA2016 and would like to see if I can change my serial number to internet-based? Is this a simple process? Can't find info on it anywhere. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know if, with a single dongled licence, I can simultaneously run VWA2015 and VWA2016 on the same Mac? If I can't, can I have them both installed and switch between them (closing one down before starting the other)? Thanks.
  3. Thank you all. Very helpful, albeit disappointing.
  4. Would someone be able to tell me if VWA2016 will export to VW12? VWA2015 did but we can't find out if 2016 wii also do it. Sadly we still run VW12 on some machines. Thank you.
  5. I have the same problem here especially when working with and within Viewports. If I go to edit annotations and then, whilst still in 'edit annotations', go to 'edit design layer' the view changes to the middle of no-where and I have to scroll out and then back in just to find where I was! SP3?
  6. I've just worked it out...they are the lines showing the page behind the model...what an idiot I am!
  7. Jim, This the screenshot in OpenGLK band you will see the two faint vertical lines (always in the same place) which are also visible in the final renders. [img:left]https://www.flickr.com/photos/fleahop/15436920573/[/img]
  8. Hi. Our standard, preliminary render is Realistic Interior Final with modifications but, on rendering, we are left with two vertical, light grey lines on the screen. Is there a reason for this? Can we get rid of them. Help, as always, appreciated. Duncan
  9. Jim, I've sent you an email to tech@vectorworks.net as I couldn't see how to attach the file to a PM. Hope that works. Duncan
  10. Does it occur with no files open other than a new blank file, if you add a few rectangles and start rearranging them? Is the issue reduced with simpler files, or exactly the same as complex files? I've just opened a blank file, with no other files open, and drew 28 rectangles before I got the lag.
  11. Even when not performing any actions, this delay pops up randomly? Or does it delay after a specific action? Jim, it seems that the lag is when I am carrying out actions but these can be as small as clicking on an object. I've just tested it and it took about 15 clicks on a series of objects before a 2 second lag (with spinning disc).
  12. JimW, can you look at my post too when you have a moment? Thanks.
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