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  1. Hi All, This might seem like a really easy question, however I will ask it anyway: I am using the RealDialog function to change the wall width of my a wall I am inserting the PIO in to (shown below) WallW:=RealDialog('The wall thickness must be either 100 mm. By changing the wall thickness this will remove the wall style. Please enter a new wall thickness.','100'); IF (WallW <> 100) THEN done:=TRUE; UNTIL (WallW = 100); IF NOT DidCancel THEN BEGIN WallBool := ConvertToUnstyledWall(wallHd); WallBool := DeleteAllComponents(wallHd); WallBool := SetWallThickness(wallHd, WallW); SetRFiel(PIOName,recname,'WallWidth',Num2Str(0,WallW)); END; If the end user presses cancel I want to be able to cancel the whole script and delete the PIO, which functions would I need to use to be able to do this? Thanks, Joshua
  2. Thanks for your responses guys, I have used the SetProjection as you guys recommended, and have used Move3DObj instead of HMove, which made a small improovement... However I have realised what was causing my problems: Firstly, the hDuplicate function works in 2D not 3D so that is probably causing problems... Secondly, The geometry is distorted when I have been duplicating an object then flipping it around a Locus, i.e. Move3DObj(RHSarchitrave3D, ((PW/2)+SideJambThk), 0, 0); LHSarchitrave3D := HDuplicate(RHSarchitrave3D,0,0); DSelectAll; SetSelect (LHSarchitrave3D); Locus (0,0); locHdl:= LNewObj; FlipHor; DelObject(locHdl); does anyone know of a way around this? I am creating a PIO with curved geometry so it flipping around a Locus really is the only way that I can do some of the things that I want to do...
  3. It turns out that switching to SetView(0,0,0,0,0,0) then reverting back to the original view point works however it then messed up some of the geometry in the plug-in, especially geometry which is Duplicated and moved... Has anyone had experience with this and how to fix it?
  4. Thanks Hip-Hop-othamus The GetView function did exactly what I wanted without it affecting the sweeps ect... Cheers p.s. Maarten you are right about the 2D/Plan view switching to Top, but it's a small price to pay really... Problem solved!
  5. Maarten Yeah I looked in to extruding along a nurbs path but found that the geometry doesn't load untill the end which meant that I couldn't add or subtract other objects with the extrude... I just want to revert the view back to the start such that the end user doesn't need go back to their previous view once they change the plug-in... cheerrs Josh
  6. Hi All, Just a quick vectorscript question, I am creating a plug-in which uses various sweeps and Move3D commands, to make the geometry perform correctly at the start of the script I have to reset the view and orientation using: SetView(#0d,#0d,#0d,0,0,0); however this is irritating for the end user, it there a way to copy the current view then set the view as (#0d,#0d,#0d,0,0,0) then at the end of the script return the back to the original view... Cheers, Josh
  7. Just the ticket, thanks Kevin! The loci where in a group so weren't working as they should, now the loci work as intended. Josh
  8. The Loci makes the cut as intended, however as soon as I try to have the architrave outside the loci the hole in the wall then streches to the outer limits of the architrave... I'm pretty sure that I am just missing a trick or something... Cheers Matt Joshua.
  9. Thanks Matt, I got the SetCustomObjectWallHoleGroup to work as intended, however my problem is trying to get it to work in Plan 2D view... Does anyone know how to do this? Cheers, Joshua
  10. Hi All, I am creating a door PIO (will be free to everyone once complete) and I was wondering if there was a way to to have architraves which project out from the hole in the structural opening without creating a larger hole in the wall. The built in Doors can do this but I am unsure how to do it. Thanks, Joshua
  11. A lot more impressive is this: http://www.nationalbimlibrary.com/jacksons-fencing Although parametric objects on Vectorworks tend to be a lot trickier then REVIT, the NBL have said that they are committed to bring the same objects (and their functionality to each platform)
  12. A-Ha Right, I worked out the problem was with my AddSolid code, one of the conponents wasn't forming correctly which resulted in the Handle not being true. Thanks to JBenghiat (Josh) and anyone else who looked. Joshua.
  13. Cheers Josh I was looking at my script and got it to work, the problem arose when I was trying to use that code on a component which was created from AddSolids' then I can't get it to work... I can't seem to be able to select the handle of the new component after using the: result := AddSolid(h1, h2, Handle); SetClass (Handle, pClassAAA); Is there an exttra step I can take to correctly get the handle to the new solid? Josh.
  14. Hi All, I am working on a PIO which is made up of serveral different components, each component is set with the default class of the overall PIO. Using the 'Classes Pop-up' in the parameters list I have created 3 classes pop-ups so that each of the three components can have independant classes. What script do you use to assign each component to a classes pop-up? So far I've been using this with no luck SetClass (Handle, pClassAAA); SetFillColorByClass(Handle); SetPenColorByClass(Handle); SetFPatByClass(Handle); SetLWByClass(Handle); SetLSByClass(Handle); Any help would be great. Cheers Joshua
  15. A-Ha, Excellent, I've not had much experience of using Loci so didn't know that they behaved just like any other object. The script worked as I wanted, Thanks Miguel. Joshua
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