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  1. Hi Fred, did you get anywhere with this? It's exactly what i'm trying to achieve, but i'm only just learning reports/fields etc The reports only seem to look at the fields, which can be unique for each symbol, even if they are exactly the same symbol type. which can work, but like you say if you want to change the name once for all symbols, you want this to update the report. Say you had a cost applied to a door type, and had 200 copied of that door, how do you change the cost attached to the door, without changing the field on each door?
  2. Hi, i've been using vectorworks 2012 for a month now. I have many symbols and groups. While working on a drawing i'm finding it quite hard to work around the giant orange boxes that surround each group or symbol. Some of the orange boxes go way outside the actual lines in the group. is there a another way to view a highlighted group? i.e 'just the lines in the group highlight'? i keep selecting either the wrong object or find it impossible to know which object is selected (when zoomed in close). any help appreciated. thanks
  3. excellent. i loved the 80's. I thought this was supposed to be all BIM etc. Seems very hard. somethings things just take too long to set up. I've just manually made a table with lines, and manually typed in the data.
  4. Hi i'm on Vectorworks 2012 and am trying to Import or Link an Excel file?? Ideally i'd like to build the table in Vectorworks but I'm not quite ready for that yet. I have a table in excel that adds up and calculates areas and the percentages. I'd like to either link the excel file or insert and be able to edit the table (with formulas) in Vectorworks. is this possible? i have looked in the help and manual, but it seems like there might be several steps to achieve this. Thanks
  5. Hi, Can anyone help please? I'm trying to use the 'Space' tool to generate areas. It seems to work ok, but won't work when i want to exclue columns or lift shaft voids. i'm not using walls, just poly lines. I have subtracted the void on the shape and the correct area shows on the 'object info pallette'. but when i generate the space area, it disregards the void. I have the option checked in the settings for 'inside walls less columns'. this does nothing. i've tried other variations of the settings and it still doesn't include the void. so far manually adding is quicker. thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. I guess i was looking for the 'quick fix' i remember an option in AutoCAD. you could select a block, and right click and choose 'set nested items to block layer' everything inside the block was then assigned to the block layer. i just wondered if there was a vectorworks equivalent ? when you create a symbol you get to choose wether the layers inside go to the symbol layer,
  7. Hi , does anyone know how to assign objects inside a group or symbol to a certain class? I am importing loads of DWG files. the files have created lots of groups and symbols that i want to 'explode' but put the contents on the parent class of the symbol or group. i.e i have a group which has all the ceiling lines in. the lines inside the group area on class '0'. the group is on class 'ceiling lines'. how to i assign the lines inside the group to 'ceiling lines'. then ungroup? I dont want to manually do this, as i have a lot to do. Thanks
  8. thanks for the replies. i do understand that you kind of have to forget and embrace the different way it works. what i was failing to do was. draw a rectangle any size. grab the left middle grip (blue square), then move in the direction I want to resize, butt type in the amount I want to move the grip. If i TAB into the floating data box it will only let me type the total width of the rectangle. can i type +5mm or whatever into the floating box? the reshape tool is good and works great. I think the problem is when its a parametric shape and not polygons.
  9. Thanks for the reply. im on version 2012. i used to use it about 7 years ago v 11 i think. i can make the perspective view, its the the tiny crop it makes i just dont understand it. i cant conceive of a use for it. I have a 21 inch monitor. If i try to adjust the crop to a size that a human can see it just distorts the perspective. Also I'm forever having to set to hidden line or whatever render. as it just resets each time. can I chose views back and forth in the same render mode, or does it reset each time. I'm finding the workflow quite restricting. So is full perspective 3d view only available on next years version?
  10. Hello, I cant seem to find a way of activating a perspective view to work in. when i choose perspective, every time I have to enter a height and eye level, then it creates the worlds smallest viewport (sometimes not even showing the model. I dont need to create a viewport, i just want to model and navigate in 3D (like sketch up 3ds max, cinema 4d, modo etc). i'm finding very simple tasks are taking me ages.
  11. hello, i'm n AutoCADer just starting in VW. can anyone help? I have a simple box say its 300 x 400mm. i want to grab one end and move it 5mm. if i type 5mm the box width changes to 5mm. if there a way to enter the amount i want to move and not the overall amount? thanks for any help
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