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  1. So last time I logged into this forum, I put in a feature request that would allow you to search universally for a command. I'm tired of searching through dropdowns and changing workspaces to find some command that I know about, or think I know about, but don't use often. The other readers of this forum poopoohed this idea. This underscores the point that this forum appeals mostly to the most experienced users. Just because the readers of this forum don't think something is necessary, does not mean it's not necessary. It means it's not necessary for the few people who have an interest in responding to forums. I used VWX for five years before I ever posted in any of these forums. I'm sure other less experienced users are the same. I still need this feature. I use a variety of workspaces. It's annoying to hunt and peck for something, and beyond annoying when it can't be found. Today I can't find the clip cube. I've used it thousands of times. Wasn't it always in the View menu? Vectorworks Help tells me how to use the clip cube. Not a word about where to find it. Great. Note that I do not want anyone to tell me where the clip cube is. I want someone to understand that we ought to be able to easily find any command without having to first hunt out the icon. If you know the name of a command, that should be enough to find it. PS I found it, in the View Menu, which seems to have gotten longer and had a second column that it never had before. Vectorworks could easily have highlighted it for me if it had some sort of universal search feature for commands.
  2. Could someone explain why is this in a Dropbox and not on the official Vectorworks training page? I wonder how much secret training have I missed because I haven't been looking for it in the right place.
  3. I don't even use this feature but the idea that this dialogue box behaves this way drives me crazy. Especially the idea that it's been this way for two years.
  4. That's a nice list of all the available tools, but not helpful. If the tool I want does not happen to be available in a palette that I'm using, I have to figure out where it is (I usually use help) and switch to a workspace that has it. I should be able to find it by typing into a search bar without having to: a) figure out where it is and b) change workspaces.
  5. Why is there nothing to help me find a tool that is not in any of the tool palettes? I end up having to search Help for the probable location and switch to a workspace that has the tool. Why is there no other way to get to them? Examples I've had recently have included the grid bubble and the data tag, but it's happened many times. I asked about this in the Austin user group today and they all told me it should be submitted as an enhancement request.
  6. It drives me absolutely BONKERS that I cannot right click on something and change its attributes. Why not? Like maybe attributes are less important that properties? Not true.
  7. Sorry, I figured out that the pulldown does the same thing as the gray bar. The object types don't ever go away, they just roll up.
  8. I'm a pretty new user and came looking for just that feature. Is it really true that opening the pulldown in the Resource Browser and checking one feature at a time is the only way to edit "show object types?" Is there really no dialogue box anywhere?
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