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  1. It is becoming more common for landscaping projects to incorporate rainwater catchment systems from roofs.

    For estimating & planning purposes one needs the total surface area & slope of a roof. It seems like it would be trivial for VW to display this in the "Object Info" panel, the same way areas are displayed for closed 2D polygons, hardscape areas, etc.

    Please consider making this small improvement.

    I read some other, older threads about improvising these measurements by going into 3D view and creating a series of 2D plane polygons fitted to the roof faces, then summing these areas. Fine if you have a simple roof, not if you have several complex ones.

    Also saw another thread on possibly digging this info out of worksheet / database records, tried to do that but the instructions and procedures described were obtuse at best.

  2. Running a 2012 Mini here (see specs in my signature,) not liking the laggy performance when doing renders of fairly simple scenes.

    Has anyone explored or tested using a PCIe graphics card connected through an external Lightning --> PCIe enclosure?


    Separate question: are there any major performance benefits using Yosemite 10.10 vs Mavericks 10.9?

  3. When I create a Landscape Wall, VW is automatically creating a site modifier to go with it. Fine and good; the site model is modified as expected by the Landscape Wall's attached modifier.

    How do I edit the 3D Site Model wire-frame contained within the Landscape Wall object?



    I tried doing Ungroup on the Landscape Wall object, which does separate out the wall object from the Site Modifier wire-frame. I'm concerned about losing alignment between the two and/or loss of class information during the ungroup operation. Is there any better way to edit a Landscape Wall object's site modifier?

  4. +1 Temp Full Screen Cursor keystroke

    ? Temp Guide keystroke - is this same as g key?

    +1 Temp Guide active through x clicks or time (user defined)



    Vectorworks seems to prioritize angle extensions (default is 30,45,60º) over extensions from ordinal, parallel, 3d normal, and other directions. Or is that just my imagination?

    My two bits -- not interested in Temp Full Screen Cursor Keystroke, but fine if it's put in, as long as the default full-time Full Screen cursor remains available.

    And I agree, my experience seems to be that VW prioritizes 30/45/60 angle extensions, I would much prefer to have ordinals and parallels first. Would be a nice refinement to allow this to be user-configurable.


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